Why is Laravel the most popular framework (Top Feature and Benefits)

Why is Laravel the most popular framework (Top Feature and Benefits) 37

“Love beautiful code? We do too.” Everybody enjoys great code, but this assertion is the official declaration of the Laravel framework, the most efficient and widely used PHP framework for taking the agony out of development. 

It’s a full-stack PHP framework that’s simple to get started with multiple user-friendly functionalities. Despite increased competition, many developers still regard it as the best PHP framework.

Benefits of using Laravel for your Business.

Any developer should have a thorough understanding of web frameworks and use them while creating software apps. These are the tools used to create modern websites and mobile apps. They save time, are bug-tested, and keep your code organized and accessible.

Symfony, Yii, Codeigniter, Phalcon, and many other PHP frameworks are great market players for constructing strong online applications. However, the user convenience and coding flexibility have made Laravel stay at the top of the finest MVC-based PHP frameworks.

Let’s take a closer look at the Laravel framework and its advantages to businesses.

When it comes to PHP frameworks, Laravel is one of the most well-known names. Created by Taylor Otwell, his framework is well-known for its clean syntax, which is simple to learn and use. You can get started on your projects quickly with Laravel. 

You can also save time by accessing user log-in, section administration, and caching features. Laravel provides you with all of the tools you’ll need to create a modern online application.

According to a JetBrains survey from 2020, 50% of PHP developers claim they use Laravel regularly, compared to 25% for the next most popular framework, Symfony. Google trends data also shows how Laravel has surpassed Symfony and other alternatives in search results. Large global businesses, such as pharma giant Pfizer and the British Broadcasting Company, use them to run their websites (BBC).

If you’re curious about why Laravel is a good fit, it’s simple to figure out. Initially, Laravel’s core is rock-solid in terms of performance. Extensions can also be used to enhance the framework’s functionality. 

Laravel also connects with third-party services, allowing for the creation of extremely scalable apps. Choosing the best Laravel web development firm will be the greatest option in this instance.

Laravel is a framework that takes pleasure in its simple syntax-

  • With add-ons, you can get more functionality.
  • Native features for user administration, caching, and other tasks.
  • Integration with third-party platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • For greater performance, asynchronous task execution is used.
  • Finally, Laravel has a vibrant community. As a result, obtaining assistance is not a tough task.

Laravel isn’t like other CMS or E-Commerce frameworks in that it won’t meet your exact requirements. It is, nevertheless, an all-rounder. If you know how to code, you may use this framework to create a fully functional CMS or E-Commerce Web application.

Features of the Laravel Framework 

Because various competitors are vying for attention and glory, the PHP frameworks industry is a little cluttered. The extensive Laravel feature set, on the other hand, distinguishes it.

Blade Templating and Artisan

Compared to other PHP templating engines, Laravel uses the Blade template engine, simple yet robust. It has no impact on your web app’s performance and allows you to use plain PHP code in views. 

Laravel’s built-in command-line tool, Artisan, allows you to automate repetitive processes and manage database migration. It also allows developers to write their unique commands and test their code in the development environment.

Along with some handy shortcuts for common PHP operations, it also offers flexibility to the web development process with template inheritance and data visualization capabilities.

ORM in a nutshell

Eloquent ORM in Laravel provides a basic ActiveRecord implementation for web developers, making database interaction straightforward and time-saving. They can use PHP syntax to write database queries, and they don’t need to write or know SQL to update or edit databases.

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MVC Architecture in Laravel

Laravel is a PHP framework based on the MVC model that clearly distinguishes between presentation and business logic. The framework’s MVC foundation provides various benefits, including enhanced performance, security, and adaptability.

Open-Source Software and a Large Community

Unlike many PHP frameworks, Laravel is a free and open-source framework for web developers. It also has a strong community that improves and expands the framework.

Object-oriented libraries 

Object-Oriented Libraries are a type of library that focuses on objects. The Laravel PHP framework comes with several built-in object-oriented libraries that are jam-packed with useful functionality for developers.

Secure In Nature

Your web application will be safe from accidental and covert SQL injections if you use Laravel. In addition, Laravel is capable of providing exceptional online application performance. Occasionally, certain features and services may impact the site’s performance, but Laravel provides many tools to help developers optimise their performance. 

Laravel provides you with some of the most important features for making your application safe. Laravel’s ORM uses PDO to avoid SQL injections. Laravel’s CSRF security prevents Cross-site request forgery. Its syntax avoids cross-site scripting by automatically escaping any HTML entities given via view parameters. All that you have to do is leverage the framework’s suitable functionalities.

Along with these amazing Laravel framework characteristics, several other factors motivate businesses to choose Laravel development services. These reasons, or rather the advantages of the Laravel Framework, are outlined below.

Why should you choose Laravel?

Many people wonder why Laravel is so popular. The only rationale is that people prefer the confidence and security of developing online applications, which Laravel provides in spades. Its ease of use and good quality has undoubtedly led to its enormous popularity, but using this well-known framework also provides many other benefits.

Why is Laravel the most popular framework (Top Feature and Benefits) 38

In the case of Laravel, difficulties with other PHP frameworks have been well identified, fixed, and thoroughly tested. When it comes to testing, keep in mind that the PHP Laravel framework includes testing as part of the package, ensuring that your web application is bug-free.

Here are some fantastic Laravel features that can make your web development experience easier and more efficient; the reasons why you should choose Laravel over others.

Easy to get started

The first reason people begin using Laravel is that it is simple to get started. Even if you only know the fundamentals of PHP, you can quickly create a five-page website in a few hours. However, this isn’t the only advantage of using Laravel. There’s more to it.

Open-source framework

Laravel is a PHP framework that works on a modular architecture to make routine tasks easier. It means that some pre-built methods and structures in Laravel work on the current PHP concepts to construct responsive web apps quickly. Since Laravel’s inception in 2011, developers have improved these resources as an open-source framework.

It makes Laravel quick and easy to use, speeding up the creation of web applications. There’s no need to spend hours and weeks developing individual lines of code when using the Laravel framework. As a result, it expedites application delivery while also being cost-effective.

Better Authentication and security options

The Laravel framework makes implementing a complete authentication system – log-in, registration, and password reset — exceedingly simple. You’ll be astonished to see that Laravel accomplishes all of this with just one command. It also makes it easier to arrange authorization logic and manage resource access.

‘Security Vulnerabilities’ is a term used in conjunction with the web development process. The most critical online application security holes, according to the OWASP Foundation, are SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, and others.

As you proceed through the software development lifecycle (SDLC), the cost and time to correct these flaws grow tremendously. And when the concern of security arises, Laravel is the only framework that can protect your online application from the most serious security threats, such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting.

So, why should you use the Laravel Framework? Because it is extremely safe and prevents any malware or security threats from entering the web app. It means that your Laravel-powered PHP web app is entirely safe.

Built upon best

Laravel makes use of some of the top Symfony components. The first and most crucial thing to understand about Laravel is built using Symfony components – decoupled libraries for PHP applications. Laravel likewise leverages Symfony as a framework, but it adds logic and vision to help developers construct software in the PHP language. Also, in Laravel apps, more than 29% of code comes from Symfony.

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Still, it differs from Symfony because Laravel is simple to learn and use. It makes use of Composer as a dependency manager, which keeps track of all the libraries in your project’s dependencies.

Traffic Handling

A Laravel-built website can handle website queries much faster than most other frameworks. Laravel employs a one-of-a-kind message queue mechanism, which allows you to postpone certain website operations, such as sending emails, until later. 

Controlling time-consuming operations allows your website to process tasks more quickly. This not only keeps your website’s server healthy but also cuts your long-term hosting bills.

Documentation and community

Laravel has a vibrant developer community that continually improves its adaptability. As a result, a wealth of documentation is available if you want to add extra capabilities.

Unit testing

For many people who have spent their entire careers working in a modular fashion, the Laravel framework is a real treat. This framework allowed the developers to do unit tests for their code, culminating in a well-integrated final application. The only thing they need to be concerned about is how they write units of code, as Laravel provides substantial support for merging those units as a final application with ease.

Laravel’s unit testing feature allows you to test each element or module of your project to ensure that the complete app works properly when all of the modules are combined. As a result, optimised web code and high-performance web apps are developed.

Migration system for Database

The Laravel migration system adds support for automatically creating and modifying databases based on the needs of your application. The Laravel schema builder allows you to rebuild all database functionality straight from your dashboard, with the convenience of commands written in PHP rather than SQL.

The migration system in this framework allows developers to expand the structure of the web app database without having to recreate it each time they make changes. As a result, there is a much lower danger of data loss.

Task Execution and Scheduling Automation

Each web application must include a task scheduling system for automating tasks such as sending emails to subscribers, app notifications, or tidying up the database to make web apps run better.

For each task they intended to schedule in the past, web developers produced a Cron entry. However, if you use Laravel’s automatic command scheduler, you may be able to avoid this issue. It allows you to create your task schedule within the Laravel framework quickly, and it only demands a single Cron entry on your server to perform the job.

This Laravel framework feature enhances the effectiveness and speed of your web app while also saving you money on hosting.

Multilingual application creator

As a result, this is the best solution for businesses wishing to expand across multiple countries and languages. The Laravel framework makes it easy to construct online applications in various languages.

The Laravel Framework: A Stable Foundation for Your Web App

To sum up, we can acknowledge that Laravel is the greatest framework in the Business to satisfy the business goals & requirements. Furthermore, it works independently of the platform on which your system is running. This structure is functional and promising, and it has opened up many doors.

There’s no doubt that Laravel does an excellent job of correcting the flaws of its ancestors. Due to its outstanding features, including quickness, intuitiveness, high cost-effectiveness, and capacity to build scalable web applications, Laravel web development has started to gain immense popularity among users.

Laravel also provides strong community support, with over 60,000 stars on GitHub. You may use Laravel and its great capabilities to develop a powerful web experience with the help of a skilled Web Development Company.

What is Laravel and why it is used?

Laravel isn’t like other CMS or E-Commerce frameworks in that it won’t meet your exact requirements. It is, nevertheless, an all-rounder. If you know how to code, you may use this framework to create a fully functional CMS or E-Commerce Web application.

Is Laravel better than PHP?

With PHP, the development solutions might comparatively be more straightforward, and on the other hand, Laravel offers more variety in terms of tools and resources, making it reliable

Is Laravel frontend or backend?

It’s backend

Is Python better than Laravel?

Its based on your use and application, you may go with Pytho or Laravel.

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