How to Streamline Multi-Location Workforce Management for Growing Businesses

Multi-Location Workforce Management

Nothing hurts more than being left out of a team meeting or not getting information about recent changes in the company. Poor streamlining can be the cause of that. 

Don’t add to the 74% of businesses that fail because of poor communication! Instead, you should learn from their mistakes and go for a workforce management system that works for your company. 

Of course, other than improving your communication, you also have to worry about your competition. No need to worry – technology can help you out with your company processes. They can make everything more manageable and automatic. 

But how will you streamline your processes? How does streamlining help you? Well, let’s learn about it further in the sections below.

What Is Streamlining and Why Is It Important?

If you want to remove or simplify your tasks and goals in the company, then streamlining is the way to go. It’s the best way you can boost the efficiency of your business processes by removing unnecessary steps. 

Streamlining makes use of modern techniques and technologies like best employee management software and time management systems. This can reduce company costs, increase productivity, and save resources. 

Streamlining your workforce management can boost your team’s productivity since they’ll be more satisfied and happy with their job. Going for a much simpler system allows your company to be more adaptable. It makes your company ready for any changes and trends as well as increases your company’s resilience. With that, you can earn a better return on your investments with resources like time and money. 

Once you streamline your processes, you’ll also see fewer delays and errors in your work. This will increase the quality of work and operational efficiency of your employees. 

Streamlining is also the best way to encourage a better culture of innovation. Your workplace will be a place where change is common and welcomed, not feared. Additionally, your customers will be more satisfied since you’ll be delivering your services or products on time with fewer or no errors. 

How to Streamline Your Multi-Location Workforce

A team under one roof can already be difficult to manage, so what if they’re all spread out to different locations? The difficulty increases tenfold! 

Multi-Location Workforce Management

So, the best way you can avoid multi-location workforce issues, you need to be more careful and creative. It’s time you look for the best method for your delegation, shift planning, time management, and task distribution.

Here are a few tips when streamlining your workforce management:

Apply Automation Where Applicable

The best way to simplify your processes for a multi-location business is by aligning your team with automation. Automation is already everywhere, you just need to know where and when to apply it.  

Try to standardize your technology policies and processes. By doing so, you allow your teams to collaborate and communicate more efficiently even if they’re miles apart. 

Aligning your technology processes to simplify your business operations allows your employees to spend less time trying to fix issues and focus more on their tasks. Automation also reduces paperwork and enables you to collect data in a central system. It also means that you no longer have to manually send and collect any required documents.  

Go for a Single Line of Communication

Sometimes, a short phone call with your employees won’t work. You may also need to send a fax or hold a meeting, but fax lines and video conferences can add more hassle and expenses. However, a unified communication system allows you to talk with your employees however you want. 

Streamlining communication between departments enables better tracking of completed tasks. By using a unified communication platform, you save time by eliminating the need to move to each location for task updates. Implementing a single platform for your employees also reduces miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Constant Adjusting and Refining

With multi-location employees, you may realize that your processes or workflow will need some refinements as your business grows. When adjusting, consider asking your employees or clients what needs improvement. Take the time to find a process that works well across all locations, and ensure that your employees are trained on the new changes.

How an Employee Management App Can Help You Streamline

By investing in employee management software or HR automation software, you can efficiently manage employees working in multiple locations. This software allows you to stay in contact with your employees at any time no matter where they are. Here are a few benefits of streamlining using an employee management app:

Builds a More Collaborative Unit

When you manage teams in multiple locations, it can be easy to forget that some employees exist. This can be avoided when everyone keeps regular communication with one another. However, this may not always be the case, so the best way to avoid making some employees feel as though they aren’t part of the company is by using a communication platform and software. 

By maintaining cohesion, you improve your employee’s productivity and morale. With software, you also provide your employees with a consistent procedure for receiving paychecks, a time entry system, paid time-off leaves, and benefit options. 

Allows High-Quality Professional Development

The key to retaining your most talented employees is by offering them new opportunities for growth and continuous learning. However, this may fail if your employees are in different offices or states. With software, you can provide your employees with remote access to learning materials and training guides.

Investing in software allows you to check your team’s progress and provide valuable insights into their performance. The software can also provide a way for employees to reach out for any questions and feedback for better learning and independence. 

Improves Accuracy and Consistency

Rather than asking your employees to deliver paperwork on benefit changes, PTO requests, or time tracking, you can use the software as a more accurate and efficient method. You can avoid the massive amounts of paperwork piling on your table from your multiple offices by streamlining these processes.

Many businesses depend on accurate, consistent, and reliable data to keep their business running smoothly. Typically at the start of your business, each employee stays alert and keeps all company information organized. However, as you get busier, standards may not be maintained. You and your team may concentrate on other priorities and the information may become fractured, unreliable, and inconsistent. 

There may be a time when you need the information and this may lead to wrong decisions and reliability issues. Software can keep all your necessary information in one location for more efficient workplace management optimization. 

It also reduces the risk of errors caused by incorrect paperwork or inaccurate entries. This gives you and your employees more time to focus on their other tasks rather than wasting time correcting their mistakes. 

Improves Employee Accountability 

Most of your employees will likely want to know their schedules ahead of time so they can plan their personal activities accordingly. With software, you can apply better time management systems where you can track employee hours. Employees can also see if there are any open shifts and allow them to request more hours if needed. 

Your employees will feel much more satisfied and happy since they are given control over their potential earnings. This will increase accountability, as employees have a say in their day-to-day work life.


Managing and caring for teams in multiple locations needs your careful and steady hand. When done correctly, you’ll find that your attention and simple but well-planned management can improve the morale of your employees. If you can meet the needs of your teams, even if they’re in different locations, you’ll find that you’re on the right path toward ensuring their longevity and loyalty.