Breaking Cloud Storage Security Myths and Assumptions

Breaking Cloud Storage Security Myths and Assumptions 13

Did you know that the cloud storage security market size is expected to grow USD 68.5 billion by 2025?

The cloud storage security trend is taking the world by storm. The concept of managing data on the cloud offers a platform for the users to secure valuable data. From 1983 to the present, the small disk storage to unlimited cloud storage solutions, the technological advancements have drastically impacted everyday life. 

From personal to professional lives, cloud storage solutions have gained widespread adoption. With the continued growth and development in the field of cloud storage, the users can have the advantage of using the services for Personal, Public, and Private needs. 

Breaking Cloud Storage Security Myths and Assumptions 15
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The automated cloud storage tools have taken the pain out of protecting the data from unauthorized access, the limited lifespan of stored data, and restricted data accessibility. Cloud storage security has always been on top of all concerns. Though cloud storage security solutions have occupied a great space in almost every industry, still the idea is surrounded by myths and assumptions. 

Cloud Storage Security Myths and Assumptions

 Here, we’ve compiled a list of mythologies that are associated with cloud storage security. Take a look at the expert revelations: 

Is Cloud Really Safe?

Many are of the belief that cloud storage doesn’t offer a reliable security system. Anyone without knowing the ABC of cloud storage will definitely find it hard to believe that how a single solution can make your data safe from breaches, outside threats, and attacks. In fact, cloud storage is the most robust and the safest solution. The data is stored on the third-party servers that provide full control to the businesses to get any time anywhere access. 

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Maintenance is A Headache 

Maintaining cloud storage security is a painstaking job. As compared, the physical storage of data is more safe and easy to access. Well, those who really believe so, are holding them back from taking their business to new heights. In the present scenario, using and maintaining technology-rich systems is far easier than expected. And same is the case with cloud storage security. 

Cloud Storage is Uncontrollable 

In cloud storage security, it is challenging to control the data that is stored on the remote servers. Is it really? Well, the advanced cloud storage systems facilitate control over the data. The failure in data storage security mostly happens in the case of onsite data backup. Cloud storage security benefits businesses by providing centralized control, visibility, and protection.  

Lack of Log Analysis in Cloud

As the cloud storage is managed by third parties, it’s often perceived that the businesses failed to get the actual records of where, how, and by whom the data is being used. In fact, in the cloud storage, the audit logs are generated automatically with the real-time data tracked. The detailed usage and storage logs provide a big picture and enhance transparency. 

Cloud Storage is Affordable 

 When it comes to cloud cost, then as compared to onsite storage, cloud storage is considered to be less expensive. The reality is completely different. In actuality, the technology-rich solution with advanced functionalities are not that much affordable as many think of. The cost varies depending upon the business requirements. Though the solution cuts down the power consumption cost, eliminates additional hardware purchases, etc. still the user has to pay according to the amount of storage used. 

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Private Cloud Storage is Better

Public or Private? Which one is better? In cloud storage, the choice of storage type completely depends upon the need of the user. Each cloud service has its own benefits as in the case of Public- it supports multiple customer’s internet connectivity whereas in Private- it supports a group of customers and supports connectivity over Internet, Private Network, etc. 

Cloud Provider is Only Responsible

Yes, the cloud service provider holds the responsibility to maintain and protect your data, however, for any mishappening, he can’t be the only one to be blamed. The owner too has some duties towards keeping the credentials safe & protected. The user needs to be alert in protecting themselves from identity frauds. Everything should be proactively managed by both parties. 

Apart, there is a long list of myths related to cloud storage security and that needs to be busted. The growing popularity of cloud storage security has influenced many businesses to make a worthy investment. A complete line of benefits includes data encryption, automatic back-ups, protection against vulnerabilities, easy data storage, quick access, and many more.  

Preventing confidential data against risks and adding more value to your business, incorporating cloud storage security is the need of the time. It helps cope with the challenges that come in the way of all-sized businesses. Therefore, it’s never too late to keep your business abreast of the latest cloud storage services to enjoy secure cloud access and data sharing. 

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