7 Finest Examples of Angular Websites

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Incepted back in 2009, Angular seems to be a leading frontend framework among the entire web development fraternity. During those days it was known as Angular js. What happened was for years developers did face complications while debugging, they were unable to organize code, load java files, dependency injection got completely deteriorated. As a result, web developers were pretty anxious regarding using a framework that resolved all these common yet critical issues at once. And this is how Angular came into existence. 

Now since Angular is already a hot potato, I am sure you must have stumbled upon several posts regarding what is the angular framework, how is it beneficial in the long run, what are its astounding features, some Angular best programming practices, and what not! Well, this one is a bit different. It emphasizes some of the finest websites built using Angular web development. In short, the best angular websites to take into account. So without any further ado, let’s begin!

Say Hi, to the Angular Framework!

Can you name me the three musketeers of web development? It’s pretty easy, they are React, Vue, and Angular. Often used together among the development process to deliver intuitive design and seamless user experience but at the same time being compared with each other. The three javascript-based technologies act as a full-fledged package deal especially when creating a web store. High website performance, straightforward design, intuitive features & functionalities (MVC architecture, Two-way data binding, dependency injection) security, and data protection are some of the core aspects that make the Angular framework way ahead of the pack. Do check out the top AngularJS Development Tools.

Some of the Finest Examples of Angular Websites

Technically speaking the Angular framework is open source by nature and is mainly used to create peppy and effective web pages, Angular websites, and Angular apps. Much like other web development frameworks even Angular comprises a wide range of versions, the latest one is Angular 13 but each one of these has the potential to develop a responsive, scalable, user-driven, and feature-rich outcome. And you know what’s the best part of creating an Angular website or Angular apps, they are pretty easy to navigate. Further below I would like to shed some spotlight on some of the interesting facts and features possessed by the Angular Framework.

Google is the Creator

It’s a fact and a feature itself! The tech giant has developed the Angular framework, so they know everything about it inside out. In case of any concerns or issues, they can be identified beforehand by the team of experts and things can be resolved without wasting any time. Not to mention that the creators of the Angular framework offer an immense amount of support and updates, so that intimidating web apps can be created all the time.

MVC Architecture

The Next feature worth considering is the MVC architecture. The Model-View-Controller is a pattern featuring all three components. The model takes care of the information whereas View is concerned regarding how the information will be displayed, and the controller acts as a bridge between the two, i.e the model and the view. Now normally what happens is when you develop a web page or an app it is divided into three segments but that’s not the case with Angular. When you are using the Angular framework, what happens is the app needs to go through the MVC architecture during the development process and everything else will be handled by our Angular.

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Data Binding

As the name implies this feature of Angular succeeds in synchronizing data throughout between different components such as the model and view. 

HTML Templates  

 One of the finest features offered by the Angular framework is HTML. It is mainly used for user interface development in a cost-effective manner.

Dependency Injection

Have you ever wondered how an angular website is easy to develop? It is because of dependency injection, the feature makes application development, testing and maintaining a seamless venture. 

Benefits of creating an Angular Website

Since creating an online presence has become a must-do thing, it is advisable to look around for the best technology and the Angular framework somehow turns out to be the best bread-winner.  Further, I would like to mention how websites built with Angular are beneficial for businesses irrespective of their size and verticals.

It brings Finest Functionality to the table

One of the leading benefits of using Angular is that the tech comes with a plethora of features and functionalities, some of which are strictly out-of-the-box.  For example, unlike other technology here one doesn’t require to integrate third-party libraries as the tech itself comprises a wide range of javascript libraries within. Also, you will come across a variety of routing based angular tools, and of course, testing and fast and simple development can be easily taken care of due to preconfigured scenario of the framework.

Performance & Speed

The next significant benefit offered by Angular technology is killing two birds with one arrow. That is where you get the best in regards to both speed and high performance. By using a template, CLI, web artisan, it becomes way easy for Angular developers to come up with a website or application or web apps that are high performance and speed. Plus here you get enormous integration opportunities, as the tech is comfortable with several other programming languages as well.


Of course, a web development project is a very crucial aspect for your business but again it’s an aspect. So make sure you develop a high web page performance that can be maintained without much hassle. Angular development relieves one in regards to putting extra effort, time, and energy. The object-oriented design makes maintenance a piece of cake. 

Further, I would like to mention certain angular examples, some of the best angular apps, and websites worth considering. 

Popular Websites that are built with Angular


Who hasn’t heard about Netflix? Especially post lockdown OTT platforms have gained a tremendous amount of popularity and Netflix is one of the living examples. But did you know that the famous platform was developed using Angular and frontend javascript libraries? Imagine the world’s finest binge-watching platform or customer-oriented app was developed using the Angular framework.

#2. Lego

Do you remember your favorite game as a kid? Mine was lego! At that point in time, I would have never given a thought to the fact that my favorite game’s website is developed using Angular. The framework did assist in making the development process easier. Today the play material created by the Danish toy manufacturer is considered the toy of the century. Check out www.lego.com (the official lego homepage attracts many kids as well as adults)and you will get to see the magic of Angular development.

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Another interesting huge user-oriented app is Paypal. The app built with Angular successfully enables enormous integration opportunities and ensures high loads, seamless online money transfers, efficient online payment processing.  A quick reality check, at present Paypal, comprises 305 million active users. No kidding!  With just a few clicks, authorization can be done via your mobile phone. Seamless checkout is possible and PayPal’s internal functionality is simply extraordinary.  All thanks to Angular development.

#4. The Guardian

Another popular website built using Angular is the Guardian. It’s a newspaper that has now become the talk of the town in the United Kingdom. The print media has significantly amended its ways to the digital realm as well and the most interesting part here is that the website’s UI is created using Angular development tools.

#5. Upwork & Freelancer

Every person who is willing to work or get the work done is found considering Upwork and freelancer websites. But did you know that these biggest freelance junctions were built using Angular? Seamless navigation, handy functionality, affordable access, are some of the common angular attributes that can be found on these platforms. Gone are the days when people used to look here and there like crazy when they needed a job or when they need a job to be done by an expert.

#6. Weather

Another interesting example of the best Angularjs websites includes weather.com. Here the website encounters 126 million visitors on the monthly basis. No kidding! Everything if you want to check the weather forecast, latest news, facts, and figures, everything is available here. Technically speaking here developers have created separate directories for storing Angular modules. This has surely resulted in high-end integration, the broadcast is possible in real-time, support HD videos, and so forth.

#7 Gmail

The list definitely doesn’t get complete if we don’t add a Google product. And since Angular is created by the tech giant itself, Gmail can be considered as one of the leading examples when considering websites built using Google. Being one of the finest examples of a classic SPA or PWA development, Gmail web applications tend to load under one page and the page keeps on changing as soon as the end-user interacts with it. This is the true power of Angular development. 

Final Thoughts!

However this is not it there are many other names built with Angular such as Jetblue, Wikiwand, Forbes,  YouTube for PS3, DoubleClick, IBM, Goodfirms, Istock, Mallzee, and more! To be precise, Angular is such a framework that acts as a perfect choice when it comes to developing unique programming solutions in a short span of time.

By using Angular web development, there are no limitations. You can create a SPA or messaging app or an eCommerce platform that can handle high loads, demonstrate desired performance, detailed documentation, handy functionality, well-integration with other frontend javascript libraries. So what’s more to ask for? It’s time to get going with your online project. In case you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.   

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