How To Manage Corrupted PST Files

outlook pst file corrupted

Organizations use PST files to store various copies of calendar events, messages, and other different types of relevant items. They are not reliable and prone to crashes and corruption. Sometimes the PST file corruption will lead to data loss. Apart from that, recovering the PST files and fixing the corruption is also a time-consuming process. 

Many companies are depending on various solutions to determine the location and fix the corrupted PST files. They also move the data someplace else so that most of the corrupted PST files can also be removed easily. 

The solution not only provides a specific background to the PST files but also finds the root causes behind the PST file corruption. After that, the IT professionals implement different types of strategies that can solve the PST file corruption problem. 

PST documents are broadly utilized for putting away duplicates of messages, schedule occasions, and other comparative things. They are especially problematic and inclined to defilement, which at times causes the deficiency of significant information. Moreover, the time taken in settling issues with PST records can be a huge channel on assets for IT overseers.

Numerous associations are currently utilizing arrangements, for example, Barracuda PST Enterprise to find these problematic records any place they exist, and to relocate the information somewhere else so that utilization of them can be totally killed.

This arrangement brief gives a foundation to PST documents and investigates the motivations behind why they get tainted with such ease. It then talks about the procedures that ought to be utilized by IT overseers to resolve the issue of undermined documents. At last, it frames the job that PST Enterprise can play in assisting with settling issues with defiled documents during a PST movement and end project.

Overview of the PST Files 

MS Outlook application is the creator of the PST files. The PST files can be used to store the local copies of calendar events, email messages, contacts, and other different types of similar items. 

Each PST file works as a container that contains different types of individual items as well as a folder structure. The attachments and emails are often large, and some personal storage files contain multiple items, the size of these files can easily reach a couple of GBs. The maximum size of the PST files is 50GB for the newer MS Outlook versions. 

How the PST Files Are Used?

Organizations use the “Auto-Achieve” feature to create the PST files, which remove the old messages and attachments from the Inbox and store them automatically in the PST files. You can make this feature default if you use Outlook version 2003 or later. 

outlook pst file corrupted

PST files can also be used when the emails and attachments need to be transferred from one place to another. End users also use the PST files to securely store and organize the older email data, and attachments. 

PST documents are likewise frequently utilized when email should be moved starting with one spot and then onto the next, for example, while relocating between mail servers, or when an association needs to hold a different duplicate of information, (for example, when a representative leaves an association). They are likewise broadly utilized just as a helpful way for end clients to store and sort out their more established email information.

Why There Is a Problem Associated with the PST Files?

Despite their effectiveness, the PST files are neither reliable nor strong file format. As they are not designed to store the data for a long time, many people face corrupt pst issues. Sometimes the size of the PST files exceeds the designated size, which makes the PST files vulnerable to corruption. Not to mention, if you try to access the PST files over a network or server they will also become corrupted. 

After the introduction of Exchange 2010, MS developers understood that the PST files cause various problems for the users. Therefore, they created enhancements that can eliminate the requirement of a separate local storage drive. However, users can still create and work with these files, even if they use the latest versions of MS Outlook. 

Administrators are extremely capable of disabling the capability of using them, but the organizations also use a massive number of large PST files that are still in existence. 

The PST record is definitely not a strong document design and was not intended for dependable long haul stockpiling of a lot of information. These documents frequently develop to an unnecessary size, which makes them especially obligated to debasement — particularly on the off chance that they are gotten to over an organization. The time taken in settling issues with PST records can be a critical channel on assets for IT executives.

Overseers can cripple the capacity to utilize them, however numerous associations have countless PST records still in presence, and they frequently still permit them to be utilized for various reasons.

Why PST Files Become Corrupted?

The PST files are in binary format with a complicated mechanism. If there are any problems during the processing of the PST files or when a file is being removed or created, it will become vulnerable to corruption. If the PST files are larger, the risks will also increase. 

Additionally, if the MS Outlook application gets terminated suddenly, the PST files will also become vulnerable to corruption. The same situation will happen if you shut down your computer abruptly. As per Thetns Group, you should shut down your computer properly. 

Some businesses store the PST files in their network or server where multiple users will have the authority to access the PST files. This configuration is not supported by the MS developers and they suggest their users not store the PST files on a server or network. If there are any interruptions in the server, the PST files will be corrupted. Additionally, if multiple users try to access the same PST files at the same time through the server, the files will become prone to corruption. 

The limitation of size is probably one of the most common causes of PST file corruption. If the size of the PST files exceeds the designated value, the PST file will be corrupted. This is why you need to ensure that you’re not bloating the PST files. 

The PST record is a complicated parallel document design and isn’t intended to be shortcoming open minded. Any break in handling while a document is being made or refreshed may bring about a halfway update, which causes a debasement. The gamble of this expands the bigger a document gets.

A PST record might be ruined on the off chance that it is open in Outlook when the application ends unusually. This can occur if either Outlook or Windows crashes, or on the other hand assuming that the machine is shut down without stopping Outlook and Windows typically.

A few associations have PST records put away on a focal document server with clients getting to them over the organization, despite the fact that this setup isn’t upheld by Microsoft. For this situation, any break in network might bring about a debasement, and synchronous access by more than one client is likewise liable to create some issues.

PST records can likewise get ruined on the off chance that the absolute size moves toward the breaking point for this document type. This was all the more frequently an issue with documents made in more seasoned forms of Outlook where the most extreme record size was 2GB.

Different Types of PST File Corruption 

In some cases, the PST file structure will be corrupted. These files are super easy to locate as you can access the file within the MS Outlook application. However, the users will have to encounter an error message when they try to access the file. 

In other cases, a couple of messages and filers within the MS Outlook application will be corrupted. Keep in mind that these files are extremely hard to locate or identify as they won’t face any problem while opening from MS Outlook. 

Corruption of PST records is such a pervasive issue that an extensive variety of both free and paid for instruments are accessible to fix them. Frequently, it very well might be practical to fix a debased PST document; nonetheless, this won’t generally be imaginable and some at any rate (while possibly not every one) of the information held inside a specific record might be unrecoverable.

Moving toward the issue by checking on completely undermined documents with the applicable users is significant. This assists you with understanding the significance of the information contained in them, and to talk about the dangers implied in recuperating it. This will likewise assist you with recognizing the most ideal way to determine the issue for each debased document.


This is how you can manage the corrupted PST files. The PST file corruption is undoubtedly s troublesome situation. If the PST files of your MS Outlook application have been corrupted, make sure you contact us and we will help you.