How to Start a Career in Artificial Intelligence

career in artificial intelligence

Are you looking for a change and want to start a Career in Artificial Intelligence then this blog is for you.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere.

Whether we realize it or not, AI has advanced into a generous percentage of everyone’s lives in one way or the other already. Almost everybody uses at least one assistance daily that highlights some component of artificial intelligence.

For example, ask your virtual assistant Siri for the weather forecast report, use food delivery apps such as Zomato, or Swiggy to satisfy your cravings, or cross through a place that accepts fingerprint or face identification technology for security purposes. Use navigation apps, such as Google Maps, or order a product suggested to you by Amazon, and stream videos and music from Amazon Prime and Spotify for entertainment. AI is thoroughly deep-rooted in our everyday life. We are not abandoning it.

In this article, we will comprehend what is artificial intelligence, how to start with artificial intelligence, and why AI and Machine Learning is important to build a career in AI.

Understanding AI or Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence strives to mimic and transcend the ability of the human brain using nothing but systems.

The main objectives of artificial intelligence are:

  • Advance up repetitious methods by using humanoids or devices instead of human being 
  • Out-think human intelligence through learning and memory
  • Distinguish patterns and make decisions speedily and efficiently

Artificial intelligence strives to advance machines that understand and are designed for use, rather than functioning in a relatively confined space with pre-built systems, processing and making results. Smart Artificial intelligence devices distinguish patterns and remember previous events and discover from them, making each progressive judgment more intelligent, rational, and logical. 

AI is a meaningful model change in high-level computing and demands a thoroughly well-organized and reasonable way to devise machine systems that think and learn. In simple language, develop humanoids that are not just robots.

Developing a Career in Artificial Intelligence

There are diverse pathways offered to you for a career in artificial intelligence, and different sectors and job roles will demand varying skill sets. Anyone fascinated by building a career in artificial intelligence should have computer and programming skills.

Apart from this, you should have a sound understanding of algorithms, and mathematics is also crucial, as well as experience in how to gather information. It is vital to have sound business knowledge and soft skills, such as good communication, collaboration, time optimization, and flexibility.

career in artificial intelligence

There are abundant job openings in the field of AI. 

Let us acknowledge the abilities, qualifications, and expertise you will require to start making a career in artificial intelligence

Educational Qualifications Required

Many companies will demand specific learning based on the foundations of mathematics, technology, reasoning, and engineering aspects. In practice, this often means a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or information technology.

If you are planning to join an institution to become an AI expert, then endeavor to complete degree courses that offer specific programs in artificial intelligence, or seek an AI specialization from programs, such as computer science or engineering.

A university qualification is not a requirement for a career in artificial intelligence. Some of the world’s best tech companies have commenced abandoning their need for bachelor’s qualifications when it comes to hiring. Companies acknowledge the applicants they want to choose should be committed, enthusiastic and excited to take the initiative, none of which inevitably demand university knowledge.

Apart from this, there are numerous platforms available on the Internet, in particular, the enormous amount of specialized ai certifications. It is now feasible to study nearly everything at your place if you disburse the effort.

If you have a suitable bachelor’s degree or are in the manner of seeking one, comprehend that you have to acquire the required technical skills to steer a job in artificial intelligence with ai and machine learning or by enrolling in either offline or online courses from approved organizations.

Technical skills needed for jobs in Artificial Intelligence

Programming Skills 

The fundamental skill needed for jobs in AI is programming. To become proficient in AI, it is imperative to study programming languages, such as C, Python, R, and Java to create and implement models. 

Probability, statistics, and linear algebra

To comprehend and execute complex AI models, you must have complete knowledge of probability, statistics and linear algebra.

Signal processing techniques 

Proficiency in learning Signal processing and the capability to work on different queries using Signal processing techniques is vital for feature extraction, a crucial feature of Machine Learning. One should also know Time-frequency Analysis and Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms.

AN intense theoretical and practical understanding will benefit you to solve complicated problems. 

Algorithms and Frameworks 

Comprehending how machine learning algorithms work will help you execute machine learning designs with efficiency. Apart from this, you should know how to build AI designs with unorganized data, You should learn deep learning algorithms and execute them using a framework. 

Neural Network Architectures 

Artificial Intelligence is used for complicated tasks that are away from the human capability to cipher. Neural networks have been recognized and determined to be beyond question the most accurate method of contending many difficulties like Translation, Language Recognition, and Picture Classification, performing a crucial part in the Artificial intelligence department. 

Communication and Problem-solving Skills 

Apart from various skill sets required by many companies working in Artificial Intelligence you should also have good communication skills to accurately deliver and pitch good plans to stakeholders. You should also have outstanding problem-solving abilities to solve obstructions for decision making and designing profitable business acumen.

Rapid Prototyping 

It is pretty important to continue operating on the perfect design with the least amount of time wasted. Particularly in Machine Learning, selecting the best model followed by working on projects like A/B testing holds the answer to a project’s completion. Rapid Prototyping assists in forming various methods to strengthen and improve a scale model. 

Additional skills for Machine Learning 

Language, Audio and Video Processing 

With Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning engineers get the opportunity to work with two of the leading domains in the job: Computer Science and Linguistics, like audio, text or video. An Artificial Intelligence and machine learning engineer should have complete knowledge of libraries and techniques like word2vec, Sentimental Analysis, and Summarization. 

Physics, Reinforcement Learning, and Computer Vision:


There will be real-life situations that need the use of machine learning methods to operate, and that is where the experience of Physics gets into role. 

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning has become the main reason behind the development of artificial intelligence and deep learning to a large extent. This serves as assistance to make it easier to enter into the domain of robotics, self-driving cars, or different lines of jobs in Artificial Intelligence. 

Computer Vision

Computer Vision and Machine Learning are the two principal computer science sections that can be independently operated and manage highly complicated operations, devices that depend solely on Computer vision and Machine learning algorithms but they have the capability to get more results when both functions one along with the other. 


With the growing conception of artificial intelligence in effectively every sector, You have chosen the best time to begin developing a career in AI. The number of job openings will only increase, with the demand for technology. Each profession requires knowledge, experience, and training so give a good amount of your time to start from scratch and take up an introduction to Artificial Intelligence course for free from Great Learning and start today.