5 Reasons Why Refurbished IT is our Future

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If we go by Google’s steps, we should consider refurbished IT items. Many IT professionals are unaware of the potential benefits of refurbished hardware and equipment. However, IT is an ever-changing industry, and as the Covid-19 pandemic paused the world, many manufacturers turned to refurbished solutions for their businesses.

Technology moves forward at the speed of light, and many companies struggle to keep track of the latest technologies and tools. Additionally, you can consider the chip shortage that doesn’t seem to have a solution anytime soon. If we add all of these factors, that’s a lot of stress to provide solutions to business problems with limited IT infrastructure.

A straightforward solution to all the mess going on worldwide is opting for refurbished hardware instead of investing in costly equipment. Per the latest reports from Aliternetworks.com, equipments like refurbish Mac computers outperforms the new ones with 80% of the price cut.

From warranties to performance, there are hundreds of reasons to choose refurbished IT. You can read more about the top reasons below. Let’s check them out!

5 Reasons Why Refurbished IT is our Future

Great Performance

Old servers and other IT hardware perform similarly to the new ones. And it’s a delightful surprise to many clients when they hear they can cut their budget and get the same performance as a new server. According to the University of East London and Techbuyer, the new and old servers had identical performance in terms of RAM, CPUs, and data storage.

They did the research in the first stage of the benchmark testing and concluded that old servers and IT parts could also have an excellent performance. These results influenced practice as well. Google has been refurbishing its servers since 2015 and saving more than $1 billion in operating costs.

While the decision is totally up to you, we’d recommend you do your due diligence and learn about the brands and the hardware specs options they offer. Cisco UCS Servers have shown great capabilities, customization features, and energy efficiency and have been renowned as one of the best servers to consider.

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Refurbished Hardware Can Out-Perform New One

The sales of refurbished hardware increased during 2020, and they don’t seem to stop anytime soon. According to manufacturers, the storage equipment and server revenue are shrunk since most IT updates were the main reason for budget alterations.

Given the popularity of remote working, there’s no better time to implement high-performing and cost-effective IT upgrades. The ground-breaking research above, from the University of East London and Techbuyer has shown that the old and refurbished servers can outperform the new ones.

As a matter of fact. The Gen9 server had better performance in terms of memory, CPU, and RAM compared to the Gen10 server. We can certainly assume that refurbished equipment is a more efficient option!

Cost-Efficient Option

One of the major reasons companies go with old and refurbished hardware is the cost. Reducing costs is crucial in today’s surroundings, where IT professionals and manufacturers are expected to maintain the same productivity levels within a budget. Most IT parts and refurbished systems are below the price. 

According to Techbuyer, the cost of refurbished hardware drops up to 52% of the original OEM cost. However, many people have claimed that price didn’t take the lead when choosing refurbished equipment; reliability and stock availability played a large part in it.

Data Security

Data security is crucial when choosing a company that deals with refurbished equipment and sanitizes the data. But, how can you tell if the company fulfills the needed certifications and is reliable? The ISO – International Organization for Standardization is the benchmark company for high industry standards.

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Reduce Your e-Waste

With 50 million tons every year sent to landfills, you have the chance to reduce your carbon footprints and contribute to a better and greener environment. And this number is equivalent to the weight of all commercial aircraft built, according to the World Economic Forum.

Used IT hardware is important for reducing e-waste since servers can be used for three years before they are shredded or discarded. If we go with Microsoft’s example, we can generate 0 waste by 2030 if we reuse and recycle redundant servers.

Furthermore, servers containing plastics, aluminum, and steel are the top culprits for greenhouse emissions. Many manufacturers started reducing the carbon footprints involved in manufacturing, mining, and server transport.

Choose Your Server

Suppose all of these reasons above were not enough for you to decide and purchase refurbished IT equipment, like servers, parts, etc.. In that case, we’d recommend checking our blog as you can find a lot of relevant information regarding the topic.

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