Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends 2024

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As technology advances, mobile app development as a niche is becoming more competitive. Heavily influenced by new tech stacks emerging on the market and trends aiming to disrupt what we know so far, businesses around the United States must find a way to keep growing.

The end goal is to maintain user engagement via updates and advanced features, at the same time staying focused on creating memorable experiences for users. What should businesses expect from mobile app development in 2022? Read on to find out more: 

Mobile App Development Trends to watch out in 2022

1. Augmented reality & VR will continue to dominate the market 

The way people interact with the software will continue to impact the mobile app development market in 2022. As increasingly more devices will be powered by VR and AR technologies, companies should focus more on developing smart apps that can exceed user expectations.

By 2023, a report by Digi-Capital pinpoints that AR technology will exceed $70 billion in revenue. Gaming apps, in particular, are already using AR/VR to create real-life experiences for end-users, and the trend will soon enough transition to applications in all industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and more. 

2. Cloud-based mobile apps on the rise 

Cloud computing as technology has gained a lot of traction throughout 2021. As companies are moving their data to the cloud to reap the benefits, cloud-based applications are also increasing in popularity.

One of the main benefits of the cloud is reduced operational costs and hosting, improved performance, scalable infrastructure, more storage, and increased overall productivity. Popular apps like Google Drive and Dropbox, for example, have already made the transition. Others will follow in 2022 as more businesses realize the potential of cloud computing. 

Mobile App Development Trends to watch out in 2022

3. Big Data, the ultimate solution to increase operations

Tech giants like Amazon, Netflix, American Express, and Capital One, are already using the power of big data to boost operations, increase user experience, and maintain engagement. By 2022, mobile app download will increase to almost 260 billion, which clearly indicates that high-level analytics and structured data are helping companies keep their competitive advantage.

In terms of tools used by developers, Tableau, Cloudera, Spark, Hive, and Hadoop are just some examples that help build better, more robust apps with amazing integration and features that exceed customer expectations. 

4. In-app chatbots, AI, and deep learning

Artificial intelligence has managed to change the way people use mobile apps for over 10 years. However, to make the most of AI in a business context, business leaders must invest more and become more open to the idea of implementing AI into their mobile applications.

To be able to entice the customer and provide the best in-app experience, chatbots and deep learning technology should be implemented as well. For 2022, the focus will be on transforming experiences. Users want to be delighted to stay engaged, which means that now is the best time to attract them with smart mobile applications. 

5. Blockchain for future Mobile Apps

The benefits of blockchain technology go beyond the financial world. For mobile app development, it can be used to store huge amounts of data. A recent survey by Deloitte on 1,000 enterprises in 7 countries, pointed out the willingness of business leaders to use blockchain technology in operations. In fact, 34% of the respondents mentioned that they already have a blockchain-based system in place, with 41% expected to start implementing one in the years to come. 

The demand for smarter, more innovative mobile applications will continue to increase in 2022. With over 5 million mobile apps available in app stores, global adoption is closer than expected. To stay competitive, companies and business leaders across the United States, and the world, must start implementing smarter strategies as soon as possible.

Whether those strategies are to partner up with a competent app development company in Dallas to streamline processes, or implement new technologies in house, the key to business success in 2022 is all about taking risks, making changes, and acknowledging that digital transformation is happening whether we like it or not.