5 significant ways to improve your HVAC SEO

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Having organic google visibility is a vital source of leads for any HVAC company. Since this industry is very competitive, it’s hard to go through the SEO motions. You need to outperform and strategize the competition. Here, you will get five areas that tend to show HVAC SEO weakness. Tackling these areas well will lead to an outrank competition. You will get the lion’s share of the website leads and traffic in your market. 

5 ways to improve your HVAC SEO

First mobile website design

Don’t just have a mobile-friendly site but an awesome mobile site as your first HVAC SEO job for your HVAC company. Mobile internet access exceeds desktop usage with a widening gap. Many mobile searches on Google have local intent. It makes the mobile market indispensable. When your site is awkward for cell phone usage, your competitors will knock you down. 

Mobile-friendliness is an important ranking factor for Google. The other things being equal, the best mobile web page outranks the other searches on all desktops and mobile devices. 

Do the following to maximize mobile friendliness:

  • Replace the hard-to-read PDF brochures on mobiles with HTML web pages. 
  • Store the inquiry forms simple and make the fields big enough for easy access via mobile phones. 
  • Lock the phone icon with the call-to-call functionality at the page top. Despite how far page visitors scroll down the page, you will always make it new. 
  • Use much white space and keep paragraphs very short, between 2 to 3 lines. 
  • Lock tab or hamburger navigation at the page top to keep the navigation simple. 

Local SEO priorities

The local SEO is a subset SEO based on the local business-like HVAC. It makes a company stand out on google for searches in any specific geographic market. The local HVAC SEO involves many activities that are critical to your company. 

5 significant ways to improve your HVAC SEO

Have a web page dedicated to the primary keywords

Common SEO mistakes made by HVAC companies make home pages do all the work. Instead of optimizing the home page for 10 to 20 target keywords, create 10 or 20 pages devoted to the primary keywords. 

It will take professional keyword research to pinpoint the keywords. They will pose the best opportunities for solid rankings. The factors to consider are keyword volume, relevance, and competitiveness. Once the keyword targets get identified, you need to have the web pages devoted to them. They will tell Google that your page is relevant to the searches for those keywords. 

Page loading speed

The page loading speed is a vital factor for Google ranking that companies always ignore. You will immediately notice a slow loading page if you think about your online behavior. Such a slow speed will drive traffic away to other faster competitors. 

Many factors slow down the page loading speed. The common ones are:

  • Retrieval of website images
  • Poor storage
  • Shared or inferior web hosting
  • Improper coding
  • Technical issues

The use of outdated CMS platforms

A technical audit performance on your website identifies the loading speed. It also identifies the SEO technical issues. Many of these problems are easy to fix and significantly impact your HVAC SEO performance. 

Make your website a conversion powerhouse

HVAC companies should know that the real purpose of SEO investment isn’t to get high rankings. It also doesn’t target much organic traffic but new clients. An SEO campaign can drive hundreds and thousands of visitors to your site. At some point, none will book an appointment or inquire. 

The significance of creating a robust converting SEO website is to generate leads. The most excellent SEO execution benefits your business in several ways beyond the SEO.