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Do paraphrasing tools guarantee the originality of the final text?

Your search for a simple quest and the internet come up with numerous answers. You reach up to many websites and blogs to get your answers. In terms of content, people prefer to go for quality material that is relevant to their search too. 

As a newbie writer, you must be wondering about creating quality content in less time. Here, paraphrasing tools are making life easier for writers. No doubt, writing from scratch is not an easy task, it consumes precious hours to bring exceptional pieces of content for publishing daily. 

Writers are often burdened to compose loads of content in shorter and strict deadlines without hurting the quality and originality of the text. Also, they are asked to provide plagiarism-free content with zero grammatical mistakes

To overcome this hassle, you can utilize digital software such as paraphrasing tools that ensures the originality and quality of your written text. In this article, we are illuminating the fact, are paraphrasing tools really guarantee the originality of text? That is, of course, an important concern of writers whether it be a professional or a newbie. 

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How are paraphrasing tools beneficial in writing?

So, let’s just start with the most common benefits that you can avail of by using a paraphrasing tool for any type of writing. 

Elevate your knowledge of the subject matter

Paraphrasing is all about rewriting text in different terms with the same context. So, it’s important to first analyze the material to fully grasp its significance. You must check your knowledge of what you’ve read by summarizing it in your own words once you’ve finished reading it. 

After that use an excellent paraphrasing tool and see the area of improvement in your writing. This approach improves your understanding of the topic and also allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the tool.

Strengthen your creativity

Paraphrasing is a great way to develop and boost your writing skills. In addition to rephrasing, your objective is to add an innovative twist to the post that makes it more fascinating and engaging for readers. 

To convey the soul idea of the content, you must use distinctive terms/expressions and paraphrasing tools are offering their best for you. Using a paraphrasing tool is a wonderful way to exercise your brain with words and phrases.

Broaden vocabulary

Another significant benefit of using paraphrasing tools is that it helps you broaden your vocabulary. As a result of this, you carefully pick the words while composing a text and you better express the context of the text. This might work like word drilling for your brain. 

Better structure of the text 

Writers use paraphrasing tools to preserve the original meaning of the text. In fact, paraphrasing is all about switching the synonyms, but it also protects the integrity and originality of the material.

Most of the paraphrasing tools are using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that leave your material more structured and meaningful. 

Plagiarism free content

If you want to make your material stand out, it must be plagiarism-free, unique, fresh, and original. Duplicate material can be detected using plagiarism detectors and it can ruin your career as a writer.

Most of the online paraphrasing tools promise to remove plagiarism from text and the writer’s original opinions remain the same. Moreover, paraphrasing makes the content more distinctive and exclusive.

Best online paraphrasing tools to consider 

We have shortlisted the best online paraphrasing tools that guarantee the originality of the text. 

  • Prepostseo 
  • Check plagiarism 
  • Quillbot


Prepostseo is an open paraphrase tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The tool is trusted by many writers as it makes content more original and unique. It has multiple features that assist writers in content writing. 

  • Provide plagiarism free content 
  • Allows uploading/copy/pasting of text 
  • Rewrite SEO friendly content
  • Absolutely free to use 
  • Unrestricted usage for full-length articles 
  • Enriches text with more meaningful words 
  • Allows paraphrasing of 5000 characters in one go.

It is another AI-based rephrase tool just as prepostseo that assists writers to do paraphrasing with precision.  The features that make this tool stands out are as follows 

  • The original context is not retained
  • Remove chances of duplicated content
  • Makes your article more readable 
  • Chooses more suitable synonyms 
  • Produce quality content
  • Allows paraphrasing of an infinite number of words


Quilbot is one of the famous paraphrasing tools that come up with the most advanced paraphrasing modes. Each mode produces a different type of text according to the writer’s requirement. Here are some significant features that bring it to the list of best paraphrasing tools.

  • Vast databases offer multiple synonyms of one word
  • You can choose synonyms that fit best
  • Most of the paraphrasing modes are free to use
  • Instant results save precious time
  • Plugin available 
  • Allows paraphrasing of 700 characters for completely free

Check plagiarism 

Check plagiarism also provides a paraphrase generator on its website for free of cost. It is a great tool for rewording text without changing the context of the original text. Its important features are mentioned below

  • Instantly detects grammatical and typo errors in the text
  • Quick results save a lot of time
  • Changes a lot of words with their synonyms that lessens the chances of plagiarism 
  • Rephrase content to make content more unique 
  • Boost up the efficiency of content 
  • Unlimited usage for free of cost

It is a well-known paraphrasing tool among writers and students that do not require any complicated paraphrasing source for recomposing a text. 

  • Allows editing after rewriting the text
  • Improves content quality 
  • Secure and safe to use
  • User-friendly interface makes it famous among students 
  • Unlimited paraphrasing for free

Are paraphrasing tools worth using?

Paraphrasing tools have gained remarkable value in the writing field. Everyone is familiar with these amazing gadgets. But still, most people doubt using these tools as they think that it does not streamline the content writing process. 

Well, these are automated tools that give their best in rewriting content and if you are expecting 100% originality and uniqueness then you might get a little disappointed. 

Most of the paraphrasing tools are using artificial intelligence and claim to produce results as human-readable as possible. These tools are providing innovative terms that might not come to your mind on your own. That is a good point. 

We also have mentioned a couple of other advantages of using paraphrasing tools above. However, upon using these tools, you will realize that there are still some changes required in your text.  

So, in a nutshell, you can create an excellent piece of writing by using a paraphrasing tool. Make sure to read your text after paraphrasing and make changes accordingly. These tools must be utilized appropriately while knowing their advantages, drawbacks, and consequences. 

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