How to use an IM screen recording spy app + the best ones to try

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In today’s digital world, we are moving further away from face-to-face and verbal communication. Countless apps are available to provide us with instant messaging. Having said that, smartphones are no longer just devices to make phone calls and messages; they are essentially very powerful portable devices that we can put in our pockets, capable of doing most of those things that were previously only possible through computers.

It is therefore understandable that some groups of people might want to monitor cell phone usage. At the top of the list are parents and employers. Parents would like to monitor their children’s cell phone usage in as much detail as possible, including IM screen recording. They would like to know that their child is safe from internet predators, cyberbullying, and inappropriate online behavior. And because children nowadays are very tech-savvy, using an undetectable IM screen recording app might become necessary. 

Similarly, companies and employers, with the knowledge and consent of their employees, might also install screen recording apps on the company phones. They do this to prevent corporate espionage and to monitor employee productivity. A lot of companies have employees working out in the field, such as delivery and trucking companies. These companies need a way to monitor their driver’s location and cell phone usage. If they install an IM screen recording app with the added location tracking on the company phones, they can track their employees in real-time.  

Why Use a Screen Recording App?

  • When just monitoring messages, it is easy to ignore important details. With an IM screen recording app, you can see the complete picture. It will also help you get a better idea about the whole situation because of the provided screenshots.
  • People can un-send messages or delete them. With a screen recording app, you will get periodic screenshots. It will allow you to keep complete tabs on anyone.
  • The app also remains completely undetectable. The target person will not know about the screenshots sent from their phone. 
  • Children will often try to keep things from their parents. That may include inappropriate sexual or criminal activity and even cyberbullying. Parents may benefit from installing an IM screen recording app on their children’s phones to protect them during vulnerable moments. 
  • Employers can quickly take action thanks to the real-time screen recording feature. They can catch employees in the act of wasting company time and resources. 

How to Set Up the App?

  1. Step 1: The first step is buying the app and getting your login credentials in the email. Once you obtain this information, the next step is installing the app on the target phone. 
  2. Step 2: You will need to be in physical possession of the target phone. Go to the download link provided in the email and download the app. 
  3. Step 3: Set up the spy app on the target phone. You will need to set the app’s permission and admin settings once it is activated. Read and sign the terms and conditions and run the app on the target phone. The app will ask for specific permissions that it needs to run on the device. Select the allow option for all prompts. Finally, click the “Start Monitoring” option and you will be all done. 
  4. Step 4: Using the provided username and passcode ID, log in to the control panel of the spy app. From this control panel, you can monitor and record all data from the target cell phone. It will also allow you to listen to recorded phone conversations and video calls. 

Best Spy apps (For Android 11)

Overall Best Pick: Xnspy

Xsnpy is one of the most popular and widely used spy apps available on the market today. It is available on all mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android 11. The app provides an easy and intuitive way to monitor a cell phone. The installation process is simple and it comes with a ton of features. With an affordable price and responsive customer support, this was an easy pick. Both companies and parents use the app for monitoring in real-time. Other features that come with the app include access to IM chats, media, and GPS location. You can even remotely control the target phone. The app is also constantly improving existing features and adding new ones. To learn more about how the IM screen recording feature works on XNSPY, please browse this page:

How to use an IM screen recording spy app + the best ones to try 25

The Basic Edition is for $4.99 a month and the Premium Edition costs $7.49. With its long list of provided features and attractive prices, Xnspy is unmatched in its league. 


  • The best spy app for Android 11
  • It offers a vast range of 30+ features to use during your monitoring.
  • The app allows you to offline monitor a cell phone as well. Xnspy will record all of the data and upload it when the phone is connected to the internet again. 
  • There is a live demo on their website, letting you use the app’s features before you decide to buy it. 
  • The live screen recording and IM screen recording feature will save messages to your online backup. Even if the messages get deleted from the target phone, you will still see them, given they were first backed up by the app. 


  • You can only track one device with one app license. However, this is also true for most other phone spy apps.
  • You can only monitor mobile devices. Xnspy does not support desktop monitoring. 

Runner-up: Flexispy

How to use an IM screen recording spy app + the best ones to try 26

Flexispy is another great spy app that works on both iOS and Android. It comes with some exclusive features such as accessing a phone’s camera and keylogging. While it has the most extensive list of features out of all spy apps, there are a couple of reasons why it did not make it to the top of our list. First and foremost is the shocking annual price of $349. 

Furthermore, some of the app’s features are deemed unethical and even illegal. You can easily use the keylogging feature to steal someone’s passwords, for instance. 


  • More features than any other mobile spying app.
  • It works well on all mobile platforms. 


  • Unlocking all the features can be very expensive. 
  • Requires the target android phone to be rooted first. 
  • Some features provided can be deemed unethical. 
  • Some advanced features are full of bugs. 

Honorable Mention: Kidsguard Pro

How to use an IM screen recording spy app + the best ones to try 27

Another good spy app for IM screen recording is Kidsgaurd Pro. It also works on both iOS and Android 11. The prominent feature of this app is its social media monitoring. It can also allow users to receive live screen recordings. For a low price, Kidsgaurd Pro can fulfill most of your monitoring needs. It is used widely by both parents and company owners. 


  • Affordable pricing
  • The app allows tracking on PCs, too. 
  • Extensive social media monitoring controls, which are very useful for parents.  


  • A lack of transparency by the company
  • The app’s website lacks information that a customer might need. 
  • Outdated UI/UX
  • No live customer support through call or chat. 

We hope by now you have a better understanding of IM screen recording apps. Now with all the information you have, you will be able to make an informed decision. Parents should be able to take the necessary steps towards ensuring the safety of their children. Likewise, business owners can also use these spy apps for the success of their business.