How AI helped to fight COVID19 Pandemic

How Technology is helping to fight CoronaVirus Outbreak

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corvid 19 prevention man with mask 23 2148463057

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proven to be an effective technology in healthcare and it is now also helping to combat the COVID19 Pandemic. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence the scientific and medical communities are now looking to treat infected patients and develop the vaccine to prevent future outbreaks.  

COVID19 Outbreak

Originated from Wuhan city of China, COVID19 has infected a large number of people. The number of people getting infected due to COVID19 is increasing rapidly every day. The novel CoronaVirus or COVID19 has spread across the globe and more than 100 countries have witnessed this Pandemic. As directed by WHO the Government authorities are following Social Distancing, Contact Tracing, and 14-days quarantines as precautionary measures. But this is not enough, the need is to break this chain reaction and technologies like Artificial Intelligence can help to achieve this. If you feel you are affected with the virus you can confirm the same by visiting Covid Testing Site Near Me and getting yourself tested for the same.

Researchers and technologists from all parts of the world are working 24×7 to find out the cure for this Pandemic. Let’s see in what ways artificial intelligence can help us to overcome the COVID-19 disaster.

Forecasting Future Outbreaks

The sooner we track the virus, the better way we can combat it. AI is learning to detect patterns by analyzing the news and social media platforms. BlueDot a Canadian startup is helping to track the CoronaVirus risk using AI. So how BlueDots has predicted the CoronaVirus in China- BlueDot’s AI algorithm scours foreign-language news reports, animal and plant disease networks, and official proclamations to give its clients warning to avoid danger zones like Wuhan.

Detecting and Diagnosing the Virus

An AI company Infervision has developed an AI solution to help the healthcare department to detect and monitor the patient’s health efficiently. The solutions improve the CT diagnosis speed and reduce recovery time drastically. Alibaba has also built an AI solution for the faster and efficient diagnosis, they claimed 96% accuracy.

Delivering Medicines using AI

CoronaVirus being the most contagious disease, one of the safest ways to deliver medicine is drone delivery. China is using Terra Drone for transporting medical samples and medicines without being in contact with human. This not only reduces the chances of people being infected with COVID19 but also improved the delivery time and ultimately saves more lives.

Developing Drugs

Scientist from every part of the world is trying to find out the treatment for the world’s most rapidly spreading disease. Google with its DeepMind used the latest algorithm to detect the proteins that the virus is consisted of and published the findings to research. DeepMind with its deep learning methods discovered the blueprint of the Virus so that the medical professionals can quickly find the solution to combat COVID19.

Cleaning and Sterilizing using Robots

Robots are not prone to viruses, they can help in cleaning, sterilizing, and delivering important medicines without being affected by COVID19. UVD robots use ultraviolet light to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. In the recent outbreak in China, Pudu Technology deployed its robots that are typically used in the catering industry to more than 40 hospitals around the country.

Identifying Infected Patients

China used AI in its surveillance system for facial recognition and temperature detection using SenseTime. Using this, they can figure out the people who might have a fever or any other symptoms of the virus. The government of China has developed a monitoring system known as the Health Code which uses big data to find and assess the parameters like travel history and all.

Wrapping Up

In this global pandemic and panic situation technology like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Deep Learning have become critical in helping medical professionals and scientists Combat the COVID19.