Best Fintech Courses To Pursue (A Beginner’s Guide)

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If you are looking for the topmost FinTech courses in then you landed at the right place.

We are all familiar with the acronym FinTech and the broad range of services it is capable of providing. Conventional finance has been converted into a model that incorporates FinTech. If we look at the developments of FinTech, we can see that there are several firms that may profit by changing the existing financial system.

There are several things you need to know about FinTech; one of them is- that it is utilized across a range of businesses, including financial services advisory, investment management, mobile technology, and payments. Numerous FinTech firms leverage wireless technologies, data science, and advanced analytics to tailor items to specific customer segments.

Fintech Courses

If you want to work in or become one of the successful firms, deep learning of FinTech won’t harm; rather would work as the best fundamental step for you! Gone are the days when learning took so much effort and demanded you to travel places during seasons. But now, the blessing of the internet knows no boundaries when it comes to learning and evolving.

So are you the one who craves to learn all about finance but can’t opt for offline classes due to your tough schedules and comfort zones? Then let me provide you with a quick list of different meaningful online FinTech courses that you can opt for managing your tight schedules and moods.

Most Popular Fintech Courses To Pursue in 2022

You will find five different online courses on financial technologies below where you will learn about fintech and digital transformation at a time. Some of the courses also provide the best lecturers from different regions like the university of hong kong, Copenhagen business school, the university of cape town and many more science and technology and financial institutions around the world.

1. FinTech – Digital Payments (Card & POS) Tools and Strategies

This course will teach you all you need to know about the card and point-of-sale (POS) industry in FinTech, Financial Technology, and digital payment.

This course discusses card and point-of-sale devices, authentication elements, PCI DSS, MDR, MCC, card schemes, processing, clearing, and settlement, and so on.

The course will provide students with a thorough grasp of the card and point-of-sale machine industries, as well as an in-depth look at how payment companies and card schemes make money.

Things to learn:

  • The student will have a firm grasp on FinTech – Digital Payments with a white-label fintech platform. The training will assist students in comprehending the back-end systems and stakeholders involved in the card transaction processing process. This will also benefit students in their current careers, whether they are in the same domain or switching to the card and point-of-sale (POS) business.
  • MDR and MCC
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Scheme of cards
  • PCI Data Security Standard
  • Transactions made using a credit card
  • Businesses with POS machines
  • FinTech Digital Banking, Digital Finance, Financial Technology.
  • Payment Processing

Platform: Udemy

Duration:2h 48m

2. Tokenisation and Encryption in Digital Payments, FinTech

With the proliferation of Digital Payment technologies and use cases, we are becoming more vulnerable to new types of fraud and risk. Fraudsters and hackers in the modern day are more sophisticated, and we must defend ourselves by staying abreast of them. Tokenisation and encryption are two techniques that may be used to protect mobile-based digital payment systems and payment processing.

Here you will learn about Tokenization and Encryption in the context of digital payments in this business-oriented course.

Things to learn:

  • Tokenization and Encryption  in the Digital Payments Industry
  •  HSM Overview, Access and Refresh Tokens, and OAuth
  •  Tokenization for VISA and Apple Pay
  •  What is the distinction between Tokenization and Encryption?
  •  Processing of Payments

 Platform: Udemy

 Duration: 2h 6m

3. FinTech Overview: AI, Blockchain, Cloud Data, Cybersecurity

In this class, you will focus on the technology that is enabling Fintech in this crash course. Lecturers will explain why innovation is critical and why the pace of innovation is critical.

You will next discuss AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Data Analytics, as well as the importance of these technologies in Fintech. Additionally, and maybe most importantly, you will discuss cybersecurity too!

Things to learn:

  • What is financial technology?
  • What technologies underpin Fintech?
  • What are the ABCD technologies – artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and data analytics?
  • What is blockchain technology, and why is it significant in Fintech?
  • Why is cloud computing critical for Fintech innovation?
  • The industry’s finest cybersecurity practises
  • How can I move to the cloud?
  • Why is innovation necessary?
  • How to Increase Your Agility with Cloud Computing

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 2h 22m

4. FinTech Disrupting Financial Services

Financial inclusion must be the primary objective of every country’s government and financial services regulator. It contributes to a country’s achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and, consequently, to the prosperity of its citizens. Financial inclusion guarantees that culture is fair and that resources are distributed fairly; it also ensures that individuals are aware of and capable of selecting the financial services they desire rather than being sold.

Things to learn:

  • FinTech Foundations
  • Financial Inclusion’s Foundations
  • Savings, credit, payments, and insurance
  • Financial Inclusion Metrics
  • Processing of different Payment methods

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 4h 1m

5. FinTech – Payment Gateway Models and Strategies

This course will be extremely beneficial to you whether you are a product or project manager, a strategic alliance lead, a newcomer to the payment gateway or digital payment sector, a trainer, or simply inquisitive about Payment Gateway systems and methods.

Things to learn:

  • Practical difficulties, commercial negotiations, and strategies
  • Develop your skills as a Payment Gateway Business practitioner
  • Suggestions for Effective Strategy and Negotiation
  • Secure codes from VISA and Mastercard
  • PCI DSS and Five Models of Integration
  • Refunds and Chargebacks
  • Important Evaluating Factors

Platform: Udemy

Duration:2h 9m


The finance industry is emerging with its capabilities every day. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep the pace up with new tactics. These online courses will help you improve your skills and understand FinTech in the best way possible. Nowadays, financial companies prefer counting on industry experts with course certifications. I hope you choose what works best for you.