The Stupefying Surprises a SmartPhone Can Offer its User!

The Stupefying Surprises a SmartPhone Can Offer its User! 25

Surviving an entire day without using your phone is a task that is both daunting and close to impossible. Even when we are in the company of our best people, we still look at the pocket-sized device more than once.

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I would not say that we want to do it. Instead, we have to. The Smartphone and being always on it is more of a compulsion than a desire. Our fingers automatically open the lock and start tapping away as if they have a mind of their own.

I am sure you can relate to this situation.

Consequently, smartphones have become the epitome in the technological field.

Some of the things, they can do and offer are not only incomprehensible by our average brains, but also astounding in the least.

Smartphone developers have not left a stone unturned with regards to the features they equip their innovative phones with, yet there is a long way to reach the saturation point of development.

Smartphones can indeed be given the title of being β€œthe gadget of the century,” do you not agree?

I know you do because I have known people who have taken even loans to get their hands on the latest smartphone in the market. They are good, but they are not cheap.

Now, let us have a look at the most unusual features that smartphones provide us. Also you can use Reverse phone lookup to find out the number.

A smartphone can be much more than a communication device.

A smartphone can be much more than a communication device. With the right apps, it can be a powerful tool for productivity, organization, and entertainment.

For example, there are apps that can help you manage your time, track your to-do lists, and stay on top of your schedule. There are also apps that can help you entertain yourself with games, music, and movies. And if you need to stay connected to your work or school while you’re on the go, there are plenty of apps for that too.

So if you’re looking to get more out of your smartphone, be sure to check out some of these helpful apps. You might just be surprised at how much they can help you get things done.

The Flipping Screen

We were all used to the flip in the early 2000s. There was hardly anyone left who did not have a flip phone or had not used one. The flip was that popular.

Then came the reign of the touch screen phones, and we had to say goodbye to the flip and its flipping satisfaction.

However, we were wrong to think that the touch screen smartphones would not be smart enough to be the flip back.

Moto Razr

The Moto Razr is a phone that has achieved the feat with the surprising, yet welcoming comeback of the flip.

This is not just a touch screen phone that has a screen that can be folded in half, but the folded screen also has the compatibility to connect with the other and display all your notifications and messages. 

And the plus point, the folded Razr will perfectly fit inside the palm of your hand.

Can you possibly want anything more? I think not.

The Camouflaging Camera

The screen to body ratio has become a preponderant factor to be considered while purchasing a smartphone.

From Apple and Samsung to Huawei and Oppo, every smartphone inventor is working to make the screen as big as the body of the phone and reduce the screen to body ratio.

All of these companies have done the same with their latest launches. However, there is one that has done a slightly better job.


You must have noticed that a phone’s screen always has to compensate for the front camera space. Fortunately, Oppo found a way to go around this concept.

It developed a range of phones wherein the camera would remain concealed inside the phone and pop up from inside the phone’s crevices when you want to click a picture.

This camouflaging technology was so unique that Oppo phones had almost doubled their sales figure because of it.

The Unbreakable Screen

Next on the list of surprising elements is one that we all needed, yet we knew we would never get it.

If you compare the phones we use today to the one we used in a decade ago, you would realize that the present phones are far too delicate. If you drop them once, your bank balance will fall because the repairs are as expensive as the purchase.

And we certainly cannot avoid dropping them; it is inevitable, despite you being extra careful. You must have broken your smartphone’s screen at least once.          

Moto X  

Motorola has come to surprise us with the development of a phone that has a shatterproof screen, the Moto X.

You can drop it a thousand times, and the screen won’t even break a sweat, figuratively speaking.

I am using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the screen has seen much better days to its now shattered and blurry clarity. Yet I am using it, but soon I have to repair it anyhow. One of my friends suggested me not use savings for it. Instead, I should go for funding options like loans on benefits with bad credit to have an early repair of the screen.

I wish I had known about the Moto X before I bought the Note.              

Winding Up

A smartphone is a versatile and essential piece of technology. It can be used for a variety of tasks, from keeping you connected to your loved ones, to helping you stay organized and on top of your schedule. While there are some drawbacks to owning a smartphone, such as the potential for addiction and distraction, the benefits far outweigh the risks. If you’re considering purchasing a smartphone, or upgrading your current phone, don’t hesitate – it’s an investment you won’t regret.

There are so many other features that are surprisingly refreshing to have on our smartphones.

The quad cameras of Samsung phones help in taking pictures as well as a professional camera.

The phones that mandate you to shake them to open apps like torch and camera.

The waterproof and dustproof phones, that we never thought would exist, but they do.

Smartphones are indeed a work of art. They are setting the precedents for all the other phones that will develop in the future.