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The Importance Of Analytics In Daily Life

Not a lot of people are aware that analytics are a huge part of our daily lives. Analytics tend to be something that we associate with the professional world. However, this is not to say that analytics are only to be used by scientists. Rather, the majority of us use analytics daily. 

Let’s take a look at just some of the areas that analytics has an impact on. 

Analytics And The Workplace 

Analytics can be used in most workplaces. For example, analytics can make the workforce more diverse. Additionally, analytics can help a business to retain its employees. 

What can you do with an analytics degree? It turns out you can do quite a lot:

  • Market research
  • Business analyst 
  • Consultant
  • Statistician
  • Financial analyst
  • And much more

Those who know how analytics work can prove to be a very useful part of the team. They can help businesses to thrive and target the right demographics. 

Importance Of Analytics In Daily Life

Data Analysis Is Used Every Day, Everywhere 

Much of our lives involve using some form of data analysis. When we make decisions it can be based on us analyzing some patterns or a process. 

When we’re logged into social media, we can see friend recommendations. These recommendations are based on analytics. Nothing is really done by coincidence. 

When you log into your favorite TV streaming provider the provider uses analytics to recommend shows to you. The more shows that are recommended to you, the more likely you are to stick with your subscription. 

Analytics And Shopping 

When we go shopping we spend time in a store or browsing at an online store. Whichever retailer you use, you’ll be using one that relies on analytics. When you shop online your data will be gathered together and used the next time you shop online. This is why you often see specific product recommendations. 

Analytics And Entertainment 

If you use a music streaming service, it’s likely to be tailored to the songs you like. Music streaming services can take a look at what you’re listening to and recommend other similar songs. 

Analytics And Travel 

Travel and analytics seem to go hand-in-hand. There is a lot of data surrounding how and where we all travel. 

Some of the data that is collected makes a huge difference to: 

  • Travel planning and forecasting
  • Better traffic signal sequences 
  • Data collection in vehicles
  • Air travel management 

If analytics were not used in the world of travel it could be hard to set ticket prices, create train schedules. It could even be hard to tailor your traveling experience to your needs. 

The world of analytics may be one that many of us think only relates to data scientists. However, this world can and does affect most of us every day. It’s a fascinating world that can have a huge impact on what we buy and what we experience. It’s likely then, that our lives would be hugely different without analytics.