Top 8 Small Android Games That Are Big on Fun

Best Small Games for Android Mobile Phones

small games for android

Are you in search of the most exceptional small games for Android devices? Look no further! We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 8 games that are not only incredibly enjoyable but also conveniently compact. Regardless of whether you yearn for a distinctive and one-of-a-kind mobile gaming experience or simply crave something immensely captivating, our carefully curated selection has got you covered.

With these remarkable offerings, you can indulge in the ultimate entertainment right from the comfort of your own home. So why wait? Dive into the world of the best small Android games today!

List of 8 best small games for Android and App Store

GamePlay Store LinkApp Store Link
Highway Racing RebornPlay StoreApp Store
Shadow FighterPlay StoreApp Store
HoppenhelmPlay StoreApp Store
Flow FreePlay StoreApp Store
2048Play StoreApp Store
Pet Rescue SagaPlay StoreApp Store
Candy Crush SagaPlay StoreApp Store
SolitairedPlay StoreApp Store

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These games are small in size, mostly below 100mb, they are free and can also be played offline. These games are engaging enough to easily pass your time while you are waiting for someone or traveling.

These games might help you take your mind off of something that’s bothering you. So, let’s look at the games and their features to make your selection easy.

1.    Highway Racing Rebornbest small games for android

best small games for android

Do you love racing games? But find that most racing games are large in size and you don’t have enough space in your android mobile?

Don’t worry, this game is perfect for you. It is one of the best racing games for android in a small size (below 100mb). The graphics are almost similar to Asphalt 8.

The exciting thing about Racing Reborn is that it comes with single and multiplayer modes and includes illegal locations and races to choose from.

2.    Shadow Fightersmall size games for android

Top 8 Small Android Games That Are Big on Fun 31

Shadow fighter has an excellent interface and comes with various additional features. It is one of the top action games on the play store. Its size is below 100mb and is regarded as the best offline role-playing game.

It offers a series of levels of amazing action experience. There are levels where you get monster and zombie battles which make the game even more exciting.

Each level comes with complicated battles. You have to fight a fierce battle and win it to reach the next level. With each win, you can unlock various weapons and equipment to choose from.

3.    Hoppenhelm– Android Mini Game

Top 8 Small Android Games That Are Big on Fun 32

Are you a fan of arcade games? Hoppenhelm should be on your android phone whether it’s a small specs phone like  or a high-end phone. In this game, you have to control Sir Hoppenhelm, an 8-bit knight who is lost in the dungeons of his castle.

There are various obstacles and the main objective is to jump and hack your way through these obstacles in the dungeons and go as far as you can in a single go.

Though small in size, it offers endless hours of gameplay. The game keeps getting difficult as it progresses further. As you enter new levels, the game offers a variety of different characters and weapons that you can unlock and play with.

4.    Flow Free– Best Small Game

Top 8 Small Android Games That Are Big on Fun 33

Do you like using your brains while playing games? Free flow is a very simple but also very addictive puzzle game. In this game, you have to connect two dots of the same color using pipes on a grid of different sizes to create a flow.

This game is very addictive as it has over 2500 puzzles which keep getting difficult as you keep completing levels. There are a few features like time trial mode where you are supposed to complete the puzzle before running out of time.

The game is small in size and barely occupies any place on your android device.

5.    2048– Free Android Mini Game

Top 8 Small Android Games That Are Big on Fun 34

If you love puzzles, you might already have heard of 2048. It was a hit and went viral some time ago. It is a simple math puzzle where you have to combine two tiles of the same number to create a larger number.

By moving each tile, a new tile gets added to the board. As you progress the game keeps getting difficult. Once the board is filled and no moves are left you will have to restart the game again. It is important to think before moving each tile.

It barely takes up any space in your phone, it is simple and can also be played offline.

6.    Pet Rescue Saga– Most liked small game

Top 8 Small Android Games That Are Big on Fun 35

It is a dream of many people to own a pet. Most of us can keep a real one due to various reasons, but imagine a virtual pet’s idea. It is liberating, no?

This game is made by the King’s studio, the makers of candy crush saga, and has over 50 million downloads, making it a very popular game. If you have a small specs android phone such as Infinix mobile; like Hot 20 Play, no need to be worried because this game works on all phones even with 1GB RAM.

In this game, you have to match two or more same color boxes together to clear the level and save the pets from the devil pet snatchers.

As you level up, you will face various challenges and the moves are very limited. It is a great game with engaging music that keeps our brains active and helps us pass the time.

7.    Candy Crush Saga– The Most Downloaded Small Android game

Top 8 Small Android Games That Are Big on Fun 36

If you have not heard of this game then in what world do you live? (Just Joking) It is like the golden apple, once you start playing, you can’t stop playing it. The sound and animations make it even more addictive.

It sets the mood and soaks you in mesmerizing gameplay. It is developed by Kings Studio and is downloaded more than 500 million times. It is the most played same-sized game on both Android or iOS platforms.

Candy Crush Saga is free but if you want extra moves or lives, it requires payment. The Player has to clear the levels by matching the same type of candy and also the magical candies that appear from time to time.

8. Solitaired

Top 8 Small Android Games That Are Big on Fun 37

Try out some of the classic games such as Solitaire, Spider, and Spades. Solitaired offers users the ability to create an account where they can track their progress and watch their ranks on the leaderboard increase. Additionally, the game features customizable settings and difficulty levels making it the perfect app for gamers. 

Best of all, Solitaired has many of their games, like FreeCell Solitaire, available online.


The article provides a comprehensive list of the best small-sized games for Android, offering a variety of game genres such as racing, action, arcade, puzzle, and more. These games are not only small in size (below 100mb) but also free and can be played offline, making them perfect for passing the time while waiting or traveling. Whether you enjoy intense racing battles, challenging puzzles, or immersive role-playing experiences, there is a game on this list to suit your preferences.

Additionally, popular games like Candy Crush Saga and Solitaire are included for those who enjoy classic gameplay. So, choose a game that appeals to you, download it from the Google Play Store, and enjoy hours of entertainment.

Happy gaming!

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