What Should I Look for when going to hire React Developers?

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At the time of writing this blog, 11,184,529 websites are running on React technology. Without a second thought, React is one of the best JavaScript-based libraries to provide wings to your newly set-up business by developing feature-rich and user-friendly web applications.

Those who are aware of this tech stack’s unique features and functionality generally look for the best solutions to hire dedicated reactjs developers for their upcoming project. As per the research, approximately 35% of all recruiters are looking for React developers. But there is a significant scarcity of people who are genuinely proficient in using it.

React, also known as React.js or React JS, is an entirely open-source web development framework. For front-end apps, it revolutionized component-based architecture, and developers love it.

When you are going to hire Reactjs developers, you will notice that it’s a daunting task. Because JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages and is expanding quickly. As a result, there is an ample supply of highly qualified engineers. Finding a gem among them from a leading ReactJS development company is challenging.

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Making the right choice involves considering several factors, including personality, experience, and skill set. In this guide, we’ve explained what to look for when going to hire React developers. After reading this article, we hope you’ll be confident in selecting the ideal React Developer for your project.

You must have a fundamental understanding of software development to hire Reactjs developers on your own. Depending on your project needs and budget, there are several choices accessible such as online job boards, freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr, and Reactjs outsourcing firms. Before making any selections, the merits and downsides of each option should be thoroughly considered.

Let’s first discuss why you should hire React developers for your ideal project before looking at the hiring checklist for Reactjs developers.

Why should you hire react developers in 2023?

React encourages dynamic experiences, which makes it stand out as the best option if you place high importance on user experience (UX). It is a well-rounded option for powering your front-end development because it can swiftly deliver dynamic user interfaces in a way that considers the end user.

From Fortune 500 companies to creative startups currently use React. Whether old or young, companies find it one of the best front-end frameworks since it offers the most vibrant customer experience and contributes to resource conservation.

There is a raging need to hire React developers, whether you own a startup, a medium-sized company, or a big corporation, here are some of the top reasons to choose React for your next project.

React Developer


●      Strong community support facilitates quicker problem resolution

React experts can find solutions to their questions by consulting various professional forums, tutorials, YouTube videos, and other resources.

●      React’s reusable components result in lower development costs

The company can save time and money because React enables the reuse of its components for identical functionalities.

●      It improves the SEO friendliness of your business apps

React’s quick rendering speeds up page loading, which elevates the page’s ranking in SERP.

●      React’s Virtual DOM enables commercial apps to respond more quickly

VDOM only modifies the modified portions of the user interface whenever changes are made to the application, which is convenient and quick.

●      React in business apps makes updating and maintenance simple

React-based app development makes it very easy to update and manage the project. The reusable components form the basis of this functionality.

What to Look for While going to Hire Reactjs Developer?

Once you have a list of candidates you might hire, you must carefully evaluate their backgrounds and qualifications. In addition to assessing references and relevant credentials, you should enquire about the candidate’s coding expertise, project management skills, and other qualifications needed for the position. It is also crucial to discover how they react to change or how quickly they can adjust to a new situation.

The essential technical and soft skills to consider while going to hire Reactjs developers are listed below.

Technical Skills

●      Proficiency in JavaScript & ECMC Script

React Developer

Since React is a JavaScript library, you must have a firm grasp of JavaScript’s foundational ideas in order to learn React. Hence when you hire React developers, ensure that he must be well-versed in JavaScript’s operations, syntax, and capabilities. Additionally, prototypal inheritance, hosting, DOM manipulation, function knowledge, and event bubbling are crucial for developers. 

ES6 is a new JavaScript standard that adds exciting features to make your code easier to read. ECMA Script is essential for creating React applications because it enables developers to use the Destructuring functionality to condense the JS code into a single line. Since finding proficient React engineers might be tough, developers with limited experience in React but a great experience in JS and ECMA Script will make a great addition to your team.

●      Knowledge of Testing Tools & Frameworks

Testing is one of the essential skills a React.js developer must possess. Unit testing, integration testing, end-to-end testing, and other testing types can all be performed using the numerous testing tools and frameworks that are now on the market.

Following are the most popular frameworks, and tools are:

When developing a React application, all the tools and frameworks mentioned above are the best for avoiding errors and producing high-quality codes. Thus hire  Reactjs developers who are familiar with the aforementioned testing frameworks and tools.

Additionally, hire React developers who are familiar with React-hooks-testing-library, and React Testing Library. These are tools that help in proper testing techniques on React components and React Hooks.

Developers can avoid mistakes and produce better code by knowing how various testing tools and frameworks operate. After all, development time and cost will save by finding and fixing errors quickly. Therefore, don’t forget to check the testing proficiency in your technical evaluations when employing React developers. 

●    Basic Understanding of Adjacent Technologies

For a React.js developer, mastery of a single technology or framework is not enough. They must be capable of working with various technologies and React-compatible frameworks. In order to create a scalable and trustworthy React.js application, hire React developer who must possess vast knowledge and experience in related technologies.

A backend platform or framework is first and foremost required for hosting a React.js application. The greatest platforms/frameworks for React include Ruby on Rails, Laravel, and Django. Therefore, a React.js developer must have an understanding of these backend technologies. 

Additionally, given the MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS) Stack is currently the most popular for constructing Fullstack JavaScript apps, your prospective React.js applicant should have practical expertise with it.

●      Knowledge of HTML/CSS

React Developer

Reactjs is a front-end development library. Thus, HTML and CSS are the two most essential skills a ReactJS developer must possess. These skills support the incorporation of styles as well as the development of page structure. Hire React developers who are skilled in powerful HTML & CSS tools and can quickly create appealing user interfaces that enhance user engagement.

A React developer should be able to create CSS selectors and HTML tags and grasp the box model and flexbox. Understanding how to use media queries and implement a CSS reset is also very important. In other words, hire a dedicated front-end developer who is proficient in the fundamentals of web development.

●      Experience in using VCS (Version Control System)

Use a trustworthy version control system to speed up the development process if you intend to create a complex React application that calls for the collaboration of dedicated Reactjs developers. 

It’s a good decision to hire a developer who has a basic understanding of VCS. VCS enables developers to easily and quickly check the older codes, compare them to the new codes, and fix the errors accordingly.

The development of software is incomplete without an understanding of code versioning mechanisms. Git, TFS, and SVN are a few well-known version control tools that ReactJS developers can use to maintain track of each stage of the application development process. You can allocate ReactJS developers to any front-end project if you hire those with relevant experience working with these platforms.

●      Knowledge of various Databases

For a ReactJS developer, proficiency with several databases is a requirement. Employing Reactjs engineers with only experience with relational databases is not a good idea. Hire React developers instead who are familiar with both SQL and NoSQL databases. 

●      Basic Knowledge of React Workflow

React Developer

State management is the biggest problem React developers have while developing complex React apps. Look for people whose portfolios speak clearly about improving application performance and who have experience working on projects where maintaining the state across the application components was visible.

 These are various widely used libraries for synchronizing a React application’s state across all of its components. Check to see if the developer you are hiring is familiar with well-known state management libraries and structures, including:

Redux: It is a stand-alone state management library with many application states that must be constantly updated in response to actions.

Mobx– It is a library; state management is made easy and scalable by using transparent functional reactive programming.

 Context API– Prop-drilling issues are resolved using Context API, a component structure to communicate distinctive data across all application layers.

●      Deep Understanding of Styling Strategy & React Fundamentals

The React ecosystem is enormous and contains innumerable reusable parts. As a result, you should work with a React.js developer who is well-versed in both fundamental React concepts and common styling techniques.

More importantly, they have to be familiar with Create React App, a tool created especially to assist React developers in laying the first foundation for React.js development with all the default tools.

While going to hire React developers, check that they understand the Create React App and its features. They also need to be knowledgeable in several technologies, like Babel, JSX, NextJS, etc.

For styling React components, they should also be adept at using the most widely used CSS approaches, such as CSS pre-processors (LESS, SASS, and SCSS), JSS, CSS-in-JS, and CSS frameworks (Bootstrap and MaterialUI).

●      Knowledge of Writing Readable Code

Clean code is simple to read, understand, and extend. However, it is simple to create code that only you or the machine can comprehend, but it is ultimately ineffective. You want to work with ReactJS developers who can produce easily scalable, debuggable code.

 A developer can work more quickly and effectively if the code is clear and easy to grasp. It is also crucial that the code be continued and readily maintained if the project is later given to other developers or a team

●      Familiarity with JS Build Tools

React Developer

Hire React developers who are knowledgeable with various JS tools, Redux DevTools, and React Developer Tools – Google Chrome. Moreover, they need to have experience with build technologies like Yarn, Webpack, NPM, and Visual Studio Code, as well as using the React library.

With the aid of these JS Build tools, your ReactJS engineers should be able to streamline processes, handle packages, and manage dependencies.

●      Debugging &Troubleshooting Skills

An excellent end-user experience depends on the React developer’s ability to locate, isolate, and fix errors swiftly. Hence, ensure that the person you hire must know all debugging methods.

Soft Skills

●      Effective Communication Skill

React Developer

To build a compelling product and ensure everyone understands how it works and what it will do, a successful React developer should be able to communicate effectively with other developers and business stakeholders.

Miscommunication is the only cause of disruption of the smooth development process and project delays. Therefore, it is preferable to hire Reactjs developers with strong verbal and written communication skills.

●      Problem Solving Skills

Software development is beyond just creating software. It is more about addressing user problems. So, seek out Reactjs engineers who are adept at handling issues.

Every step of the Reactjs  custom web development process, including selecting the best tools, creating a visually appealing user interface, and ensuring an intuitive user experience within the application, is based on problem-solving skills.

●      Team Work

While you can work alone, working in a team demonstrates your effectiveness. Collaboration is a key component of application development. You should therefore look for seasoned React engineers who are prepared to split the work and decrease the development time

●      Efficiently Plan Tasks & Sprints

Whether or not the developer will report to your project management team, they should be able to organize their duties and adhere to the set deadlines. Thus, hire Reactjs developers who are proficient in sprint planning. Additionally, they must be able to communicate sprint progress reports using the best task management software.

●      Critical Thinking

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There comes a moment when some problems in a project cannot be solved by looking into manuals. Developers with strong critical thinking abilities can be quite helpful in these situations since they are more likely to generate original and innovative solutions.

●      Positive Attitude

A skilled developer knows how to take criticism positively and not personally. It’s a useful talent for avoiding errors and ensuring that crucial issues are settled without disagreements. A positive attitude is a vital component of emotional intelligence that promotes effective teamwork.

How eluminous help in Hiring the Right Developer for your dream project?

Working with enthusiastic and highly qualified professionals who sincerely share your company’s mission and can support the expansion of your enterprise is essential. All of it is guaranteed if you hire react developers from eLuminous Technologies.

We’ve been providing custom web application development services for more than 20 years. In all these years, we’ve consistently offered our clients high-quality solutions from conception to full implementation. Our dedicated Reactjs developers ensure clients obtain a competitive edge through a fully equipped digital solution.

At eLuminous, staff augmentation goes through several steps, including online tests, HR and technical interviews, and client meetings, so you can be sure the best team is working with you. Every month, more than 100 developers apply to work with us, allowing us to select the best react developers to meet our clients’ demands.

We hope this article proves helpful and that you now have all the knowledge necessary to select the best React.js developers. Feel free to connect with our Reactjs support team if you still have any queries.

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