New Two Wheeler Bikes that are Worth Spending Your Money

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In India, motorcycles are a preferred mode of transportation, and the demand is growing. Because of this, motorcycles are now being mass-produced to suit all needs and budgets.

Motorbikes are a convenient way to get around, but they also vary in quality. If you are looking for a new two wheeler that won’t break the bank, you should check out budget bikes by Bajaj that are worth spending your money. Budget motorcycles may not have as many features as other motorcycles. They will nevertheless last as compared to any other two wheeler in the market while being more reasonably priced. If you are buying a new two wheeler for light, daily use, or as a backup vehicle, there’s no need to spend your entire paycheck or savings on it. 

Buying a new two-wheeler is the most cost effective and fuel-efficient solution to your travel woes. 

People typically purchase a new two-wheeler because they are affordable to maintain and provide a suitable standing height. A new two wheeler requires maintenance to run efficiently. While many cars have comprehensive maintenance schedules, bikes typically don’t let their owners down in this regard. There are also the more obvious advantages, such as the fact that bikes are more accessible to all road users and less expensive than cars in terms of purchasing and operating costs. 

They offer a more ‘hands-on’ experience in performance, power, braking, steering, and more. Apart from being reasonably priced, a new two wheeler will allow you to navigate whatever lifestyle you currently have, be it one of a traveling vagabond or an everyday officegoer. 

Let us look at New Two Wheelers that are Worth Spending Your Money

  1. Bajaj Pulsar RS200
New Two Wheeler Bikes- Pulsar RS200

This new two wheeler is sure to strike your fancy in this segment. Equipped with a cutting-edge cooling system, the engine on the Pulsar RS200 is forged to withstand the most extreme conditions. The touch-start, fuel efficiency, and cooling system make it a dream bike for those who enjoy the thrill of the ride.

Hardwired for Safety: This bike comes with a Dual Channel ABS braking technology, which keeps the rider safe in emergencies. Complete with telescopic suspension and an anti-friction brush, it is meant to make you feel like a bonafide racer. 

  1. Platina 110
New Two Wheeler Bikes that are Worth Spending Your Money 25

Safe Rides: When talking about the new two wheeler on the market, one cannot omit the Platina 110 since it is the epitome of functional elegance like never before. The Platina 110’s Anti-Skid Braking System, a standard feature, represents the most significant upgrade. Like how the Combined Braking System operates when the rider presses the rear brake pedal, the Anti-Skid Braking System applies both brakes simultaneously. Every new two wheeler with engines smaller than 125cc is required to include this feature as of April 1, 2019, per Indian government law.

  1. CT 110X
New Two Wheeler Bikes that are Worth Spending Your Money 26

The 110cc Titan: The revving beauty of this new two-wheeler will astound you. With the Bajaj CT100ES, Bajaj has demonstrated their ability to produce 100cc bikes that can rival the most sophisticated models on the market. Moreover, because the designs harmoniously complement each bike component, the bike has a lovely appearance.

Function and Fashion: The rider and the passenger can sit and ride comfortably because of the seat’s generous width. Additionally, this bike’s saddle posture provides good support for extended rides. Bajaj is well known for producing top-notch engines. The bike’s top-notch engine offers excellent mileage and terrific performance.

  1. Avenger 220 Cruise
New Two Wheeler Bikes that are Worth Spending Your Money 27

The Roadster in Style: With a low-slung saddle, a rear-swept front, and a broad wheelbase, this new two wheeler maintains the distinctive street motorcycle look. The chrome-plated parts, wire-spoked wheels, and 3D logo give the entire design a sense of elegance. In addition, the bike’s low-slung seat, generous legroom, longer front wheel shaft, and safety features like ABS and DRL make it suitable for both short and tall riders. 

Laden with Features: Beautiful blue LED lights adorn the digital panel, complete with two trip meters and a maintenance warning. An odometer, a speedometer, and a fuel gauge are common features on this new two wheeler. The wind visor offers great defense from flying dirt, microscopic stones, and water splashes. It is also effective in terms of protection. The best option for long-haul trips, this bike comes with a padded seat that maximizes comfort. 

Investing in a new two wheeler is the way to go when you want convenience and comfort, and these bikes can help you get started on your purchase. 

Two-wheelers are created to impress the trendsetter in you. The market for motorbikes in India is an ever-growing and thriving one; therefore, there is no time like the present to set out and invest in your own bike without worrying about being able to afford it. 

Bajaj offers a broad selection of new two wheeler bikes that are slowly but surely changing the streets and ushering in the future with their innovative features and sleek designs. So, if you are looking to zip your way through life and the city a bit easier, Bajaj Auto and its path-breaking bike models are always there to assist you in that pursuit.