6 Best Remote Access Software: Review and Price

Remote Access Software

Remote Access Software is becoming more and more popular as it lets the users take control of others’ desktop, mobile, or other devices from anywhere. These days you can discover a whole lot of Remote Access Software easily available in the market.

Moreover, you can observe advancements in various forms and types of technology all around. So, choosing the right software has become all the more important amid the changing tech environment. And, there’s always a privacy concern attached to it while accessing another user’s computer by using these tools. But, no need to worry anymore.

Unlike remote access software, there is Mobile Inspection software that can manage investigator workloads on-site as well as review and approve analysis and administrative actions.

Remote Access Software

Here, we are going to pick some of the Best Remote Access Software that follows all the privacy compliances and offers the best in class service for remote access solutions.

Remote Access Software List

Now, without any further delay, let’s learn more on these one by one.

1. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is one of the leading Remote Access Software developed by Zoho Inc. which allows access to any computer. Upon connecting to the client’s computer both of the devices can very easily transfer files, folders, and so on. It also has chat features to connect with each other via chat.

The best part about this software is that it can be used completely online and it offers various affordable options to its customers. One can use it for free and then upgrade to the paid versions offered by Zoho.

Some of the key features of Zoho Assist are given below.

Key Features:

  • Instant Chat facility
  • File Transfer
  • Easy Screen capture and sharing
  • Custom Reports
  • Multi Monitoring Navigation
  • Desktop and Mobile Applications

Pricing: Freemium

2. RemotePC

Remote PC is a trending Remote Access Software that is more suitable for businesses of all sizes. Users can connect to another device very quickly and can perform tasks like file sharing, remote printing, and so on.

It also has a whiteboard feature that can be used while a remote session is going on. The software can be used completely online and it offers various affordable pricing options to its users.

Some of the key features of RemotePC are given below.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited access to remote devices
  • Transfer of files
  • Printing remotely
  • Whiteboard
  • Creating unlimited users and organize groups

Pricing: Freemium

3. LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue is yet another solution to the best remote access facilities for mobile devices. It also has features such as a remote diagnostics module which is useful for troubleshooting various problems in the client’s device.

If privacy is your concern then LogMeIn uses the powerful bank-level AES-256 encryption which provides an extra layer of security to its users.

Some of the key features of LogMeIn are given below.

Key Features:

  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Transfer files
  • Remote Device Control
  • Smartphone plus Tablet Connections
  • Whiteboarding
  • Integration with Helpdesk Software
  • Mobile Device Configuration
  • SDK for In-App Support

Pricing: Freemium

4. Anydesk

One of the most popular tools of recent times for remotely accessing the target Phone and PC is AnyDesk. It can remotely control all the information on the target phone and computer.

It can give data about anything present in the target phone and computer account information, SMS, location, media files, and so on. The control panel of AnyDesk is so simple and very easy to use. One can also download and use this software on any Android and iOS device.

Some of the key features of Anydesk are given below.

Key Features:

  • Bank standard TLS 1.2 encryption to protect computers from unauthorized access.
  • File Transfer
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • High Frame Rates
  • Good connection speed even in poor internet connectivity.
  • Can be used online
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Android and iOS apps

Pricing: Freemium

5. Dameware

Dameware is a self-hosted Remote Access Solution that uses the server used by a particular business rather than using the Dameware cloud server. This enables the business users to get full access to the software and give the best in class security to your remote access software.

It can also be used for those computers which are not active. Users can also use this software to turn on any computer from a remote location.

Some of the key features of Dameware are given below.

Key Features:

  • Share screen
  • Transfer files
  • Self Hosted Server
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Best security protocols
  • Quick setup and good User Interface (UI)

Pricing: Freemium

6. TeamViewer

Finally, its TeamViewer is a well sought after Remote Access Solution loaded with a range of experience and options. It offers various essential features one can think of.

And, the best thing about TeamViewer is that it follows the Security Compliance of HIPAA, also offers end-to-end encryption, malware protection, remote device monitoring, data backup facility, and so on.

Some of the key features of TeamViewer are given below.

Key Features:

  • Remote Device Control
  • Printing remotely
  • Cross Platform Access
  • Screen & file sharing
  • User management
  • A Multi Language Support
  • Record sessions and Compress features
  • Security Compliance
  • Protects from Malware
  • Monitor devices remotely
  • Backup your data

Pricing: Freemium


So that was all about the leading Remote Access Software one can use for securely accessing the other devices and perform various functions such as file and other media sharing, remote collaboration and so on.

Most important of all, it is advised not to use such software in a way to steal any data or to spy on other devices. That is a serious offense! So, you need to be very careful and put this software to optimal and essential use only.

If you want to add anything new to our list, feel free to comment below.

This is a guest post by Tuhin Chakraborty, a tech enthusiast and a regular writer at Techpikk.com, an emerging technology blog and a software review site. He follows his passion by sharing innovative ideas on the robust tech industry and growing digital world.