How to Protect Yourself from Ecommerce Fraudsters

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Internet scams are on the rise. Cybercrime is not just limited to internet bullying and harassment. It can be in any form, including an ecommerce store that pretends to supply goods at your doorstep. The trend of online shopping has gained popularity lately. As everybody has a Smartphone, people can place an order with a few clicks without costing fuel and time. All you need to do is choose a thing you want to buy, put in your card details to make an online payment, and get the item delivered within a couple of days. How convenient is it, right?

Imagine a scenario an unknown person approaches you and asks for money. Do you get ready to lend them money? Of course not, as you do not believe it. It can be a sham to swindle you, and even if it is genuine, you cannot trust the unknown person that you will get your money back. Likewise, when you order a product online, do you check the authenticity of the store? After seeing an enticing website, you immediately put in your card details to realise that it was a stratagem to withdraw all money from your account.

You must have heard several people bleating losing their money due to constant withdrawal attempts of a significant amount of money from their bank accounts. Such kinds of scams do not just take an emotional toll but a financial toll too. Having funds wiped all of a sudden put financial pressure on your back that you end up taking out installment loans for bad credit with direct lenders.

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One of the most significant reasons for losing all your money is you are stalked by fraudsters every time you use your Smartphone, a social media site, an ecommerce site, or make transactions. Undoubtedly online shopping is convenient, but it also leads to several fraudulent scams. Therefore, you should have a distinctive modus operandi.

When you order a product online, the scam can be done at any stage. You can get a damaged product, empty package, and sometimes no delivery. It means the problem can occur at any stage. As long as you are placing an order with a company that sells its products, there is a lower risk possibility. However, some ecommerce companies sell products from other companies, so there is always a higher risk. Companies like Amazon verify the authenticity of a dealer that registers with them. Yet, you can face some fraudulent activities, no matter whether the company sells its products or a third party. Here is you can take preventive measures.

Check the authenticity

If you are placing an order with a new company, check the URL of the website. Look for https. It ensures that the website is secured. Find out who owns the website and if it is genuine. The site must have an address and contact details. In case you have some doubts and queries, you can contact to ensure that the website is not a skullduggery. Look out for the return policy. An ecommerce site always has a refund policy. If it is missing or you find something unusual in the plan, you should back away.

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Consider the rating

Before you place an order, it is crucial to identify if the company has a reputation. A good company always provides a better customer experience. No matter how excellently they have described their products and delivery, you should make efforts whether these claims are genuine or outlandish. Try to read the reviews and testimonials on the website.

Look out for the rating. If all reviews are five-star rating, leave the site at once because no company can maintain the same satisfaction level for all users. A good company generally has reviews between 3 and 5-star ratings. Use social media platforms to see what people say about the company, shipping services, and refund policy.

Use secure payment modes

Instead of using direct payment modes, opt for those sites that accept payment from online wallets like PayPal and GooglePay. Online wallets are considered the safest option as you do not have to lose more than the product cost in case of fraud. You can also use a credit card with a lower limit for online shopping.

Online security is a concern that still needs a permanent solution. Well, it is hard to say that there will always be a time when no scam will be made. Therefore, you should find out safer options when it comes to shopping online.

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