Effectiveness of Floor Scrubbers for Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

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Mops and brooms are a great way to save housekeeping costs. However, consider the time and labour costs involved in manual floor cleaning. In that case, the amount is far more than compared to buying a commercial cleaning machine.

Simply because you are curtailing costs on getting a commercial cleaning machine like a floor scrubber does not necessarily mean you are saving money. Compared to cleaning with mops and brooms, floor scrubbers and floor sweepers clean dirt and grime quickly.

Modern-day floor scrubbers do not make too much noise and eliminate many hazards associated with manual cleaning. If you need to clean large areas like warehouses and shopping malls, mops and brooms are inefficient and time-consuming. Here are some other ways why you should refrain from using mops and brooms to clean floors in commercial establishments:

  • Leaves behind a wet surface that increases the risk of slips and falls
  • Increases the likeliness of cross-contamination as the same dirty water is used to clean a large area
  • Depends on human labour extensively. Suppose any of the housekeeping department employees fail to turn up. In that case, it will severely impact the cleaning schedule.

What is a Floor Scrubber?

Floor scrubbers

Floor scrubbers are industrial cleaning machines that scrub floors without using external mops and brooms. All you need is an operator to guide the device for optimum cleaning. These machines have built-in floor scrubber brushes, water, and soap containers to clean the floor as it moves.

While cleaning the floor scrubber will distribute the cleaning solution and use the built-in scrubber brush to clean the floor. Once the cleaning is done, it will vacuum up the excess water leaving the floor clean and dry. 

How Effective Are Floor Scrubbers in Cleaning Commercial And Industrial Facilities?

Industrial floor scrubber machines are available in various sizes and varieties, serving different functions. Commercial floor scrubbers are broadly classified into two categories:

  • Walk Behind Scrubber
  • Ride On Scrubber

These floor scrubbers are specifically designed for outdoor and indoor commercial use for cleaning large floor areas. The machines are known for efficiently sweeping, scrubbing, and drying the floor simultaneously to leave behind a squeaky clean surface. Having a high-quality floor scrubber in your fleet will help you in the following ways:

It Will Save Time

Time management is crucial for any business. If you have assigned one of your employees to cleaning duty, it will not do your business any good if they take too much time cleaning the floors. Their regular duties will be affected, resulting in less productivity. Even if you have a separate housekeeping department, you will have to wait for the staff to finish cleaning before starting work in that area. 

Whether you invest in a ride-on or walk-behind scrubber, these commercial cleaning machines work at fast lighting speeds without compromising on cleaning efficiency. Instead of spending hours cleaning expansive floor areas with mops and brooms, you can get the same task done instantly with a floor scrubber. The faster the cleaning is done, the less time is wasted, and the more resources are managed.

Easy to Operate

Floor scrubbers are not complex machines that need long training to operate. It does not take much to learn about operating floor scrubbers. Whether a ride-on scrubber or a walk-behind scrubber, any of your employees can handle and guide the machine for optimum cleaning.

You need not spend days and hours poring over instruction manuals, trying to figure out how to operate the device. Floor scrubbers are user-friendly commercial machines with basic controls that any staff can understand and handle.

Well-Cleaned Floors 

While brooms and mops are okay for regular cleaning and cannot be replaced anytime soon, you will need to invest in commercial floor scrubbers for superior hygienic cleaning on a professional level.

Maintaining optimum hygiene in and around your workplace is necessary to lower the risk of workplace hazards and to comply with industry standards. Industrial cleaning devices like floor scrubbers and sweepers have been designed specifically for such purposes.

Floor scrubbers use high-quality cleaning agents to hygienically clean floors and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. This is crucial for any establishment working in the catering industry or healthcare and medical sector.

In Conclusion:

Now that we have discussed the efficacy of commercial flood scrubbers in detail, you need to understand why you need to invest in one. If you and your staff are constantly involved in cleaning the floors of your workspace, it is high time to look for a floor scrubber to help you with the chores.

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