What Is Meant By The Term ‘Technical SEO’? Isn’t All Digital Marketing Technical?

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For those who aren’t especially ‘tech-savvy’, SEO can be an overwhelming subject as it is – which makes it all the more stressful when you hear someone refer to ‘technical SEO’.

“Wait, what?! You mean SEO can get even more complicated!?”

Relax. While the ins and outs of technical SEO are indeed rather complex, the fundamentals are relatively straightforward – and as a business owner, the fundamentals are all you need.

Read on if you’d like to know more about what is meant by the term: ‘technical SEO’.

What is meant by the term ‘technical SEO’?

You’ve likely heard someone refer to SEO (and / or social media marketing, PPC, email marketing, and digital marketing in general) as: “both an art & a science”. Now, while that might sound terribly pretentious, it is completely true.

The term ‘technical SEO’ broadly refers to the “science” – and we’ll get to the “art” later.

So, without further ado, what is technical SEO all about? In a nutshell, it refers to anything that goes on in the back end of your website, making it easier for the likes of Google to crawl and index the information on it.

It also includes tasks like:

  • Optimising page load speed.
  • Minimise HTTP requests.
  • Compressing image files.
  • Eliminating redirects.
  • Mobile-first design.
  • Internal linking.
  • Intuitive UX.
  • Descriptive URLs.
  • Breadcrumb navigation.
  • XML / HTML sitemaps.
  • Robots.txt file.
  • Schema Mark-up.
  • And sooooo much more!

Again, if you aren’t especially tech-savvy, the above will read like a totally different language. However, you don’t need to worry so much about how it works – just find yourself a reputable digital marketing agency with a technical team that can make light work of these requirements for you. 

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Isn’t all digital marketing ‘technical’?

While there are certainly many technical ‘scientific’ aspects to digital marketing, there’s an artistic side that is equally as important. This largely refers to content creation; graphic design, copywriting, and video, etc.

So, assuming that your website is well-optimised with proper technical SEO practices in the back-end, on the surface, you’ll need a beautiful design with compelling content that will touch on your target audience’s unique pain points and offer them a solution (your value proposition).

Even in content creation, there is certainly a technical aspect to it, however, by and large it requires artistic minds to create beautiful content that can resonate with your audience on an emotional level.

When you pair technical SEO with creative SEO, you have a blueprint for a breakthrough! This is the key to positioning your website accordingly on a Google SERP, attracting plenty of ‘relevant’ traffic to your website, and then ultimately converting them into loyal, paying customers!


It’s easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the intricacies of SEO and digital marketing – and therein lies the beauty of outsourcing these requirements to the professionals.

After all, you’re an expert in your field, so why try and concern yourself with another industry entirely?

All you need to know is that SEO is invaluable for a modern business, and then invest in an SEO agency in Dubai with a solid reputation for achieving world-class results.

Once the money starts rolling in and you are able to scale your business to unimaginable heights, you won’t concern yourself with the magic going on in the back end of your website – you’ll be too busy managing your growing customer base.

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