Going to Trade Shows? Must Avoid These 4 Mistakes

Going to Trade Shows? Must Avoid These 4 Mistakes 31

When you are attending trade shows, this can well prove to be an excellent way of drumming up a new business and ensuring that your company gets noticed in the way that you would want it to. However, there are also all sorts of mistakes that can be made along the way, and avoiding these can prove to be an excellent way of getting your trade show right. So, let’s get started on this tour of the top pitfalls that people find themselves walking into.

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid at Trade Shows

1. Not Staffing the Stand Properly 

When you go to a multi-day trade show, you should not underestimate the time commitment that it represents. You need to remember that everyone is going to need to have breaks throughout the course of the working day. Not only this, but you also want to give the opportunity for people to look at the other stands that are on offer. Ultimately, you are better off bringing too many members of staff rather than too few. This way, you can really make sure that you are making the most of the experience as a whole and not missing out on a clear and obvious opportunity to make a big splash for your company. 

2. Failing to Create a Stand that Gets Noticed 

The next potential problem that you could find yourself up against is based on the fact that you do not have a stand that gets noticed. Obviously, this presents a major issue, as it means that people are simply going to walk on by without stopping to work out what you are all about. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have enough branded work that has been professionally printed. At the same time, you should also design it in such a way that is eye-catching. Ultimately, it is going to be worth spending too much time on it rather than too little.

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid at Trade Shows

3. Failing to Give People Things to Walk Away with 

Next up on the list, you need to think about giving people things that they can walk away with to give them a positive memory of your brand. To begin with, you should think about your leaflets and brochures. However, you should also consider all of the optional extras that can make a big difference here, such as pens, tote bags, and even branded clothing from anthembranding.com.

4. Not Following Up After the Event 

The whole point of the trade show is that you are making new connections that you have the potential of following up on. Therefore, you should make sure that you have taken down the contact information that allows you to get in touch with people once again. This way, all of the hard work that you have put in will not prove to be for anything. 

If you avoid making all of these trade show mistakes, this will certainly help out in a big way when it comes to having a show to remember and that makes all the difference to your company.

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