Advanced Technologies and Their Daily Application

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People want to reduce electricity consumption, ensure the security of their homes and, of course, make life easier and more comfortable with the help of advanced technologies and automation systems. 

The system allows you to solve many household issues quickly and conveniently, control the security of the house and the area around you, and prevent emergencies. Technological effectiveness is one of the principles of the house. It is complemented by a competent organization of space, a developed internal infrastructure, and intelligent home systems.

At the same time, you usually have a variety of choices and your own ideas for your perfect home. It’s possible to combine already manufactured smart tech systems and electric linear actuators. These simple and at the same time multifunctional devices can convert your dwelling into a more automated and efficient environment. For example, popular today a 12v dc linear actuator is a special model constructed for different inside and outside automation applications requiring up to 400kg of force. 

It’s up to you what you need to smarten up to get the necessary result and enjoy regular domestic tasks. After all, all these smart home devices and technologies make our life a little easier and more enjoyable.

What Can New Advanced Technologies Give Us with Daily Use?

Let’s analyze several examples of advanced technologies that help us to improve many essential home conditions. The following devices help to ensure full safety and prevent emergencies: 

Smart Lock

Smart Lock is an electronic lock that you can open and close with your smartphone. You can do this remotely, even while at work, and if you suddenly forget to close the lock, it will remind you of this via your smartphone. The system stores data about who opened the door and when it is possible to view entry and exit logs. For example, parents can make sure their children get to and from school on time. “Smart” locks can automatically open when the owner approaches, connecting to his smartphone via Bluetooth.

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They can be opened with a fingerprint, a code, or through applications on a smartphone. If you want to give access to guests, just add a new user and come up with a code for him – and if necessary, you can revoke access by removing the user from the application. Many electronic locks are “insured” with an ordinary physical key. In the event of a break-in, you can set up an automatic notification to the police or home security. 

Smart Camera

The smart camera helps keep your home safe. The user will be able to monitor online what is happening in the apartment. Some camera models recognize faces, and voices, work in the dark and transmit home security information to the owner’s mobile application. A smart camera can recognize friends and strangers and can create a database of visitors with photos. By showing the photo of the guest, the application clarifies the status of the person.

Advanced Technologies and Their Daily Application

The main thing about a smart camera is that it not only captures what is happening but also analyzes it. Its task is to distinguish a robber from a dog, cat, or tree because conventional motion sensors can react to any movement. Some cameras can keep an event log and record video not only on an internal memory card but also on a cloud server. By the way, the smart camera can interact with the “smart” lock: you can remotely open the door to the courier, and the camera will make sure that everything is in order.

Water leakage control system

An important element in a modern apartment will help to avoid problems with neighbors or additional expenses for repairs. The water leakage control system is connected to the water supply in the house and monitors the leakage using sensors. In the event of an accident, it sends an alert to the owner of the apartment and blocks the water supply.

Home Presence Simulation System

The home presence simulation works almost like in the movie Home Alone, with the main character turning on the music and lights to scare off the burglars. This system can turn on and off the lights in different rooms at different intervals, and turn on music and pre-recorded audio tracks with the voices of the owners.

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Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting allows you to set a timer for turning on and off the light, as well as adjust the lighting mode using sensors. Thanks to the motion sensor, the light turns on when someone enters the room, and with the help of the light sensor, you can automatically dim the lights when the sun comes out. You can turn on a warm soft light in the evening to prepare the body for sleep, or simulate sunny daylight when it is cloudy outside.

Smart thermostat and climate control.

Smart thermostat and climate control. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to automatically maintain the set temperature in the room and adjust it remotely. This allows you to save money by turning off the heating in the absence of residents. The system also allows you to turn on the heater or air conditioner remotely before coming home.

Smart Socket

The smart socket is one more great solution for a simple human. You no longer need to worry if you have turned off the iron – you can check it in the application. In addition to automatic on / off, a smart socket allows you to monitor how much electricity a particular device consumes.

Smart curtains and window sheds

Smart curtains and window sheds can be opened and closed with a wireless switch or voice commands. It is possible to set the automatic opening and closing of curtains on a timer – or, for example, when you come home.

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The “smart” trash can

The “smart” trash can opens the lid when you approach it, seals the full trash bag automatically, and then pulls out a new bag from a special cartridge. It also sends a reminder to your smartphone that it’s time to take out the trash.

It goes without saying, all these smart technologies make life much easier.

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