FastestVPN Review – Does FastestVPN Tick all the Privacy Needs?

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In the breakneck days of advanced technology, a VPN has become an essential tool to protect your data while browsing. A Virtual Private Network shields your data into encrypted layers of privacy and security. The world is evolving digitally and the future is SAS. When not protected in secure layers of a VPN, your virtual data is always on the verge of getting exposed. With that in mind, FastestVPN was recommended on most websites and I needed to see what the hype was all about. 

Being a privacy-concern person, I bought a subscription to test this VPN. This FastestVPN review will highlight every worth-having feature that a VPN needs to have. Let’s begin! 

What is unique about FastestVPN?

FastestVPN has been running in the VPN industry for about two years now. Popular for its best privacy protocols and security measures, FastestVPN has quite a decent number of users with satisfied user reviews.

 I started using the VPN to unblock several international geo-blocked streaming services. Based in the Cayman Islands, this VPN is against all the data-retention policies and is located away from the Five Eyes Alliance jurisdiction. 

This portrays that FastestVPN doesn’t facilitate any data-logging tasks and the fact that its policies highlight it. Users can securely browse the internet, and send and receive sensitive information without dropping sweat on privacy threats or cybercriminal invasions. Let’s get a command of the unique features that make this VPN provider stand out in the VPN market. 

The FastestVPN Privacy and Security Suite

When connected and tested to send some important files on the internet, the first thing on my mind was to check whether my data is secured or not. I use multiple emailing platforms and it turned out a relief to have FastestVPN’s reliable privacy protocols to protect my data over the vulnerable platforms. 

With its AES 256-Bit encryption, I was all complacent that someone is taking care of my data from the prying eyes of the hideous third parties. 

With its high-end encryption technology, FastestVPN ensures that user data is completely secured in cipher which is unbreakable by any cyberterrorist. With a highlighting aspect of the no-logs policy, there is only two-way communication and none of the third parties or the FastestVPN service itself keeps user logs. It is one of the sparkling features that got my attention to continue using this VPN. 

FastestVPN Review - Security and Privacy features

Securely Use Public WiFi with FastestVPN 

Public WiFi is such an addiction that no one can resist. While connected to one, there are certain circumstances. There is overwhelming traffic on public WiFi. Only a strong VPN connection can save the day from the internet vulnerabilities that come with using public WiFi. I have comfortably used public and free WiFi both while connecting my phone to FastestVPN first, to protect my data from any cyber threats. 

Internet Kill-Switch 

When checking and using every VPN feature that FastestVPN offers, I found the internet kill-switch much more useful than any others or maybe it’s just me in love with this perfect feature.

 Before using this VPN, I used to stress whenever having an internet connectivity drop. For now, FastestVPN ensures that my data won’t leak out. It terminates the internet connection whenever a scenario of internet disconnectivity happens. In cases like these, it helps protect your data from leaking even after the VPN stops working. 

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Smart Tunneling 

One of the best features that I have found in this VPN. Having a choice when moving your selective internet traffic with VPN is a great way to utilize the purpose of having a VPN. With this feature, you can select to route your data even when your FastestVPN app is closed. 

Anti Malware 

With its anti-malware feature, FastestVPN ensures that your devices won’t have malware attacks. When connected to the FastestVPN, it automatically takes care of the anonymous traffic to not reach your devices that may contain malware. 

DNS Leak Protection 

A DNS leak can be demolishing and open access to your data. While connected to FastestVPN and satisfyingly using every security feature that counts essential to protect my virtual data, DNS leak protection was the one that got my attention. Having such a feature in a VPN as cheap as you can get for $10 monthly was a decision-making moment to stick to this secure VPN provider. 

Unlimited Bandwidth with FastestVPN 

Having a FastestVPN connection, I accessed my gaming apps and found them quite decent while providing me with the best bandwidth that I haven’t had in a while. FastestVPN worked incredibly with multiple gaming sites that I was yearning to use with a stable VPN connection. Over and above that, FastestVPN has no data caps while downloading and uploading files. It has allowed me to access a good amount of torrenting sites without the issue of lagging and bandwidth throttling from my ISP. 

Multiple VPN Protocols 

Robust VPN protocols can change your VPN using experience to a greater extent. When tested for the performance in regards to speed, privacy, and security it turned out satisfying to have VPN protocols including UDP, TCP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and others. 

FastestVPN Review - Does FastestVPN Tick all the Privacy Needs? 7

Whenever I was having internet stability issues, I was calm since connected to such useful VPN protocols that establish a stronger bond to catch the connections. 

FastestVPN – VPN Servers 

FastestVPN is operating 600+ VPN servers in 52+ locations which is smaller in number compared to other VPN providers in the industry. However, they worked, and that’s what’s important.  

FastestVPN Review - Does FastestVPN Tick all the Privacy Needs? 8

What I want to suggest to the brand is that it must work on its number of servers so users can access more locations to use FastestVPN or access the content. Besides, FastestVPN does offer some excellent US, UK, and Germany servers that work fantastically. 

Does FastestVPN Unblock US Netflix and Hulu?

There are a majority of people looking at too many VPNs on the market, and they all entice you with a variety of benefits. But like most things in life, several VPNs are best suited for various purposes. Therefore, not every VPN is suitable for a specific job when it comes to streaming.

We will provide you with the best VPN for streaming to unlock US Netflix and Hulu. Which do we think you should use or not?

Yes, it does. I found it outstanding when connected to the US server. When testing the results whether it is just advertising the features or actually do provide them, it unblocked US Netflix content that I was longing to watch. Connect to FastestVPN’s Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York servers, they are the best. 

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Conversely, when connected to some of the servers, which is a little far from my geographical location, I faced connectivity issues while streaming. Well, that was irritating but somehow I managed and avoid using those servers. 

P2P Optimized Servers 

FastestVPN does provide P2P optimized servers that are safe and secure for file-sharing activities. Since everyone wants speed while uploading and downloading a file, FastestVPN comes with decent speed while managing these tasks. Moreover, to have a look at your actual IP address, you can head over to what is my IP and find everything you want to know about your IP address. Or, you can use the tool to get a little insight into the VPN IP address you’re connected with. 

FastestVPN – What are the best subscription plans? 

FastestVPN comes with three very pocket-friendly subscription plans. It does offer reasonable pricing, which was the reason behind getting a subscription. Here, you can choose and buy VPN as per your preference. 

  1. 1 Month Plan 

You can have a one-month subscription for $10. Having a 15-day money-back guarantee which is a great thing if you are not satisfied with the services so you can have a full refund. 

  1. 1 Year Plan 

With a one-year plan, you can pay $2.45 per month, which costs you 29.95 annually.  It also comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee. 

  1. 3 Year Plan 

Having the 3-year plan will charge you $1.11 per month, with the cost of $39.95 triennially. However, this plan also includes a 15-day money-back guarantee. 

FastestVPN Review - Does FastestVPN Tick all the Privacy Needs? 9

FastestVPN Apps 

FastestVPN has apps for major operating systems and devices. I have downloaded and installed FastestVPN on my Windows, iOS, Android, and Kodi. The entire procedure is easy and anyone can do it easily.

 While using the FastestVPN app on my iOS, Android, and other devices,I have met with the best user-friendly features that don’t involve any long connectivity procedures to annoy. The plus side is that FastestVPN allows up to 10 multi-device connections over any plan. 

Compatibility with more than 20 Devices 

VPNs that offer apps for every high-class streaming device are the VPNs we need. FastestVPN fulfills this desire and provides apps for your gaming consoles such as Xbox, PS4, and popular media streaming devices such as Roku and Firestick. Furthermore, you can use the Chrome VPN extension to securely browse while connected to FastestVPN’s safe and secure browser extensions. 

The Supportive 24/7 Chat Support of FastestVPN 

In the middle of the night, while streaming, I needed to switch my VPN servers and I was stuck without any reason, I couldn’t load the servers. When I contacted FastestVPN’s support team, they listened and provided me with a useful solution that worked. I got very inspired by the amount of concern they have put to rescue my scenario. One of the major reasons to review this VPN provider is the decent yet technical support team they have. 

Do I Recommend FastestVPN? 

If talking about thousands of servers, and the best speeds, FastestVPN doesn’t offer that. But coming to the decent number of excellently working servers, and the best of VPN protocols like UDP, I do recommend FastestVPN. It comes with affordable pricing that is very cheap to have such robust VPN features and a good amount of bandwidth while streaming. With that said, FastestVPN rapidly unblocks many popular international streaming channels which is a big yes to opt for this VPN. 

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