Easy Hack for Accessing Android Easter Egg in Android 12

Easy Hack for Accessing Android Easter Egg in Android 12 19

Android easter egg is nothing but a little game added by Google with every new android update. This android easter egg is hidden within some settings and techies around the world try to decode the settings to play the easter egg.

Gaming is an integral part of our life and every one of us try ways to find new android games whether it is small android games or bing games

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Here’s how you can also access those Easter Eggs and what to expect.

How to access Android Easter Egg

We will start the journey with the latest android version 12,

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Steps to Unlock Android Easter Egg in Android 12

Android 12 has a simple clock-based game which a part of the beta program.

Here is a quick guide to accessing the Android Easter Egg in Android 12

  1. Go into your settings of your android
  2. Find the ‘about phone’ screen
  3. Repeatedly tap on the software version
  4. Upon successful, you get an on-screen clock
  5. When you move the hands to 12 o’clock you get the Android 12 screen
  6. That’s it, now you can play the game

We hope you enjoy reading this short blog. Keep exploring and keep playing games.

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