Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Phone Plans

Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Phone Plans 25

You’ve probably heard almost everything there is to know about choosing a mobile phone plan. There are thousands of options to go for and this will likely cause more confusion than excitement. This article will guide you on what you may not have already considered before choosing a mobile phone plan. 

Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Phone Plans

Considering Data Inclusion

Data has grown to be the king of telecommunications. Data has surpassed call times, and even texts as most people can now do both using internet connectivity. In the past, people would simply use data when checking for something online, but now calling and texting via data is commonplace and this accounts for why most plans now offer more data as their primary selling point. 

So what happens once your data expires before the end of the month? Some carriers will offer you the option to top up your data with an extra 10GB or less. You will have to buy the data at a slightly higher rate and this is usually done on a prepaid basis. If on the other hand, you end up with data at the end of the month, a good carrier should allow you to ‘roll over the data to the next month.

However, you might not roll over all the data as you might find your carrier has capped your GB at a certain level. This helps your carrier to continue selling you data. Others don’t allow rolling over and you risk losing all unused data by the end of the month. 

Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Phone Plans

Choosing A Mobile Phone or Accessory

You get a choice of a mobile phone or accessory with your phone plan assuming you choose the postpaid option. This option allows you to pick from a list of mobile phones on offer. If you opt to get a mobile phone, the value of the phone will be broken down into monthly installments and added to your mobile plan, including taxes and other fees. Your contract will end when you finish paying off your monthly installment and then the phone becomes yours and you can use it with another carrier. 

If you lose the phone then the carrier will get you a new one but will add the cost of the new phone onto your current contract, which will increase your monthly payments. You can opt to get an insurance cover on the mobile phone to prevent any increase in monthly payments. 

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Selecting The Right Carrier Based On Coverage

Carriers have different areas of influence and a good carrier is one with a wider geographical reach. The larger the coverage the lower the roaming charges and you don’t have to suffer the discomfort of switching carriers when you are travelling. Your preferred carrier will offer several plans and it is best if you choose a plan that will allow you to travel with ease without having to buy burner phones and prepaid tokens on the way.

Get a great plan that doesn’t feature a locked device as this will also affect your freedom to switch from one carrier to the other.