Top 8 Knowledge Management Software to use

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The Knowledge Management System is implemented by the majority of brands and companies around the world. Knowledge Management software offers excellent strategic value and helps with the growth of an organization on multiple fronts. A survey by Destination CRM showed that more than 47% of brands participating reported an increase in sales, and 54% reported an increase in traffic. Another survey by Bain and Company revealed that a mere 5% growth in retention could increase profits by 25-95%. 

Knowledge Management Software can instantly transform customer experience and enhance customer engagement and the overall customer satisfaction(C-SAT) scores.

Knowledge Management Software

A sturdy Knowledge Base forms the backbone of a great Knowledge Management System. A knowledge base for customer service is a searchable directory that instantly retrieves relevant information and helps agents and customers. 

Knowledge Management systems leverage several technologies and offer comprehensive solutions. A sound KM system uses Decision Guides, How-To-Guides, Self-service Modules, etc, offering employees access to vital information to support their growth and training.

Benefits of a Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management Systems empower you to engage with your customers seamlessly across multiple channels like web, chat, and assistance platforms like contact centers and work from home solutions. They increase organizational adaptability, making decision-making better and faster. It also helps in problem-solving in a shorter amount of time and has a higher rate of innovation. It plays an essential role in employee development and accelerates progress through improved communication and the sharing of specialized knowledge.

Top Knowledge Management Software


Knowmax is an enterprise-grade knowledge base software that aids in the spread of knowledge across channels. Knowmax has actionable modules such as decision trees, visual how-to instructions, and a central content and document management system that assists in the generation of actionable information. It aids in delivering contextual knowledge at the required channel at all times, thanks to AI-backed intent-based searches. Knowmax assists in establishing a culture of knowledge sharing, transforming your contact centers into resolution centers while fostering client self-service and employee self-improvement simultaneously.


Zendesk is a knowledge management system that functions like a help desk, call center, and live chat solution and provides various robust and customizable customer care relationships and engagement platforms to fulfill a variety of company needs. Zendesk creates one single interface with multiple channel assistance such as email, phone, and social media, generating meaningful and personal relationships with clients, and supports over 40 languages in over 150 countries.


Zoho Desk is a knowledge management solution that assists agents, managers, and customers in a variety of ways. It enables agents to be more productive, managers to have more significant influence, and consumers to be more empowered. It’s an easy-to-use program that’s entirely customizable. It has the first context-aware help-desk software in the industry, allowing businesses to concentrate on their customers. It provides support teams with a variety of help channels and task automation, allowing them to provide quick and responsive service.


Confluence is a knowledge management system that organizes and handles all marketing, human resources, financial, and project management tasks. It is an open and collaborative shared workplace that allows a company’s teams to operate more productively and efficiently. Discussion boards, FAQs, a self-service portal, classification, and other features are among the solution’s highlights. It allows consumers to access all of their essential information in one place.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based knowledge management solution that highly pays attention to cross-functional team collaboration and exceptional customer care and support. It allows users to consolidate dialogues from several channels into a single platform to understand client needs better. When customer support tickets occur on the interface, small and mid-sized businesses can handle them efficiently. 

Document 360:

Knowledge bases are Document360’s specialty. The software package includes a solid yet user-friendly Markdown editor designed to help users who have never used a customer support system grasp the user documentation design language. As your firm grows and expands, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself frequently adding to and editing your knowledge base articles. Document360 lets you compare changes side by side and see exactly what adjustments were made and by whom. Document360 provides excellent analytics as well. This data is ideal for determining which articles require regular revisions and which are becoming SEO-optimized website mainstays.


ProProfs Knowledge Base is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you provide prompt self-help support to clients and employees. It can be used to build knowledge base articles from scratch, import existing word docs or PDF files, and publish in a single click, making it ideal for small businesses and organizations. The tool includes a range of professionally created templates. Furthermore, its built-in reporting system provides information on what queries individuals seek and what they cannot find solutions to. You can utilize this information to develop and refresh your knowledge base constantly.


ClickHelp is a modern knowledge management solution that lets software companies quickly build and upload online user manuals, knowledge bases, help files, FAQs, and tutorials. It is straightforward to set up and use; it runs in a web browser and is compatible with Mac OS and Windows. This allows you to author your documentation from anywhere on the planet. The Translation module in Click Help allows you to construct a multi-language documentation site easily and set up a simple translation process with automatic synchronization of changes and progress reports. 

Litmos LMS:

Litmos LMS is a knowledge management system designed specifically for mid-sized and established corporations. It is a web and mobile training platform that aids in the management and delivery of courses. It includes a robust API with individual connectors and is fully expandable. Blended learning, various language support, learner portal, synchronous learning, and other features are among the solution’s highlights.


To survive in this information economy era, it is critical for businesses, particularly those in the IT, finance, and telecommunications industries, to employ agent scripting software. The software can benefit firms of all sizes and enhance overall business success. For a company that is struggling to develop, the software offers the potential to expedite training processes. So get your Knowledge Management tool today! Also if you are looking to manage documents you should look for Document management software.