DTS Pro- Smile Design Software (Product Review and Pricing)

DTS Pro- Smile Design Software (Product Review and Pricing) 37

In today’s fast-paced digital world, everyone wants to look perfect and live a happy life. Well so in order to look beautiful or handsome, you would need a perfect smile. A smile is something that defines your personality.

If you are looking for a cosmetic makeover and wants to rebuild your smile, you can use the AI-Powered Smile Design Software- “DTS Pro”

AI Powered Smile Design Software

DTS pro is conceptualized and owned by Drs Diya and Neeraj S Rohida. The idea of DTS was born from the need for an easy, quick, and affordable visual communication tool for patient-dentist-lab interaction.

DTS pro is a revolutionary one-of-its-kind Dental Treatment simulation and digital smile designing software. It can be used to carry out the simplest of clinical simulations to the most comprehensive digital smile designing procedures. It is a quick, simple, and highly effective tool for decision-making. Download software at a great price now,

“At DTS, our vision is to make digital dentistry easy and affordable for every dental office. We thoroughly believe in the “KISS” principle, to simplify Digital Dentistry for the entire team including the Dentist, Dental Assistants, Support Staff, and the Lab”

  • Incorporating the latest technological advances like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Needs minimal training without the need to attend elaborate courses
  • Periodic upgrades, based on constant innovation by a highly qualified R&D team and user feedback
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  • Realistic Natural Simulations
  • Facially driven Planning usings photos &/scans
  • Smart Interface using Artificial Intelligence
  • Instant Smile simulations
  • Lab communication module with CAD/CAM overlay
  • Online training & support

DTS Pro Demo Video

DTS Pro uses photos, videos, and mock-ups along with the patient’s dental and facial proportions to get details like gums, lips, and teeth to create a perfect smile. In this article, we will explore the best software options available in the market that help you to design natural smiles.

How DTS Pro different than other Smile Design Software?

DTS ProOther
Ease of useYes
Smart Features using Al/MLYes
Time needed for simulations5 minutes30 minutes
Digital Smile DesignsYesYes
Orthodontic ModuleYes
Case scenarioSingle tooth to Full mouth planning, jaw and lip changesOnly Full mouth Smile Design
Special Training neededNoYes
Cost EffectiveYes

DTS Pro Review by Top Dentists Practitioners

“DTS is an effective way of communicating the treatment objectives with the patients. Being an Orthodontist, helping my patients choose amongst the different types of braces has become a simple task using DTS”- Dr. Rohit Singh Jamwal (Orthodontist) M.D.S. Diploma in Orthodontics from Royal College of Surgeons – U.K.

“DTS helps generate realistic Dental treatment simulations using the perfect Dental Simulation Software. I believe DTS has to be an integral part of every dental office. It is quick and easy to use.”-Dr. Amol Thorat (Prosthodontist), Faculty at DACE Master’s Program.

DTS is a wonderful way to simulate patient treatment strategies that can be shown to the patient. It is a great asset in increasing patient acceptance of treatment and a ‘must-have tool’ for contemporary dental practice. –Dr. Ali Tunkiwala (Prosthodontist) Accredited Status by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) Diplomate IC01 Founder, Impart Education

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I have been using DTS for a few years and while the software always produced great smile simulations, the newest update is simply amazing. With automatic scanning of the face, it produces an instant smile simulation. I love being able to show my patients these smile designs because it lets them see the potential for their smile. This software is a must for any dentist that is looking to do more comprehensive cosmetic cases.-Dr. Sunny Pahouja (Practicing Dentist) Cincinnati, USA. Founder of Dental Investment Group.

Download Smile Design Software

AI Powered Smile Design Software
DTS Pro- Smile Design Software (Product Review and Pricing) 38

Create new smiles in minutes with DTS Pro an AI-Powered Digital Smile Design Software.

Price: 500

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 7, 8 And 10

Application Category: Dental, Dentist

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