5 Proven Photoshop Tips for Beginners

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Photoshop is referred is a well-known program packed with certain sophisticated tools and functions, which keep the professional photography world turning. When you’re working in the Adobe Software family, it’s quite easy to convert an Adobe Illustrator (.AI) to Photoshop Document (.PSD). Even you can use an online AI to PSD converter free service to convert AI to PSD within no time.

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5 Proven Photoshop Tips for Beginners

No doubt that there are certain tools for photo editing, but typically photographers start with Adobe Photoshop for basic editing. Well, there’s no matter how you encounter software, there are some simple, but best-proven tips that improve your Photoshop experience tremendously within no time.

Let’s list down some of them right now!

Here are the 5 Best Photoshop Tips

Rotate View Now, not at all the Picture:

Sometimes you people are required to account with a different angle for retouching, but considering a wise approach you ought to simply rotate the image itself: all you need to click “R” even or press-and-hold the given “Hand Tool” button to retain the Rotate the view tool instantly. This handy tool just enabling users to spin the image around on the screen at a great extent level without rotating the actual image. It is said that designers should consider PSD file format to make an image catchy. To work with a unique feature, it’s best to turn AI into PSD with the assistance of a free AI to PSD converter online. 

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Edit multiple text layers together:

It is not at all crucial to making editing each text layer individually if you are considered the same changes to each of them. Well, for instance, just you need to hold down CTRL or CMD if you choosing text layers by using Layers Window, it assists to snag multiple ones, then you could make your changes through with the assistance of the toolbar. In case you need to convert AI (Adobe Illustrator) image extension to PSD (Photoshop Document) image extension, then AI to PSD converter by the online converter is the best service to do so, even there you find different other free tools for image conversions. 

Size and move selections:

Yes, Photoshop is coming with all manner of keyboard shortcuts, which simply extends its features in some way. Now, you can explore an example, if users make dragging from out a selection window, there’s a need to hold down the Space, it assists to move the selection simply without releasing the mouse button. It’s understood that Photoshop is always the best tool, to get a more clear idea, it’s better to commence with editing PSD format images. If you already have the stack of Adobe Illustrator.AI images, then an online AI to PSD converter serves you in a great way that converts them all into quality PSD image files. 

View one layer on its own:

For beginners, there’s another shortcut key that we going to reveal now! Remember that uncheck all the remaining eye icons if you people are required to see them on a single layer on its own. Rather, you just make a hold-down on the ALT button and click the eye icon that is on the layer and want to see (and to go back, make a tap on it again). However, an online AI to PSD converter is the best choice for professionals who quickly want to change AI to PSD without affecting the quality of the image. 

Save files up to 20x faster:

For the preferences, it’s immensely important to select the File Handling, just check the Disable Compression of Photoshop Document (PSD) also the PSB files box. By doing so, there is a probability that the layered files won’t be able to be compressed and also consume more storage, nevertheless, it will lead towards instant saving. If you are seeking a quick way of converting AI files into PSD, then aim for free, but best online AI to PSD converter right now!

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Thankfully, you people come to know about few best-proven Photoshop tips, stick with these tested ones to get tremendous images. Good Luck! Well, wait for a bit, here is some bonus point for you, keep reading!

How to use Color Balance in Photoshop Software?

  • At first, you just ought to click on the image in the given Menu Bar.
  • Then, make a tap on Adjustments, then Color Balance.
  • Just select the tones that you required to change such as mid-tones, highlights, or shadows)
  • Right after, you have to make a check on the Preserve Luminosity box.
  • Then, you have to check the Preview box to just see your adjustments in real-time now.
  • Finally, there is a need to move the sliders now, it will assist to achieve your selected color balance.

Well, if you people are interested in using Photoshop software without signing up, you just have to use the Photoshop Express app that is 100% Free. The upside is that this free app is not only available for Android but also iOS devices.

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