5 Most Effective Digital Educational Tools

digital educational tools

No doubt that learning & developing digital skills will be a big focus in education in the upcoming decade. We hope that we will prepare our students for the technology for the future and help them to move past being the consumers of technology. We also teach them the media tools & skills to become innovators or creators. One of the best ways to bring the technology into your classrooms is to use educational tools, which help you or your students to boost the teaching and learning experiences. check out our top picks for the education tech tools you should have to try this year.

Educational tools are very beneficial as they can help you to perform the math operations from parabola equations to derivatives. Well, measuring the points that are equidistant from directrix and the focus point becomes complex sometimes so, here you can use the parabola calculator educational tool that helps to find parabola equation.

digital educational tools

What is Educational Tech:

Educational technology said to be a practice of introducing IT tools to the classrooms to create a more engaging, inclusive, and individualized learning experience. In the present time, classrooms are moved beyond desktop computers, which were normal in the past years. Now technology replaces the desktops with tablets, interactive online courses, and even robots, which can take notes and record the lectures for the students. Parabola calculators, Flip Grid, Near Pod are some of the examples of educational tools.

5 Best Educational Tools

Parabola Equation Calculator:

Parabola calculator is a web-based online tool that allows you to determine the standard form and vertex from a parabola equation for the given values or points. Finding the focus and directrix of the parabola becomes easy by using the parabola directrix calculator. All you need is to choose the input first from the drop-down menu and put the values for the points in the designated section of the tool and hit the calculate button. After click the calculate tab the tool starts to process the inputs to generate the results for the given inputs.


Mobile applications are ruling for over a decade now and it trend doesn’t seem to be slow down in the upcoming years. Thunkable is a free & user-friendly online tool for students that helps them to learn how to create mobile apps by using the simple drag and drop code builder. As you create an app, you can test the app you created in real-time on iOS or Android devices or tweaks it as you go. The new users or less experienced learners can make changes in the existing apps instead of starting from scratch.


Creating graphical games is a great way to get an advantage to learn a wide range of real-world digital skills such as story-telling, art, programming, designing, math, etc. Roblox is an online platform to create and play multiplayer online games. As a teacher, you can teach your students to take them on a journey of how their favorite web games are designed and created. They can also learn how to create the games via Roblox Studio, test them, and even how to publish them for the users to play online.

they can also get the benefit to publish the game for free on the Roblox platform or charge them. To support teachers, Roblox publishes the resources for how to start lessons and guidelines. when it comes to digital tools for math then, you can also look up other online tools like the parabola calculator that helps you to turn the equation into vertex form through which you can easily find crucial points of the parabola.


Teachers can boost classroom engagement by creating visual & interactive resources for the students. Thinglinks make it easy to use the videos, images, and online tours along with the extra information by using the easy-to-use hyperlinks. You can also create the treasure hunt for the students or mix it up to let them create visual learning journeys for their peers.

Smiling Mind:

Students can have the experience to face a series of social & emotional challenges by using the smiling mind educational tech tool. It helps them to cope with these sorts of factors, it is very important to be aware of their mental well-being and learn effective ways to be mindful. Smiling mind is free to use the educational technological tool, it not a profitable application that encourages mindfulness & better mental being in the schools.

Smiling Mind is particularly designed for the students and teachers to break down the activities for the different age groups as well as adults. It offers professional development training for the teachers, classroom resources, and also provides workshops for the students.


In this article, we outline some of the best educational tools like parabola calculator, thinglink, smiling mind, etc. Above mentioned digital tools are very beneficial and easy to use because of their user-friendly interface and make it easy to learn the skills for the students. You can select one of the tools to convert your old school classes into technological classes or digital classes.