Best SEO Tools For Your Website

Best SEO Tools For Your Website 19

SEO is a method of organically generating traffic to your website. SEO mainly consists of three types, on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. In this article, we will talk about the most widely SEO tools used by digital marketers. To learn the basics of SEO you can read our blog on SEO Tutorial 1: What is On-Page, Off-Page and Technical-SEO

What are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools?

The tools needed to generate website traffic are called SEO tools. The tools will save you from the hassle of hours upon hours of in-depth analysis. You can find the Best Internet Packages at First Energy to create, optimize, and maintain your own website. Well, apart from the best SEO tools, a site must also be built around an environment that helps it pass a web accessibility audit to make it easily accessible to users with disabilities. An agency like ‘Accessibility Spark offers all the support required to make any site WordPress ADA compliant.

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Best SEO Tools Available In Market

Here are a few tools that are available for your Search Engine Optimization:


Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO keyword tools. It is one of the most often used SEO tools by digital marketing professionals.

  • One of its best features is that it highlights the parts of your website which need improvement. This ensures that your website ranks better in search engines.
  • You can find the backlinks used by competitors to begin building your brand.
  • You may also find more specific content within your niche.
  • It allows you to fix broken links on your website.
  • It shows the most popular pages on your site.

Reviews by Users:

“We use Ahrefs to supplement our SEO and backlinking efforts. We track domain-level metrics, use the site explorer, content explorer and competitive analysis tools, and to some extent, we track keywords and use the keyword research tools. We track only a few different domains and utilize a lower-tier package.” 

– Katelyn Massey, SEO Manager

“We use Ahrefs Site Explorer to help us with keyword research, backlink tracking, competitor tracking, and looking at the top pages on our site. It helps us make strategic decisions on our SEO strategy, content creation, and how to work with other departments. Currently, it’s only used by our content team and our SEO team, but others have expressed interest in being trained in it.” 

Eric Serdar, SEO Manager

Moz Pro

Another exceptional SEO tool is Moz Pro. This SEO software includes the following features:

  • Moz Pro is constantly updated to stay current with Google’s algorithm.
  • The chat portal is extremely helpful when it comes to answering questions.
  • It provides insights into your website’s performance then offers improvement suggestions.
  • A toolbar is available to view your website’s key metrics.

Reviews by Users:

“Moz Pro contains many features that could be useful for SEO teams, content teams, PR teams, and social teams. The tool is very well-rounded and contains features for all types of marketers, whereas not all the Moz competitors don’t have as wide-reaching of features like backlinking information or domain authority numbers.”

–  Administrator in Computer Software

“I really like the ability to understand how you perform on the keywords that you care about ranking high. I like how easy it is to see your campaign information and how you can see your visibility on Google with your competitors side-by-side. They also send you reports once a month or so that lets you know if you have gone up or down and with what keywords. The Keyword research tool is also super handy where you can see suggestions, volume, difficulty, CTR and a lot of helpful information. As we create new pages on our site, it is helpful to see how it climbs or not within Google by using the rank checker.”

– Chrisane G


Ubersuggest is an extremely helpful keyword tracking tool. These are key features offered to users:

  • Identifies keywords and search intent.
  • Unlimited keyword selection options.
  • Provides report of keyword volume, competition, CPC, and seasonal trends of your website.
  • Determines keyword competition.
  • Amazing tool for both SEO and paid PPC professionals.

Reviews by Users:

“We mainly use it for a tool next to the other SEO research tools, and I also suggest this tool to customers when they want to get started with their own SEO research.

The free option is powerful enough to get many keyword suggestions, and other information to get your first pages/blogs started. It’s easy to use, and if you want to go for the paid version it’s not that expensive. So for an entry-level SEO tool, go for it. It’s free!”

Mike Koolwijk, SEO Specialist

“I use this Ubersuggest to research keywords, competition and website ranking for specific keywords.”

Amy Borne, Internet Marketing Manager


Another great tool for keyword search. KWFinder includes these features:

  • It helps find non-competitive keywords.
  • It provides millions of keyword suggestions to boost your website’s traffic and ranking.
  • Runs analysis reports on backlinks and Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

Reviews by Users:

“KWFinder is one of the tools that I use regularly for keyword research. I am the only one that uses it. The business problems it addresses are the ease of researching keywords for any type of SEO campaign – whether it be keywords to put in blog posts, or initial keyword research for your business site.”

– Verified User, C-Level Executive in Marketing

“I have a small website with a very niche market and have tried many SEO tools. KWFinder finder has been by far the easiest for me to use.”

Heather Figi, Founder/CEO


SEMRush is a great SEO tool for marketing. Here are the amazing features:

  • It will assess your keywork ranking and looks for new ranking opportunities.
  • A unique feature of SEMRush is that it has Domain vs Domain analysis. This is a great tool to see where your website stands among your top competitors.
  • You can enhance your websites performance based on their suggestions, their on-page SEO checker tool, and detailed analysis reports.

Reviews by Users:

“I use Semrush on a daily basis to manage my clients’ online marketing and SEO tasks. All my projects are visible in the dashboard, which I can arrange by requirements for a quick overview. Rather than using multiple tools, Semrush pulls my projects and requirements into one platform.”

Tim Capper, SEO Consultant

“Semrush offers a great spread of tools, reports, and insights to help me and my team to make informed decisions and drive growth for our clients. We work with a range of companies spanning numerous industries, the Semrush Toolkit is effective and simple across the board giving us actionable insights for all of the most important optimization areas for organic marketing campaigns.”

Alexander Buckingham, Digital Project Manager

Google Search Console

Last but not least is the Google Search Console. It has a lot to offer its users:

  • The best part- it’s free to anyone who has a website!
  • You can easily check your presence on the Google SERP.
  • See how customers view your website and then optimize accordingly.
  • Allows users to submit web pages for site indexing.

Reviews by Users:

“We use Google Search Console at our search engine marketing agency. It creates a communication channel for our account managers to understand better how Google is crawling, indexing, and displaying our clients’ websites on”

Lindsay Halsey, Co-Founder


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