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If you are looking for the best Magento Online Courses then you are landed at the right place.

Undoubtedly, Magento has been and continues to be a powerful platform for establishing an eCommerce business. Whether it is about running a small online store around the corner or wants to go big like HP, Canon, Nike, P&G, and Cisco— Magento is super-fast and powerful enough to handle an excessive amount of user’s queries, offer the ease of management and maintenance, and offer unlimited options for scalability. 

As powerful as the platform is, it also demands developers and designers up to a greater extent around the world. Thanks to 2021 century technological innovations and the ease of access to learning resources. People today don’t need much to learn new skills and make their careers out of them, and sometimes even venture into some sort of services provider startups. One should always look to learn new technology courses.

Top 3 Magento Online Courses

Magento developers have good employment prospects and can make a good living by working with a Magento Development Company or working as an independent developer in the growing freelance working culture. Today, many beginners turn to Magento online resources to equip themselves with Magento web development skills. Some of them offer the course without requiring you to pay a penny, but rather require the investment of time and have a passion for it. While some others are premium and require applicants to pay a quite affordable fee for the course. 

Following are a few best Magento Online Courses that we have put together for your convenience to make your Magento learning journey easy for you.  

Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

Top 3 Magento Online Courses and Tutorials for Developers

1. Udemy ‘s Open your First Shop Step by Step Magento Free Edition 20

For those of you, typically the beginner’s lot, who haven’t heard of Udemy, let’s first have a bit of orientation to it before we take you to specifics. Udemy Inc. has been an American open-source online courses provider since 2010. The company provides an extensive range of courses for students and mid-career professionals of diverse backgrounds.  

Now let’s get down to the business. Are you planning to learn how to establish a Magento 2 online store from scratch, but you are not aware of how to go about it? Turn into the Udemy recent course on Open your First Shop Step by Step Magento Free Edition 20

The course package includes

  • On-demand over 40 video tutorials 
  • 1 exercise-based tutorial 
  • 1 article 
  • Over 15 downloadable learning resources
  • Lifetime accessibility
  • Accessibility of mobile and TV  
  • Certificate upon course completion  

Expected learning outcome 

  • Learn the new interfaces of Magento 2
  • Step by step process of creating an online business website 
  • Setting up products and contents on your store website 
  • Learn sales configuration tricks and techniques 
  • Explore tips and tricks to improve your online store website

Course Audience 

  • Anyone having an interest in online business and establishment eCommerce store
  • Anyone who intends to sell products over the internet 
  • Anyone with an interest in eCommerce web designing, web development, and webmaster beginners. 
  • Budding bloggers, computer programmers, and business owners. 

As you keep on exploring the Udemy site, you will find more and more Magento resources. There is another course tutorial by Udemy, they refer to it with Simplified Magento 2: Video Course from Beginner to Expert.  This tutorial takes learners from the more fundamental level to the advanced level of Magento development. All concepts are being explained comprehensively with hands-on exercises and provide a conducive remote learning environment for students and professionals. 

2. LinkedIn‘s Magento Community Edition 2 Essential Training

Some of you may feel surprised or even bewildered, thinking of LinkedIn as only a professional networking platform. Well, LinkedIn today is just more than a networking platform. It offers companies with marketing solutions as well as provides an extensive range of educational resources for students and professionals. 

Magento is powerful as well as popular but often comes with a reputation of being challenging to learn. Thus, there are various communities on LinkedIn that help the budding, as well as professional Magento developers, keep abreast themselves of the latest update, trends, and what’s new happening around Magento.

One such community that offers tutorials and guidance is the Magento Community Edition 2 Essential Training, a tutorial designed to address any issue related to Magento for audiences that include beginners, expert professionals, Magento eCommerce business owners, web designers, and developers.  This Magento online course is introduced by Robert King— an avid instructor, author and web designer, and developer. There are over nine thousand people who have signed up and completed the course on LinkedIn. 

The Course Include 

  • Lifetime content’s accessibility 
  • 38 videos on-demand 

Learning outcome 

  • Content and store configuration 
  • Manual installation errors troubleshooting  
  • Setting up payment gateways in your online store 
  • Shipping and automated email configuration

Target Course Audience 

The course is designed for anyone having a desire for learning Magento eCommerce web development, online store development mostly for beginners. 

3. Magento U– One of the best Magento Online Courses

Magento U is an official resource for Megento learners. Magento U provides an extensive range of intensive Magento development training courses. The courses here are primarily designed for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced learners. Mostly the training here is comprised of “How to” and definitive guides that make the learning process super easy. 

Magento U provides over 50 training courses designed for both back-end and front-end developers, administrative personnel, business analysts, eCommerce merchants, and internet marketers.   

Courses are tailored specifically for each party such as 

Magento Developer Tutorials

  • Fundamental Magento 2 Development 
  • Fundamental Magento 1.X Development 
  • Testing Magento with PHP unit
  • Quick Start for Setup: Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition 

Courses for Front End Developers

  • Core Principle for Theming in Magento 2
  • Core Principle for Theming in Magento 1.X
  • Responsive Design in Magento 2 

Marketers & Merchants Courses 

  • Managing Your Magento 2 Store
  • Stepping Up Sales with Magento Discounts & Promotion 
  • Growing Your Business with SEO on Magento 
  • eCommerce with Magento
  • Multisite Planning for Your Magento Store 

Courses for System Analysts 

  • Quick Start to Magento Business Intelligence
  • Rudiments Discovery for Successful Magento 2 Implementation  

Upon competition with the training, Magento U issues students with Magento Certification. All the exams are to be taken at Magento certified testing centers. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that these mentioned resources will help you equip with the skills you need to launch your Magento website, online store or shape your career out of it as a Magento developer. Be mindful of the fact that learning Magento takes time, effort, patience, and dedication to be a professional Magento web developer. 

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