7 Home Depot Discount Hacks & Tips

7 Home Depot Discount Hacks & Tips 31

Home Depot is undoubtedly people’s favorite store to buy DIY and home improvement goods. A new shopper at this store would get blown away by the variety of offerings and price variations for similar categories of products. For all buyers looking to upgrade their homes, we’ve hunted down all possible ways to find great discounts and deals so that you can finish projects under your budget. First, let’s see why DIYers love Home Depot!

Why is Home Depot People’s Favourite DIY Store?

Home Depot isn’t only a place for construction goods and power tools. It is famous as a leading home improvement store. Shoppers can find a range of patio furniture, decor items, bedroom & bathroom essentials, and fitness equipment. For gardening lovers, it also sells herbs, flowers, and plants for indoor or outdoor decoration. This home improvement giant is basically a one-stop shop for people upgrading their homes during holidays and festivals.

If you are planning to visit Home Depot soon, you must keep an eye on all discounts and promotions available at the time. Alongside here are some tips to maximize your savings.

How To Get Best Deals When Shopping At Home Depot? 

These are some of the most reliable ways to save money when shopping at Home Depot. It covers well-known discounts on selected items as well some insider hacks to find the best deal.

1. Understand What the Price Tag Says

Home Depot tag

Learning this thing can help the seasonal shoppers to save many on their purchases. Yes, if you are a seasonal shopper you must know about the different price tags, their colors, and the numbers on them. Let’s see what is it?

  • Tag Color – If you are a seasonal shopper you must know for what thing which color tag is used. Whenever you look for something, make sure to scan for the yellow color tag instead of the white color. The yellow color tag is for clearance items and you can save up to 80% off when you buy an item that is in a clearance sale. 
  • Tag Number – There are different tags with a different numbers. 
    • Prices ending in .06 – This number is mostly found on yellow clearance tags. It is the indicator that this item has not been sold for over 6 weeks. It’s a good idea to check the tag for the current date on it, if it’s already about 6 weeks since it was last marked down, it’s about to be marked down again. 
    • Prices ending in .03 –  You’ll find price tags ending in .03 when you follow the last tip about the second markdown from clearance. When the item is discounted again, it will be offered at the lowest price point possible and if not sold in 3 weeks, it will be removed from the site.
    • New Lower Price icons – You can usually find this online at HomeDepot.com. On their products page, the new lower price icon indicates that the item has been marked down as a result of wholesale pricing, 3rd parties, and marketplaces, open-box items, rebates or free offers, typographical errors, or exclusive online items.

2. Don’t Forget Price Matching & Price Protection

This can also be one of the great ways to save your money while purchasing with home depot. Yes, home depot not only offers a price match but also will beat the price by 10%. This 10% off will only work for in-store purchases. You can get a price match for an online purchase but you are not eligible for 10% off. 

7 Home Depot Discount Hacks & Tips 32

3. Check Out Home Depot Coupons

7 Home Depot Discount Hacks & Tips 33

If you don’t know, Home Depot rarely offers coupons, but when they do, they are pretty significant! Keep an eye out during holidays for special coupon discounts. You can also grab a $5 off $50 mobile coupon offer. Also, they offer specific category discounts with coupon codes; you can find a complete list of the discounts available on this Home Depot page.

4. Buy Gift Cards From Resellers at a Cheaper Price

Many gift card websites such as Raise.com or CardCash offer printable eCards from retailers such as Home Depot. Buying gift cards for Home Depot can save you as much as 10% off if you’re making a big purchase. Moreover, Raise.com is running a promotion that offers $5 off $50 on your first gift card purchase, so… even better savings!

5. Check Their 1-Day Only Deals

7 Home Depot Discount Hacks & Tips 34

There is something special deal called a 1-day deal at home depot. These are exclusive online one-day-only deals. They switch these deals daily hence check daily for getting the best deal. 

6. Check Online Home Depot Rebate Center

If you are willing to purchase a product without any brand or model preference in mind then we will highly recommend you to take a look at the online home depot rebate center. There you can browse all the available rebates and get the best deal possible. It is a good way to save money!

7. Shop Spring Black Friday or Other Holiday Sales

Searching for saving more? Then just take a look at the sales that took place on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other holiday season sales. Home Depot is offering great and the biggest deals and discounts at the time of the holiday season. They come under the top retailers that offer the black Friday deals earlier. 

Save Money Now!!

Home Depot is a mammoth store with a lot of products to choose from. Finding it for less than you would pay at another superstore for home improvement is great. We have provided you with the details that can help you save money while purchasing with home depot. Hope that all the information was clear to you. 

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