Parcel Delivery Management Software: Optimize 3PL and Logistics with eTower

Parcel Delivery Management Software: Optimize 3PL and Logistics with eTower 31

At present, as the information age continues to develop and the demand for the transportation of goods parcels increases significantly, 3pl, postal and other various logistics integrators are facing issues such as capacity management and data management.Β Parcel delivery management software (eTower)Β is a type of software used to manage all aspects of the parcel delivery business. This software helps businesses and organisations streamline their parcel delivery processes, from receiving and processing orders, to shipping and tracking deliveries, and handling customer queries.

eTower is exactly the kind of parcel delivery management software that serves as an international logistics cloud parcel shipping service software, a one-stop cross-border e-commerce logistics collaboration SaaS platform that integrates e-commerce sellers’ ERP, multiple medium requirements in cross-border logistics, and provides cross-border logistics Service parties to provide timely, controllable and real visual information.

But the more controversial is the parcel delivery management software (eTower) can really help logistics integrators to solve these problems?

In this paper, the following three main aspects are argued.

(1) What benefits can parcel delivery management software bring to logistics integrators?

(2) What are the main functions of parcel delivery management software?

(3) Which logistics integrators have been helped by parcel delivery management software to change this status quo?

What benefits can parcel delivery management software bring to logistics integrators?

(1) Cost savings and increased profitability. Firstly parcel delivery management software can provide up-to-date shipping calculations. When your orders are imported into your shipping solution, these rates are automatically calculated based on specifications regarding product weight, size and customer address. Secondly the shipment tracking software allows you to integrate as many couriers as possible, you can select the best carrier for your order at the best price and be able to track all carriers on a single dashboard. Finally through a series of streamlined operations, parcel delivery management software can help you save on shipping costs by reducing the number of misrouted or delayed parcels and helping you choose the most cost effective shipping option.

(2) Improved visibility and tracking. The software can provide real-time updates on the status of shipments so that customers can easily track their deliveries. This can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of enquiries and support requests.

(3) Enhanced efficiency. By automating many of the manual processes involved in shipping and delivery, parcel delivery management software can help reduce errors and increase the speed and efficiency of operations.

(4) Better data management. The software can provide detailed reports and analysis on shipping and delivery operations, which can help businesses make more informed decisions about their operations.

What are the key features of Parcel Delivery Management Software?

(1) Multiple order creation methods for parcel cross-border shipments, including manual additions, template batch additions and API docking additions. Automatic access to platform shipping orders.

(2) Diversified parcel shipping face sheet printing, customizable face sheet templates according to different channels. Export templates, handover documents, commercial invoices and tickets.

(3) Parcel processing operation station docking, including transport parcel pre-inspection, scanning, weighing, sorting, packaging and other business data sharing in real time. Realisation of complex sorting logic and mobile operation.

(4) In the cross-border parcel transport chain, the information of various cooperative supply chain partners (e-commerce platforms, logistics partners, operation stations, last-mile service providers, etc.) is connected and data is interoperable. Order data is monitored and returned in real time.

(5) Freight budget, surcharge, VAT, multi-stage accounting and multi-piece function for one ticket.

(6) Full tracking and monitoring of parcel paths and real-time parcel information updates.

(7) Channel routing function, multi-channel multi-small parcel transport processing service provider matching, transparent price and optimal billing standard.

(8)Bonded warehouse preparation, overseas warehouse transfer, FBA replenishment and other business scenarios to optimize business timeliness.

(9) API docking, data connection and information chain sharing for various ERP transaction assistants.

(10) Business models such as international express, postal parcel, one-off delivery and cross-border special line with custom development services.

(11) Real-time monitoring of abnormal packages and promptly giving corresponding solutions.

Parcel Delivery Management Software (eTower)

Which logistics integrators has parcel delivery management software (eTower) helped to change this?

(1) Startrack, an Australia Post joint venture, and WallTech, a Shanghai-based information technology company, have officially entered into a partnership. This is an epoch-making milestone for eTower. Startrack addresses the collaborative integration of digital logistics information through the eTower cross-border e-commerce logistics collaboration solution, enabling full chain coverage of logistics and customer management.

(2) Direct Link is part of PostNord, a leading e-commerce, communications and logistics solutions provider in the Nordic market, focusing on providing cross-border parcel delivery services worldwide. In this cooperation, Direct Link launched its international parcel delivery service product Global Postal and domestic postal service product Nordic Domestic in the Nordic region through the eTower platform, and quickly realized the interface with the global cross-border e-commerce platform Wish.

eTower offers a wide range of services through tailor-made consulting and solutions, a flexible and comprehensive modular system and Direct Link is empowered with tailored consulting and solutions, a flexible and comprehensive modular system and access to quality resources from existing large service providers.

It not only enables the latter to connect all joint data and complete the digital integration of the entire chain of cross-border e-commerce parcel services in a relatively short period of time; at the same time, it helps Direct Link improve parcel delivery and warehousing in different regional markets in multiple aspects through customised service solutions. The core business capabilities such as agent distribution and other services are optimized.

In conclusion

In summary, parcel delivery management software like eTower can bring numerous benefits to logistics integrators, including cost savings, improved visibility and tracking, enhanced efficiency and better data management. Key features of the software include multiple order creation methods, diverse parcel shipping manifest printing and real-time monitoring of parcel routes.

Some logistics integrators have already been helped by eTower, such as Startrack and Direct Link. eTower and other parcel delivery management software are becoming essential tools for businesses and organizations to streamline parcel delivery processes and remain competitive in the marketplace as the demand for parcel deliveries increases.

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