Top 5 Utility Digital Transformation Service Providers in Worldwide

Top 5 Utility Digital Transformation Service Providers in Worldwide 31

The electricity generation, transmission, distribution, monitoring, and maintenance processes have evolved with the introduction of innovative technologies. Smart grid technology that utilizes advanced cloud-based systems is gaining popularity across the globe rapidly. The convenience, comfort, safety, operability, remote control possibilities, trouble-shooting efficacies, and several other advantageous aspects have augmented the growth of smart grid technology.

Most of the electricity providers, multinational firms, and organizations are embracing technology and are improving productivity significantly. Choosing the right digital transformation service provider is as important as opting for smart grid technology. A close analysis would be essential to identify the right one among utility digital transformation service providers.

Top 5 Utility Digital Transformation Service Providers in Worldwide

The infrastructure offered by the smart grid service provider, the efficacy and performance of the software, ground support from the digital transformation service provider, comprehensive solution for all the smart grid requirements, and other related factors have been considered whilst finalizing this list of top 5 digital transformation service providers worldwide. Check out the organizations, analyze each, and finalize the one that is apt for you.

1.     Kalkitech

Kalkitech has been providing smart grid technology across the globe for about two and a half decades. The firm, which was established in 1998, became one of the sought after providers in utility digital transformation solutions by delivering innovatively designed smart grid services that meet customer’s requirements.

The seamless system provided by Kalkitech enables seamless communication between field services and the control centre. Thus enhancing reliability and improving maintainability of the complete system. Kalkitech acquired ASE in 2015, elevating it to one of the biggest and most dependable smart grid technology providers.

2.     ETAP

Performing proactively by understanding client needs and ensuring optimal performance of utility digital transformation services, ETAP became one of the top smart grid transformation service providers. The firm focuses on researching vivid possibilities that could be embodied to obtain better results.   

ETAP has designed and developed exclusive software that has turned vital for the analysis of system performance, monitoring of the operation, control, maintenance and automation.  The comprehensive solution provider, ETAP is opted by many entities around the world. Although a notch below Kalkitech, it could be considered as your utility digital transformation service provider.

3.     Sympower

Sympower had commenced the operation with the aim to reduce the carbon footprint and thereby make the world greener. The systems formulated and designed by the firm aids in eliminating the deficiency in supply and demand. The efficient system will regulate the production with an increase or decrease in requirements.

The clean and efficient energy provider Sympower plays a pivotal role in ensuring delivering energy to several organizations. With their committed and credible efforts, the agency has attained a prominent spot among the utility digital transformation service providers.

4.      SmartWorks

The observation that traditional infrastructure is unable to meet the growing requirements in the fast world, has led to the establishment of SmartWorks. An entity offering smart solutions to all the energy needs, beginning from generation to distribution. The software-aided technology derived from the research and development team at the company provides turnkey solutions based on the requirements of the clients.

SmartWorks could gain the identity of a credible firm, delivering utility digital transformation service, by extending feature-loaded cloud-based technology to ascertain the operation and identify the shortcomings. The complex systems entailing concerted effort and vigil to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot has turned simple with the introduction of advanced ideas from the company.

5.     Power Ledger

Power ledger relies on a software platform that explores the possibilities of blockchain technology. The peer-to-peer trading devised by the agency has been a hit with the consumers. The energy generated through techniques that create a low carbon footprint could be delivered to the market using the technology from Power Ledger.

The firm has been contemplating such path-breaking concepts for a long time. Availability of products produced by individual clients through natural methods is expected to reduce energy deficit and help maintain fossil fuel for a longer period than expected. Power Ledger could be considered one of the eminent leaders of transformation. Hence, the agency cannot be avoided when we discuss the top 5 utility digital transformation service providers worldwide.

The Tail End

The world is undergoing rapid transformation. The novel concepts are being tried and tested on a daily basis. Most of the traditional methodologies are turning obsolete and the customers are choosing digitally aided advanced methods. Cloud-based power generation, transmission, and distribution have become the new normal around the world.

The utility digital transformation industry encompasses smart grid technology, protocol testing software, safety, regulatory and compliance-based systems, and digital transformation in power & utilities. Smart grid technology undoubtedly boosts the productivity of an organization remarkably. It will help the technical team to undertake periodic preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, defect investigation, defect rectification, monitoring of power consumption, and introduction of preventive measures to avoid power loss and so on.

We request you to get in touch with the leading utility digital transformation service provider to know in-depth details about the same. For replacing the traditional one at your organization with the smart grid technology.