10 Must Have Amazon Seller Tools to Increase Sales

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Amazon is the third-largest eCommerce platform in the globe, and one can make a significant amount of money on this site by selling the product. However, the competition on Amazon is relatively high, and its seller base is already vast; furthermore, millions of sellers are joining this shopping store each year. Hence, apart from quality products, you need to have some unique skills to be a successful Amazon seller.

Several tools are also available in the market that can assist you in selling more products on this platform. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy all types of tools. Some Tools are more important than others to help you achieve the desired outcomes. You may be confused by seeing so many options in Amazon seller tools. To solve this, we have created a list of tools that is relatively important to increase your products’ visibility and sales. Now, without wasting much time, let us look at 10 must-have Amazon Seller Tools.

Amazon Seller Tools to Increase Sales

Top 10 Amazon Seller Tools

1. Repricing Tools

Repricing makes you quite competitive by making you aware of the change of prices on marketplace listing. You may not know that approximately 2.5 million product price changes occur every day on Amazon; means price changes of a single listing every 10 minutes. This tool helps you to change the price of a product appropriately and increase your sales as well as profits. RepricerExpress, Bqool, Auro, Informed.Co and Seller Snap are the most reliable repricer tools that help you stay competitive.

2. Seller Reviews & Feedback

Positive reviews are vital for thriving Amazon’s business. Several seller reviews and feedback tools ease your work by automatically asking buyers to place comments. The more comments you get on your listing, the higher rank your product gets on Amazon. The seller feedback also helps you to manage bad reviews as well. FeedbackExpress, AMZFinder, SageMailer, Kibly, and Zoonguru are the best tools to boost your seller metrics and sales on AMZ.

3. Customer Support

Selling on Amazon doesn’t mean that all the customer support needs are handled by their team. And especially when you are an FBM seller, you have to handle the customer queries and concerns by yourself. eDesk is the tool that can help you in this context. It makes the overall customer handling process much easier by consolidating all your messages in one box. Also, it comes with a free one-month trial.

4. Forecasting & Restocking

It is quite daunting to forecast the upcoming selling options on Amazon just based on your “gut”. To restock the appropriate number of products, you need to buy forecasting and restocking Tools. Several tools like Restock Pro, Forecastly, Skubana are available that use machine learning to generate accurate forecasts. It will help you to optimize inventory as well as reduce waste. Additionally, with the help of these tools, you can reveal a large number of hidden opportunities to boost your business.

5. Advertising & PPC

Running a pay-per-click ad is another great option to increase the visibility of your product on Amazon. But creating an effective PPC campaign on Amazon is not an easy job; you need to learn some tactics and need to adjust the right bids for high ROI. If you are a new Amazon seller, we recommend you to use advertising and PPC tools to craft and optimize your sponsored product campaigns. Scale Insights, Profit Whales, PPC Encourage, Teikamatrics are some of the best Amazon Seller Tools for PPC management. They make your campaign more efficient and profitable. Not just that, these tools also alleviate the ACoS and enhance your sales.

6. Inventory Management Tool

Data analysis and optimization simply with spreadsheets is not a great option to make your Amazon business quite lucrative. The inventory management tool helps you track inventory and order management activities so that you can make the right decision. Acceleration and Inventory labs are the most reliable AMZ inventory management tool, and by using them, you can list the new inventory quickly.

7. Price Monitoring Tool

Another essential tool to increase revenue on Amazon is the Price monitoring tool. It is pretty different from a price repricing tool. Price monitoring Tools like CamelCamelCamel, Keepa, AMZ Alert enable you to get the price notification if any other seller changes the cost of the product that is similar to yours. By learning the changed price, you can set the lowest price of your product to entice the audience as “cost” is the most important factor the shoppers consider before making a purchase.

8. Keyword Research Tool

Using the right keyword on a simple product listing or paid ad can improve your visibility on AMZ, and it increases your ranking as well as the chances of purchase of your item. Keyword Inspector, Scientific Sellers, Sellics are the best Amazon Seller tools for finding the keywords whose searches are quite high. You can also consider them to increase your listing visibility on the world’s number one online shopping platform.

9. Competitor Analysis Tool

Knowing your competitors is crucial to making an efficient marketing strategy- the same applies to Amazon. Competitor analysis tools are specifically designed to track the keywords and strategies your competitors are using. These tools allow you to identify the key strengths of competitors so that you can adjust your product listing accordingly and expand your buyers base. Some tools also give you the options to compare the strategies of different competitors so that you can make the best decision.

10. Finance Tool

While Finance tools do not directly increase your product sales, it is pretty vital to run a successful Amazon business. It helps in cash flow management, shipping management, and tax reports. Some Finance tools on which you can trust are Shopkeeper, TaxJar, ShipStation. They can aid you to stay ahead of your competitors and save your time as well.

Wrapping Up-:

Hope you found the above information helpful and use these tools for selling on Amazon. It is important to note that only a few tools are listed above; several other brands offer the best Amazon Seller tools. So, you should do extensive research before choosing any.

FAQs Related to Amazon Seller Tools and Amazon ERC

What are the best tools for Amazon Sellers?

There are many as per your requirement, here is the list of few,
1. AMZScout
2. Zonguru
3. Helium 10
4. SellerApp

What is the Amazon ERC Number?

The Amazon ERC phone number is (888) 892-7180

What is ERC in Amazon?

It’s Employee Resource Center (ERC)

What are the best amazon seller tools chrome extension?

1. Jungle Scout
2. AMZScout Pro
3. SellerApp 

Which Amazon analytics tool is best?

Amazon Analytics Tool #1: Helium 10.
Amazon Analytics Tool #2: Sellics.
Amazon Analytics Tool #3: Jungle Scout.
Amazon Analytics Tool #4: Amalyze.
Amazon Analytics Tool #5: AMZ Base.
Amazon Analytics Tool #6: AMZ Tracker.
Amazon Analytics Tool #7: SellerApp.