Software That Speeds up the Recruitment Process

Software That Speeds up the Recruitment Process 31

Recruitment is complicated but necessary. Whether you have a small or a big company, you may need to hire talent. Finding skillful people in no time without costing a fortune is no picnic, but with the help of the right software, you can speed up the recruitment process.

Though it is time consuming and cost a lot of money, you cannot hastily close it just because you want to save a few pennies; otherwise, it will require a fortune down the road.

Traditional recruitment methods were not reliable as there was no way to find out if the candidate is ready to learn skills to perform jobs, and hence most of the time, managers ended up going back to the square one. Now technology has made the recruitment process more manageable. Here is the list of software that is helping with recruitment.


This is one of the top recruiting software that allows you to connect with the best talent. Since it is equipped with search engine technology, it can tailor results to your hiring needs. You can specify the searches by years of experience, for example, to shortlist candidates suitable for your company.

Search engine technology can narrow down the results to the best needs of your company. One of the best advantages of this software is you do not need to get in the painstaking effort of matching skills with the job requirements.

JobDiva is integrated with world-class AI technology that can match millions of applications and deliver you the best results. The recruitment process starts with resume aggregation followed by top matches shortlisting and ends with the hiring of the candidate.


Freshteam is easy-to-use software that helps with applicant tracking, onboarding, and end-to-end recruitment solutions. Here are the features:

  1. It supports source candidates from employee referrals, social media, job boards, career sites, and the like.
  2. This software can help you get complete information about employees like a resume, emails in one place.
  3. You no longer need to make a decision based on your intuition as the software uses interview scorecards to rate the candidate against the job requirements.
  4. After the hiring of a candidate, Freshteam can also help you generate offer letters and record the candidate’s decision.
  5. It automates the onboarding process so that new candidates can spend their first day getting to know their teams and kind of work they are supposed to do.
  6. The software allows you to collaborate with your HR team to set tasks for the new hiring process.
  7. It initiates a hassle-free recruitment process because you can email candidates, submit interview feedback, and observe all stages of the hiring process.


It follows three simple steps: attract, evaluate, and grow. Here are the features of Recruiterbox:

  1. It acquires information from candidates from different sources, so you do not need to review all documents one by one.
  2. Since the software provides a centralised location, you can access all details anytime throughout the hiring process.
  3. The software helps with candidate profile management. It can ensure applicant search, applicant tracking, scheduling interviews, and giving feedback.
  4. The software provides collaboration with recruitment agencies to get real-time information about hiring.
  5. It is one of the most flexible recruitment software as it is integrated with calendars. It can remind you that interview dates, send messages to candidates, and manage follow-ups until the hiring is done.


Software that meets the slogan of better recruitment for faster hiring is none other than JazzHR. Here are the features of JazzHR:

  • Now you do not have to rely on limited channels for recruiting the best talent for your company because JazzHR offers access to unlimited candidates without wasting any penny.
  • Since all recruiters have their ways to find out the best talent, the software allows you to create customised solutions as per your needs.
  • The software can help you track, manage, and rank candidates more efficiently with your hiring team members.
  • Since it automates the onboarding process and digitises the offering process, there is no more fear of losing the best talent due to timely paperwork.]


Jobvite is one of the best recruitment tools that offer personalised end-to-end solutions for talent acquisition. It simplifies the entire recruitment journey by automating the communication through chatbots. Here are the features of Jobvite:

  1. If your current hiring platform is not efficient with the hiring process, you should use candidate-centric applicant tracking system so that you can fetch the most qualified candidates for your job.
  2. It is equipped with advanced AI tools that automatically help you find the best time for interview and screen and automatically rank candidates so that you can make the right decision and close the hiring quickly.
  3. It can be operated from a desktop or a mobile phone, and hence it is easier for candidates to apply for the job. It has a higher click-to-apply rate.


PeopleFluent can help you hire the best talent quickly. Helps build a comprehensive recruitment solution a skilled and motivated workforce. Here are the features of PeopleFluent:

  1. It is integrated with an AI platform that makes it easier to perform all stages of recruitment.
  2. It provides customised HR solutions to all organisations. However, this is generally considered a suitable solution for large organisations.
  3. The software can help you identify and retain the best talent for your steady organisation.
  4. It allows you to see shortlisting candidates from every possible angle to make informed decisions.
  5. You can pick up the best talent while staying competitive.

The bottom line

Hiring the best talent is undoubtedly difficult and time-consuming, but recruitment solutions mentioned above can help your organisation grow faster and smoother. Each recruitment solution works differently. Before you choose any software, take stock of your organisational needs. Most of the tools are not expensive. If you still do not have money to buy the one, you can get loans without a guarantor.