Which Plagiarism Checker is the Best? Top 3 Online Plagiarism Checker

Top 3 Online Plagiarism Checkers

Is dealing with plagiarism a difficult task or hard to tackle?

Definitely not, highlight or removing plagiarism is not difficult at all but there are some tools that you must need.

Starting with how you can highlight plagiarized text in your content: a plagiarism checker helps you in this context and there’s no other option except this online tool.

Fortunately, there are multiple plagiarism checkers available on the internet, you can use any of them and get an authentic plagiarism report.

But the point is, how can we pick a good plagiarism checker?

Stay with us, we are going to discuss how to pick up a good plagiarism checker and we’ve also shortlisted some checkers for you.

Let’s get to it.

How to pick up the best plagiarism checker?

We can say that there are multiple factors that must be present in an online tool whether it is a plagiarism checker or any other writing tool.

But when we specifically talk about plagiarism checkers, there are some factors enlisted below.

  • Accuracy
  • Authenticity
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly interface

These are a few factors that you must need to consider while picking up any duplication checker.

For your ease, we have shortlisted some best plagiarism checkers and all these checkers are shortlisted while considering the above-mentioned factors.

Top 3 plagiarism checkers to consider

If a plagiarism checker focuses on the above-mentioned factors, it can be considered the best so, all the below-mentioned tools contain all of those factors.

Have a look at them.

1.      Check-plagiarism.com

Starting with the first thing and that is the interface of a tool; this plagiarism checker comes along with an easy interface.

A user doesn’t require any kind of technical knowledge to use this checker.

Then it comes to the accuracy of the tool and we’ve found that Check-plagiarism is very accurate and provides an authentic plagiarism report.

Check-plagiarism.com one of the best online plagiarism tool

There are two versions of this online tool, if you want to check only 2,000 words at a time, you can go for a free version otherwise, the paid version is available.

The paid version allows a user to check 20,000 words at a time which means you don’t need to divide your content into multiple chunks.

When we talk about the input sources, you can enter the text by copy-pasting the text in the input field or uploading a file from the device.

This feature is common in both of the versions i.e., free and paid.

2.      Paraphraser.io

Same as the previous plagiarism checker, this tool comes along in two versions, one is paid and the other is free.

You can check only a thousand words at a time in the free version but when you go pro, you can check 5,000 words at a time.

Paraphraser.io one of the best online plagiarism tool

Secondly, you can input your text from two sources i.e., copy-pasting the text and uploading a file.

This plagiarism detector uses advanced artificial intelligence that ensures accuracy and efficiency so, it is a good choice to go for this tool.

You can get a full plagiarism report and can download this report and attach it with any of your documents.

Sometimes, there is a requirement by an educational institute to attach a plagiarism report with your assignments, report, and many more so, you can download and attach it with them.

3.      Plagiarismremover.net

We can say that this plagiarism checker has some advanced features like it offers multiple languages and some of them are listed down.

  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
Plagiarismremover.net one of the best plagiarism tool

You can select any of them and highlight plagiarized text in any of your documents. And there are three different sources to input the text, you can have a look at them.

  • Upload a file from local storage.
  • Upload a file from Dropbox.
  • Upload a file from Google Drive.

There’s no paid version available for this tool which means you can check an unlimited number of words for free.

You don’t need to spend a single penny for checking plagiarism or using any other tool offered by Plagiarismremover.net.

So, if you are a student or a writer at the beginning level, you can use this plagiarism checker as it is authentic and free as well.

Which plagiarism checker is the best?

As we have mentioned three plagiarism checkers which are efficient but we are going to further explain which of them is the best.

Let’s explain it with the proper factors.

1.      Accuracy

All of these tools are accurate and we’ve personally used all of these three and got to know that all of them are giving the same and right output.

So, in the terms of accuracy, you can go for any of them.

2.      Pricing plan

The first two plagiarism checkers offer two versions i.e., free and paid and in the free version, Check-plagiarism only offers 2,000 words at a time.

And Paraphraser.io only allows a user to check 1,000 words at a time but the plagiarism checker by Plagiarismremover.net allows a user to check an unlimited number of words for free.

So, if you are short of budget or especially a student, plagiarismremover.net is the best.

3.      Interface

We can say that all of these three come along with an easy interface which means any beginner can use these tools.

Every command and function is clearly visible to the users.


This guide shows you how to pick up a plagiarism checker or find the best one to use and we’ve also compared the top three plagiarism checkers.

Luckily, there is not a big difference in all of them as they all offer accuracy and authenticity but if you are willing to get cost-efficient plagiarism then go for the plagiarism checker by Plagiarismremover.net.

We hope, you’ll surely pick up the best plagiarism checker after having an eye on this guide.