5 Doubts About Android Push Notifications that You Should Clarify

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Android push notifications are the type of texts or creative messages sent to smart devices from a business app, or a website. If you’re hearing a lot about push notifications, then you must also know that push notifications play a crucial role in the growth and development of e-commerce.

Push notification started its journey in 2009 when Apple launched a newly born version of pop-up notifications that goes by the name Apple Push notification that created a revolutionary platform in the marketing world and the rest is history.

Android Push Notifications

Push notifications status-rate:

  • In the U.S. a smart device gets notified with 46 pop-up notifications daily.
  • 81% of the population in America possess a smartphone.
  • On average, a smartphone user goes through his/her phone 63 times in a single day.
  • Push notifications are opted-in by 44% of iOS owners and 91% of Android owners.

These statistics proved that smartphones are the best way to reach multiple users in a short period, and customers can be targeted by sending customized push notifications.

5 Doubts About Android Push Notification

1.Android push Notifications and SMS are two different things

Push notifications and SMS both aim to engage customers but both apply different mechanisms and their purpose is also quite different from each other.

  • With push notifications, your user must download the app so that you can send pop-up notifications on their smart devices regarding on-going offers, or discounts, recommendations regarding content, reminders for a certain action, announcements, make users aware of a new feature, and so on.
  • For the SMS conveying, you can simply send users text messages related to bank alerts, warnings regarding weather, or flight status, reminders for appointments, or billing, cancellation of certain events, track, or deliver status, and the list goes on.

2.Determine your action!

Although, click rates are vital for tracking, make sure you don’t rely on that number. People believe that click rates are enough for determining growth in push notifications. Let’s clear another misconception. All push notifications are important but do not expect immediate success. So, rather than setting all your hopes on click-through rate for the guidance of your push notifications strategy, regulate which actions are the most important for your brand. Is it free trial signups, completion of the forms, or purchases? Also, calculate your completed actions through push notifications by using an analytics platform.

3.Do not consider your work done!

Another misconception with the android push notifications that companies face is that once the user has downloaded their app, now you can loosen up the grip and casually send common push notifications, so your work is done. Nope! Your actual work starts from here. You need to remain in regular touch with your users through push notifications. Your push notifications should not be monotonous rather that they must have that creative mix to them. For instance, you can send welcoming pop-up notifications to the new users. This will make the user feel valuable and important.

Guide your users at all stages from the start like how the app works, or how they can benefit from signing up as they will regularly receive discount offers from time to time.

4.Quality over quantity!

The companies need to understand that the number of push notifications sent is not directly proportional to the number of conversions. It means to not remain in this illusion that if you will send thousands of push notifications, the user will keep coming to you. The opposite reaction could happen as the user will opt out of your push notifications. Push notifications must possess the priority needs of the customer, which will naturally bring quality to your content.

5.Value time as it is precious!

Do you get annoyed by the continuous push notifications alerts on your smartphone? Well, if yes then think about your users from the same perspective. Do not remain in doubt that you can send anything anytime you want.  You must keep a track of your user’s activity. For instance, your user is traveling to France, and he/she wants to know the places to visit, and they get pop-ups from your app mentioning the best places to visit in France. Trust me; you will gain profits for that later. Not only such android push notifications will help your app engagement elevate but they will also help you to retain those inactive users.

In a nutshell…

Push notifications will not only enhance your customer experience but also are less disturbing compared to the other forms of user engagement techniques. Android push notifications help your business to efficiently drive traffic to your website, or application and also offer useful information to the users.

Push notifications make your users aware of the ongoing updates, promotions, and offers.

In this article, we discussed some doubts and misconceptions about push notifications that businesses need to keep in mind to attain full benefits from using android push notifications as their marketing tool.

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