5 Best Cattle Record Keeping App and Management Software

herd of brown and white cattles at daytime

Managing cattle records is vital for efficient farm management. Traditional pen-and-paper record keeping methods are time-consuming and prone to errors. Thankfully, technological advancements have led to the development of cattle record keeping apps and management software that simplify the process. In this blog, we will explore the five best cattle record keeping apps and management software available on the market.

Cattle Record Keeping App- What are they and how it works?

A cattle record keeping app is a software application that helps farmers or ranchers track and manage information related to their cattle. It allows users to record and store data such as individual animal profiles, health records, breeding history, vaccination records, weight and growth tracking, inventory management, financial records, and more.

These apps often provide features like notifications for upcoming tasks or events and generate reports to assist with decision-making and analysis. Overall, these apps aim to streamline the process of managing cattle-related data and improve efficiency in livestock operations.

5 Best Cattle Record Keeping App

1. CattleMax:

CattleMax is a comprehensive cattle management software that offers an array of features to help farmers manage their herds effectively. This user-friendly application allows you to record important information about your livestock, including breeding details, medical records, weight changes, and more. It also enables easy tracking of expenses and income related to your cattle operations. With its robust reporting capabilities, CattleMax provides valuable insights into herd performance, allowing farmers to make informed decisions.

5 Best Cattle Record Keeping App and Management Software

2. Breedr:

Breedr is an innovative mobile app designed specifically for beef farmers. This app simplifies data collection by offering convenient tools for recording livestock details directly from your smartphone. Breedr automates key aspects of cattle farming operations, such as managing weights, monitoring growth rates, tracking movements between fields or farms, and even predicting finishing dates based on historical data patterns. It also provides real-time analytics to help optimize grazing strategies and improve overall profitability.

3. HerdMASTER:

HerdMASTER is a powerful desktop-based software designed for both large-scale commercial enterprises and small family-owned farms. Its intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly track essential metrics such as breeding records, calving histories, genetics information, vaccination schedules, purchase/sale records, and much more. The program offers customizable reports that provide insights into herd performance at various levels – from individual animals to the entire operation – enabling farmers to identify trends and make informed breeding decisions.

4. Moocall:

Moocall is a smart collar system that combines hardware and mobile software to provide livestock management solutions. Moocall’s hardware, a collar worn by the cattle, monitors their activity levels, detecting key events such as calving or bulling. This information is sent directly to the farmer’s mobile device via the Moocall app. This technology enables farmers to respond promptly in critical moments, ensuring the health and safety of their herd. Additionally, it provides a convenient platform for recording key data points related to each animal.

5. Cow Sense:

Cow Sense is a comprehensive record-keeping software widely used by beef producers around the world. This program offers an extensive range of features that assist in managing crucial herd data efficiently. Cow Sense allows you to track and analyze individual animal records, including health treatments, breeding histories, growth rates, reproductive performance, and more. The system also supports financial tracking features such as inventory management and cost analysis. With its detailed reporting tools, Cow Sense enables farmers to make informed decisions that optimize production and profitability.


Effective cattle record keeping is essential for successful farm management. The use of cattle record keeping apps and management software has revolutionized the way farmers manage their herds by providing efficient recording capabilities, analytics tools, and real-time insights into herd performance. Each of the five mentioned applications – CattleMax, Breedr, HerdMASTER, Moocall, and Cow Sense – offer unique advantages tailored to different farm scales and requirements.

Whether it be automating data collection from mobile devices or leveraging advanced analytical capabilities for smart decision-making; these innovative technologies are designed to streamline operations while maximizing productivity and profitability for cattle farmers worldwide.