5 Key Difference Between Android And Web Development

People have become completely dependent upon technology now. When talking about technologies, two terms always come to play, Android and web development. Both are rapidly growing filed in recent times, but they do have multiple functional and technical dissimilarities.

Developers from both fields need to know different kinds of technicalities, and they offer different experiences to their customers. In this tech-driven society, both Android and web development are crucial. So, we obviously have to understand the differences between them. Let us go through this article to the last to learn about the differences between Android and web development.  

Difference Between Android And Web Development 

Functional Differences

Web development includes coding, creating, and operating web apps and websites. Experts in web development offer their customers a user-friendly website. They design and construct a website in such a way that it is seamlessly navigable. In contrast, Android app development deals with generating improvised mobile applications. An Android application development company will offer you mobile apps you can access through your smartphone. 

Learning Steps

Web developers and Android developers need to have expertise in certain different fields. If you are interested in becoming a web developer, you must be sure about the area of your interest, whether it is front-end or back-end development. A front-end developer should know the HTML needed for designing the layout and CSS to style the website. 

Web app developers should know how to retrieve requests, answer them and help with interactive elements like video, music, and photos. Back-end developers need to know programming languages like Java and Python. Besides that, they must also have knowledge about HTTP protocols and deployment tools to transfer files or data from a different server.

On the other hand, Android app developers should know Java SDK, Android UI design, and any programming language like Java or Kotlin. They also need to know a few advanced settings like Git, REST API, database systems design applications around UI, Cloud message API, and continuous integration. But in practice, web development is easier than Android development when it comes to the difficulty level.  

Career Opportunities

In contemporary times, demand for both technologies is now high. Web development is easy to learn, and there is competition among developers to get jobs. Whereas Android app developers are less in number as of now, so the demand is high if you compare. But if you are well-versed with both segments and have the knowledge about all the needs for both web and Android development, the chances for your employment will be higher. 

Difference Between Android And Web Development 

Future Advancements

There are no such differences in the salary packages of web and Android developers. Employers offer 5 LPA to 27 LPA packages for both development experts. The pay scale will vary according to the skills and experience. 

Learning Curve

Both web development and Android development will offer you ample learning opportunities. If you want to choose web development as a career, you will get to learn languages like HTML and CSS, as well as Javascript. Apart from that, you will learn about frameworks like ReactJS and AngularJS, as well as server-side frameworks like NodeJS. Whereas, in the case of Android development, you will grasp knowledge about programming languages like Java, Kotlin, etc. The learning opportunity in both fields is vast. 

Bottom Line

Android development and web development both the field is growing rapidly in the tech-driven era. There is plenty of career opportunities in both fields. You will have great prospects as a developer if you join any Android development company, and the same goes for a web development company. If you were looking for a comparison between Android and web development, hopefully, this article will be helpful for you.