4 Email Marketing Tips for your salon

Email Marketing Tips for Salon

If you are running a salon and have customer data then read this Email Marketing Tips for your salon.

Every salon owner knows that the key to running a successful salon is a good, loyal set of clients. Every customer that comes into your salon is going to have a different set of requirements, and it’s your job to cater to their individual needs so that they return to your salon.

But while it’s important to provide quality services to your customers, that’s often not enough to guarantee customer loyalty. To make sure your customers keep coming back, you need to reach out to them and maintain a good relationship with them at all times. And how can you do that?

Through email! The average person is much more likely to check their email inbox at least once a day than on any other online platform. This is why the best way to reach out to your clients is through an effective and engaging email marketing campaign that allows you to drop in the best offers right in their inbox.

Here are a few tips on how you can get started. 

4 Email Marketing Tips for your salon

1. Create a directory 

The first step to starting up a successful email campaign is to gather client information. You can do this by asking customers to fill in a form as they walk in the door, or even add a form to your social media bio and ask people to fill it in to subscribe to your email newsletter. 

Furthermore, each time a client calls you for information, add them to your contact list. Add a signup form to your website too so you can offer clients to receive your monthly emails and newsletter. 

Of course, not everyone will give you their contact information for free. Create enticing incentives to get your clients to sign up with you. Some incentives you can offer are: 

  1. Special discounts for subscribers 
  2. Exclusive beauty hacks 
  3. Insights on the latest fashion trends
  4. Promotional deals 

This will give your customers the thrill of being a part of something exclusive that they can continuously benefit from. 

 2. Segment your clients 

Once your directory is ready, the next step is to segment your customers. The truth is, not every customer will be interested in every email you send out to them. This is why you need to send out emails to specific customers based on their interests. Your goal is to make sure the messages your audience receives are relevant and personalized. 

You can segment your clientele based on what kind of treatments they prefer to avail of the most. Let’s say you’ve employed a hairstylist who is known for their blowouts and styling techniques. Keep a record of all clients who regularly book appointments with this hairstylist and avail of similar services. 

Similarly, you can keep records of clients who regularly avail of manicure treatments, skin care, massages, and much more. Make categories out of these customers so you know what email to send to each group. 

Dividing your clientele into different groups based on what products and services they prefer to avail of will help you customize your emails to each customer’s liking. 

Email Marketing Tips for Salon

3. Send out vibrant salon content

Now that you’re ready to send out your email messages, you can’t just send them irrelevant information and expect people to engage. Your clients want to be informed about the services they prefer. 

Before you plan out your email campaign, plan out your message. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want your clients to know about you? 
  • Are you reminding them to book another service? 
  • Are you rewarding them for their loyalty? 
  • Are you simply letting them know what else you have to offer?

Answer the questions above to create a list of messages you want to send your clients. You can send them special offers and discounts on hair appointments and trims. You can send out some great hair care tips for them to follow before they come in for their next appointment. You can also share your favorite list of hair products for your customers to use. 

To make your messages vibrant, you can create your own salon flyers using online design tools like PosterMyWall. The ideal flyer should contain your salon brand logo, your best offer in a bold, exciting font, information on how and when to avail of the offer, and an embedded link to your social media page or website where clients can learn more about what you have to offer. 

4. Measure your campaign results

Your campaign isn’t effective unless you’re keeping tabs on the results and seeing how well it goes. Measure the outcome of your campaign using a variety of metrics to ensure that your plans were effective. 

Keep tabs on the number of appointments you get before and after the start of your campaign and see which segments show a difference in bookings. Also, keep a record of how many clients avail of the promotional deals you offer in your newsletter to see how many customers actually go through them. Measures like this will help you determine what you’ve done right, as well as what you need to improve upon. 

Final thoughts

Establishing a good relationship with your clients can be challenging, especially with the information overload that comes from online marketing techniques. But with this easy-to-follow guide on effective email marketing, you can reach out to your clients in a unique, personalized manner and let them know you have what they need.