9 Best Project management Software

9 Best Project management Software 25

In recent years, project management software has become extremely popular worldwide. Today, managers have plenty of options to choose from other options. Whether you’re searching for an effortless and straightforward way to organize a task or a compelling way, a project management tool is always available. To know more about the project management software’s keep reading the following details.

What are Project Management Software?

Project management software helps managers and their teams to collaborate and achieve goals on time. The project management software’s role is to distribute tasks, financing, time tracking, team collaboration, and many more. PMS is also known as task management software or project portfolio management software. 

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Professionals depend on project management software to help in the smooth functioning of the business. Likewise, companies can easily recognize risk by identifying the failing aspects of the organization using the time tracking feature of the Project management software. Time tracking predicts the completion dates for each stage of the project.

9 Best Project management Software Used by Project Managers

9 Best Project Management Software and Tools:

Project managers use to gain their business a competitive edge. You can also benefit from the free trials to find the best project management software for your company/business.

1. PlanStreet

For the proper functioning of your team, two things are vital- teamwork and efficient time management. The website provides two headline software that includes Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Case Management Software. PlanStreet is a software that focuses on copious amounts of time-management charts and planners that enables you to conduct all your tasks efficiently and on time. The planner that the software includes is the Kanban chart, which allows a wider outlook into the ongoing, completed, and done tasks. This project management software also includes Gantt charts, a color-coded chart showing the week-wise timeline of tasks. 

2. Wrike

It is an enterprise and a collaborative tool. It functions all over the project planning, the team working, reporting, time tracking, and workflow intuitive. It is an excellent tool if you’re searching for creating efficient workflow management.

It can easily associate tasks, discussions, and emails for your project. It offers significant project growth with current updates and reports on the newsfeed. Wrike accelerates your project’s timely delivery by assisting resources to complete their task and associating it with further discussions, files, and emails to the project.

Task management in this software is potent and efficient. It also provides access to previous discussion details and relevant documents that are already attached. So, they can have all the relevant information they require.

Scheduling your project within this software is a great idea; they are live and dynamic. The entire team can update any changes and upload their assigned task at any time. The best thing is that people receive notifications about any changes in schedule.

Wrike has some great features to deal with a business project. It gives insights into every interactive infographic. You get an automatic update every 15 minutes so that you don’t have to worry about getting any new information. There are multiple options in which you can use the reporting tool to get relevant business information or details and screenshots of the project for proper customized updates effortlessly.

3. Monday.com 

It is magnificent project management software for managers. It has focused on simple and visually automatic layouts that clarify the work sequence.

The features of Monday.com include resource and project management, team collaboration, time tracking, and features reporting. Users can upload and attach the files to cards, post comments, tag or mention their team members, and many more. It offers reporting dashboards that collect data from various boards. It allows better tracking features for growth. As Monday.com doesn’t provide a complete set of tools and invoicing solutions, you can use it for time tracking, invoices, and timeliness.

4. Teamwork 

It is a project management software that assists in-house agencies in enhancing coordination, accountability, and appearance. It is a flexible software that manages the entire project from beginning to end.

The design of the teamwork features is in such a way that makes project management easy, quick, and efficient. You can add a systematic structure to your project. It allows you to create task lists and divide your work among the team members. In this software, you can add due dates for your project, description, and other legal documents that you need to complete your task.

5. Celoxis 

It is an all-in-one project management platform for project portfolio and works coordination. It schedules the work project; work dynamicity comprises distribution of the project geographically working in different time zones, unavoidable absenteeism, part-time resources, and inter-project dependencies.

Task management in this project management software is reliable and unique. It leads team members to see their assigned tasks to do, report bugs, and manage time all from a single tool. They get relevant notifications and send updates without logging in.

Celoxis offers real-time projects, time trackers, resource availability, timesheets, budgeting, and risk identification.

6. Paymo

It is a full-featured tool that focuses on small and medium businesses. It handles a project from brief billing with tools that cooperate with team members, time tracking, team coordination, timesheets, and accounting. Paymo is a cost-effective method for managing your project and business.

Paymo provides you to upload files to a task, post comments on tasks, and create reliance. It provides multi-user task projects so that no individual member can be held responsible for work.

Paymo has high communication technology. Receivers receive important updates automatically sent via email notifications. It has a dashboard where you can supervise all the current actions, cooperate with your team, and create notes that you can share easily.

Paymo has two paid plans; the lowest plan costs $11.95 per month. For the yearly subscription, you’ll get a 20% discount. A free trial is also available for it.

7. Workzone 

It is best for a marketing agency and operations team of more than five users. Workzone is secure and easy to use and adapt. Some features of Workzone include a project dashboard, personalized lists, and interactive Gantt chart. It secures file management and creative review tools, workload management, time tracking, and reporting.

Workzone is a smart choice for people who aren’t aware of how to use project management software. It assists the teams to build the foundation, processes the work you need to manage your projects.

8. Forecast.app 

It is software made for resource and project management. It provides intelligent automation, predicts capacity needs, and be efficient.

The Auto-schedule feature helps in scheduling your project, budgeting, and assigning tasks. It has a tool that automatically estimates a budget for your project. It also supports multiple billing types. It has advanced features that can customize your timesheets in an intuitive and straightforward.

Forecast introduced a feature that can manage the project in a retainer way. It enables you to track the current project’s financials without ignoring staff workloads and time devoted to delivery.

The forecast is currently used in more than 40 countries by agencies, companies, and businesses. 

9. Microsoft project 

MS projects let users simply manage the project. It uses a simple visual task board for the users, making it easy to manage the project. Project managers can visualize their projects and schedule the project duration and allot team.

MS project is easy to learn and adopt. Online tutorials are readily available on the internet. The evaluation of the software is on its usability. The only drawback is that it cannot run on Mac or iOS. If you are searching for options that can work on Mac, check the MS project for Mac. It only integrates with Microsoft and Windows programming.

The five crucial elements the project management software

Project management software enables smart working for your business project. If you didn’t select the appropriate software for your enterprise, you’d end up with a collection of irrelevant project management software. 

Rather than using firm tools and manually working on it, use project management software with shared data. It will facilitate your project’s smooth functioning, communication, assigning tasks, and collaborating with your team members and clients.

To make good project management software, we need to focus on tools that provide the ‘doing’ aspect of a project. In other words, it means getting people together to build something creative for the digital world. The five crucial elements of the smooth functioning of the project management software make the digital process easier:

Tasklist: Every project management software must outline the task that needs to be done who is responsible for it and its deadline.

Schedules: For managing projects, scheduling is very important. Planning deadlines, the meeting can help you to know where the tasks fit best. It is a crucial element to deliver your assignment on time.

File-Sharing: The potential to arrange and systematically share your file is paramount to delivering your project efficiently. 

Communication: For every project, smooth communication is essential for keeping track of your task. You should be able to chat quickly with your team members and client.

Reporting: As a manager, it is essential to keep track of the project. Therefore, always save a report of the project progress for timely delivery.

These are five critical elements for excellent project management software.