What is Striver SDE Sheet?

What is Striver SDE Sheet?

Do you want to practice Data Structures and Algorithms problems or are you a programmer who wants to sharpen your skills in this area?

If your answer is yes, then you have landed at the right place. here, we are going to discuss the much-used and vital programming topic i.e striver SDE sheet.

But before, getting into its detail, let’s know about the basic definition of the striver SDE sheet:

What is a Striver SDE Sheet?

This SDE sheet is called the Striver SDE Sheet because it was created by a software engineer named Striver (Raj Vikramaditya, AKA Strive).

The sheet is designed to help software engineers keep track of their work and progress to be more efficient and productive.

Importance of Striver SDE Sheet

Having a Striver SDE sheet as a programmer or developer is essential. This sheet allows you to keep track of your development process and ensure that you are making progress. 

It also allows you to share your development process with others, so they can see how you are doing and offer feedback. The sheet would be of great use to know each and every detail of the development processes. 

Why Should One rely on them? 

There are many reasons why one should trust the Striver SDE Sheet. For starters, it has been designed by experts with years of experience in the software development industry. 

Another reason to rely on the Striver SDE Sheet is that it is constantly updated with the latest information.

Lastly, trusting the Striver SDE Sheet is intelligent because it will save you a lot of time and energy. If you’re struggling to figure out how to approach a particular software development challenge, consulting the sheet is a quick and easy way to get some helpful guidance.

What is Striver SDE Sheet?

How to learn the “Striver SDE Sheet”?

If you really want to learn the “Striver SDE Sheet”, then the best way is to find a good tutorial that can guide you step by step. Many websites offer free tutorials on how to use Striver SDE Sheet. You can also find some good books on the subject.

If you are a beginner, starting with the basics is recommended. You can find many tutorials that teach the basics of the Striver SDE Sheet on the internet.

If you want to crack interviews, focus on practicing as much as possible. Multiple online mock interviews available can help you practice your skills along with some interview preparation courses.

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Problem lists on Striver SDE Sheet with Interview Questions

The Striver SDE sheet is a tool used by software development teams to help them estimate the effort required to complete a project. The sheet is divided into work items, Tasks, and People. Each section has a series of columns that team members can use to enter data about their work.

Work Items: This section is used to list the work items that need to be completed for the project. Each work item should have its own row on the sheet.

Tasks: This section is used to list the tasks that need to be completed for each work item. Each task should have its own row on the sheet and be linked to a work item in the Work Items section.

People: This section is used to list the people who are working on the project. Each person should have their own row on the sheet and should be linked to one or more tasks in the Tasks section.

Problem List

The Striver SDE Sheet has various types of problems that include:


In this section, you’ll know what the question or problems can interviewer can ask:

  • Set Matrix Zero: It says that if there is any element that is zero in the matrix, then one has to fix the column and row to take it to zero as well, and after that, the matrix should return.
  • Pascal’s triangle: In this problem, one must work towards recovering N oars in the Pascal triangle.
  • Next Permutation: Inside this problem, the main influential character is lexicographical, where one has to rearrange the numbers from the given integers.
  • Kadane’s Algorithm: One must find the contiguous subarray with the most significant sum.
  • Sort an array of 0’s, 1, ‘s And 2’s: One has to write a program without using sort functions.
  • Stock buy and Sell: The students have to choose a day where first they will buy the stocks and then where they are going to sell them. In this problem, one has to enhance the profit.

Arrays Part II

  • Rotate Matrix: A person has to swivel the matrix to 90 degrees.
  • Merge Overlapping Sub-intervals: One has to incorporate the intervals, and the result should be the return of the non-overlapping intervals.
  • Merge two Sorted Arrays Without Extra Space: One has to merge arr1() and arr2 () and amend both.
  • Search the copy in an array of N+1 integers: One has to scour for the duplicate number.
  • Discover the repeating and missing numbers: In this problem, one must find the missing B and A twice.
  • Score inversions in a collection: One has to sort or merge the N integers in an array.
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Arrays Part III

  • Examination in a sorted 2D matrix: One has to find a program where they will work to see if the given integer is in the matrix.
  • Enforce Pow(x,n) | X lifted to the power N: One has to evaluate the X to power N.
  • Discover the Majority Element that transpires more than N/2 times: One has to build a program that will help return the element, which is there two times in an array.
  • Preponderance Elements(>N/3 times) | Find the elements that occur more than N/3 times in the array: One has to search for elements that happen more than 3 times.
  • Grid Unique Paths: The students have to create unique directions
  • Census Reverse Pairs: One has to return the reverse pairs.

Arrays Part IV:

  • One has to write a program to find whether or not the integer given is in the matrix.
  • One has to calculate the X
  • One has to write a program where an element will return twice in an array.
  • In this problem, one has to write elements that happen 3 times.
  • One has to create a path that can either go in the right or down direction.
  • One has to work to find the longest substring.

Linked List

  • One has to develop a program where one will overturn the linked list.
  • One has to return the node of the middle linked list.
  • One has to merge the 2 sorted lists and return them with sorted lists.
  • One has to find the Nth node and has to delete it.
  • One has to add 2 numbers and return them as a linked list.
  • One has to delete the node.

Linked List II:

  • One has to work on the node.
  • One has to check if there is a cycle in the linked list or not. If there is a cycle, then one has to mark yes and if not, then go with a No.
  • One has to work towards checking if the nodes are multiple of K; if not, the other nodes should remain as they are.
  • If it is a palindrome, then one has to mark yes.
  • One has to return the node to the cycle, but if there is no cycle, one must mark it null.
  • The nodes need to appear in a single order.

Final Words

We hope that now you have got enough knowledge on the Strive SDE sheet. You can also use this information as a guide for the Adobe interview questions and other companies’ interview questions. 

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